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  1. I think sometimes fans think that these guys hold bigger grudges against each other than they actually do. I'm sure Zain doesn't like that he is 0-6 against a guy like Pico, just like I'm sure Ness isn't happy he was up 9-0 against the kid then lost the match, because they are both competitors. That doesn't mean that they hate each other or Zain would be mad that DT has trained with Pico and is going to watch his fight. These guys for the most part realize someone is gonna lose and some is gonna win. Its funny that us as fans get more worked up about it, because it doesn't actually affect our lives like it does theirs.
  2. I'm right there that the officiating was a head scratcher, but what do you want the official to do? Put him on the shot clock every 30 seconds for two minutes? You think that would have been fair? I think DT was hoping the official would have out J'Den on the clock at least once that would have forced him to open up more...
  3. John Thorn was an AA for IA State in 1983 taking 4th at 118. All three of his sons has gone on to become AA at Minnesota, Mike took 7th, and 3rd in 2010, 2011 David took 7th and 5th in 2013, 2014 Tommy took 8th this past year and still has two years left.
  4. How much longer does Dake realistically have without JB competing? Dake has to be about 27 now, JB has stated to the Flo guys he plans to compete through 2020 which makes Dake 30, and by that time Hall, Valencia, and others will competing. As much as I like Dake, he might be the best to never make a team, however the weight class additions might change that.
  5. Nothing negative said about NATO, referencing you interpreting my prediction of them losing in the SF as them getting worse on the message boards. IMO catching up can be anything from closing the gap, scouting him out, learning how to beat him. I think in this day and age kids have way more at their disposal (as does Hall obviously). Know also that this is not taking anything away from Hall and the abilities he has. I just don't think he will make the finals this year.
  6. I'd be very surprised if anything formal comes out at this point. DT is a stand-up guy who had a moment of letting his emotion get the best of him. (I'm not all that upset about the outburst, but can understand how people would be.) Also, DT is still on the national team and is in the WTT if anything happens to J'Den, I'm sure Bill Zadick would rather move past this publicly and has maybe even already reached out to Taylor and Sanderson privately.
  7. So, has NATO gotten worse the past two years since he has had two heartbreaking SF losses? I never said they were gonna go 2-15 and 0-2 at NCAAs, just simply predicted they might all not make the finals.
  8. I will say, as much as I have been backing Flo the past few days (I promise I don't work for them, lol) I think sometimes they can be hypocritical about how they cover things. When the Chance thing was going on, they were all over the story, and said it was wrestling related and it was their duty. When a story popped up a few months later that had some serious politics involved they were basically ghosts on the story. The only mention was on FRL and it was a justification of why they weren't covering it, which was something along the lines of there is "no reason to", but in this case, it was wrestling related.
  9. I very well could be wrong, PSU certainly surprised us this year, so we never actually know when it comes to NCAAs. I just think 165 is too deep, 174 I think people will catch up to Hall, figure out to get past him, and 125 we are always seeing the top guys go down (Dance, Gilman, Tomasello, Garrett) (2016).
  10. I've used those three competitors in the past, and have had just as many issues with them as I have with Flo. They also all happen to be major sports companies that benefit from TV rights and revenue. CBS has no problem offering 15 bucks for some internet access as they bring in way more than that from TV. I will say, I didn't realize Flo got rid of the monthly option, until recently. Even so, the wrestling season goes from Nov-March, that right there using the old model of 20 bucks is 125 dollars. Even using the new model its 75 bucks and that's just for the college season. I'm not saying that for the fan that wants to check it out 150 dollars is necessarily fare, but maybe lets do a study of how many average fans there actually are, maybe Flo already has. We can go back and forth all day about all the average fans that are missing out, but how many of them are there actually?
  11. That's my bad for trying to run a post together, didn't mean to group subjective and objective together. I was speaking on video review more as the replay can be a blessing and a curse, and fans are using replay to fuel the fire of how there was a blown call.
  12. Right, all I said was of those three "Suriano, Joseph, and Hall" they would all lose in the QF or SF. Meaning I think one Joseph will lose in the QF, and Hall and Suriano will lose in the SF.
  13. I get it, your big thing is deliver a product with a free option to allow people that might potentially take the time learn how to love the sport access, but at the end of the day, these companies still need to make money. We use what we see the professional sports do and think that wrestling a "minor" sport can replicate it. If you have ever looked at international flights they aren't cheap, FLO has to cover those costs somehow, if we want the coverage. At what point is it ok to charge for an event? If you start doing free events, then the complaint will be "the OSU/Penn State dual was free, why can't I watch the WTT for free?". Yes, no one wants to pay 20 bucks for one streamed event, when you look at the month to month breakdown, it is 12.50 a month (5 dollars more than Netflix), and the other things that FLO offers are great tools into learning more about the sport. Athlete profiles, technique videos, etc... You aren't paying 150 Annual just for the stream, its everything else you get as well.
  14. Was actually just thinking about starting a thread on this... I think it stems from something we see in the professional sports. Fans, and even players in the NBA and NFL are always looking for penalties or fouls and whining regardless of its on them, or they don't get a call. IMO it doesn't help when the unions come out now after the game and admit that a call was missed. All that does is give more fuel to the fire. Everyone should know that calls are going to get missed, or occasionally the wrong call, not saying this should happen, but unless we want to remove the human factor and review every single play of the entire game, just play the game and do the best the officials can do.
  15. I don't see getting upset in the SF as something crazy. If it is something crazy because he is the 2 seed then all we are doing at this point is filling out the brackets with no upsets. My prediction was simply that I don't think those three guys make the finals. The OP was asking how many finalists. I was explaining how I got to just 3 finalists.
  16. Was thinking they were going to maybe bump Thorn and McKee up. Can McKee hold 133 for another year? Having 4 potential AA start off the duals will be nice, but they might only get 4 total anyway.
  17. Are you saying they will be ranked 2nd or seeded 2nd? A lot can happen from Nov-Mar. Even having an off Big Ten could slide them to the 3 or 4 spot where then they run into a 6 or 5 seed. The 7 finalists was more best case scenario similar to this year with Joseph and Hall making the finals. my "7th" would be someone like McCutcheon or Nevilles. Interesting to see how much Qwiz can help Nevilles.
  18. I feel like the line has to be 4.5 since 3 are almost guaranteed. I feel like Nickel the way sometimes he pays for the big move, could be considered a modern Dylan Ness, with more dominance and less mistakes. Meaning, that I don't know if I would go to Vegas and put money on Nickel, but who can challenge him at 184 next year other than MM. I would say I see PSU having their big 3 being the only finalists next year. Obviously they could 7, but I think Suriano, Joseph, and Hall place top 4 but all lose in the SF or QF. Cortez and Lee if they wrestle, AA but more like 5-8. Very well could be adding a team to the list of 10 AA.
  19. I guess I wasn't clear that I meant wi-fi capabilities, and yes I believe that area is still developing. Why would Google fiber be making a big push, or other companies be trying to improve if there was nothing more to develop on the product. Streaming may not be a new technology but it still depends on bandwidth capabilities. The reason I mentioned the user's internet is because the only time I've had streaming issues (where it wasn't universal and Flo acknowledged the issue) was when I didn't have good wi fi and I knew it would be hit and miss. When I go to my in-laws in East Texas, I know the wi-fi will be hit and miss because of the location. If the big issue is attracting fans, maybe we should do a study somehow of how many average sports fans will "sit in front of their computer" on a Saturday morning/afternoon to watch wrestling. We forget that the average sports fan that flips on the CBB WS or Lacrosse championships has paid for the event through their cable subscription.
  20. Ill say right away, I wanted DT to win this match. Both him and Cox seem like great guys, I just favor Taylor a little more. The unfortunate thing is that people will either remember this as the match that Cox got hurt and "ran" for 2 1/2 minutes or the match where he got hurt and gutted it out to make the team. My point being, we have seen guys play defense before, all the time. I think people on both sides are looking at this with the main focal point being J'Den's knee, which I get makes sense. Who knows what the weight classes will mean for the competition we have seen at 74/86 but if they change the weights unlikely we see these match ups again.
  21. I hope someday we can hear DT takes us through what was going on in his mind that last 2 min and 45 seconds. Obviously not the part where he thought the ref was hosing him, but his strategy or mental toughness in that moment. He seems like a pretty transparent person on and off the mat, so would love to hear him break down that last period.
  22. There must be two Flowrestling companies out there. I have never had an issue getting help from their support, they even cancelled one of my accounts when I accidently had two going, and the problem was fixed immediately. I'm not saying I haven't had them accidently take too much money from me, but when I politely emailed them, and was patient the issue was quickly resolved. I think in our fast paced society we forget that things like internet are still developing. A streaming event depends on the viewer and the presenter (in the cases where the event doesn't have the best to work with for Flo. Perhaps this guy was maxing out his wi-fi and that caused the buffer, as I had a perfect stream for the entire 3 hours of viewing.
  23. Wrestling is also a hard sport to cover in that at tournaments there are multiple mats. A few years back before ESPN provided full coverage for the NCAAs people were always complaining about the TV coverage, and them jumping mats, and what matches ESPN was choosing to show. The big time providers who can show it on cable, aren't gonna mess with going to tournaments and offer multiple camera angles for the Harris Nichols Open. ESPN does occasionally cover Wrestling on ESPN 3, web service mostly. But that is how they cover the other 75 percent of college sports that are considered minor sports. It's obvious you have a sour taste towards Flo for charging for their services. You are more than entitled to that opinion. People always talk about other sports for "free". I was paying 150 dollars a month to have cable included with my internet, I watched about 6 of the 200 channels. I gladly will pay Flo 150 dollars for a year to get all the access they provide, that I want to watch.
  24. A while back Flo crossed over to the TV streaming with Apple TV and Roku. (might be trying to get Amazon). I was able to stream the WTT finals perfectly, watching on my 55 inch TV, on my comfortable couch. I know this is fairly recent, but you don't have to sit in front of a computer anymore.
  25. The main event, biggest events for MMA are behind a pay wall. They have more events for free, because they appeal more, have a larger audience. MMA as much as it helps wrestlers bridge to a more lucrative career, might be the main reason we cant get tp the next level as the average person will gladly chip in to watch Rousey get the snot kicked out of her. Everyone has been in a street fight before. Wrestling takes way more research and time on the fans part to know everything going on. I've been following the sport for over 10 years, and I still have to check up on the rules as they are always changing.
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