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  1. I actually really enjoy CP's pound for pound rankings and his individual ones. It seems like CP usually goes with a I'm having him here unless he gives me a reason to move him (which obviously would be a loss) My guess is with Delgado having 2 NC's it is more of a respect/grandfathered in thing. At the end of the day, rankings don't win championships, performing on the mat do. It will all work itself out in the end.
  2. This is mostly for any of the Flowrestling guys who read the forum. I noticed that the past two Flo documentary series have been on Ohio State and the next one will be on Cornell. While I enjoy the documentaries from both Flowrestling and FloTrack (both of which i subscribe to) my question is why are these two specific programs being done again? I think it would be neat to get a look at other programs in this way, rather than repeating programs. Once again, not complaining at all, just wondering what the thought process was in this? Thanks!
  3. Mike Thorn started as a true freshman until about mid February. Not sure if this one counts though because he was filling in for an injured Mack Reiter and Travis Lang left the team at the start of that year.
  4. Flo also does something that Netflix doesn't do; Flo travels to these places to get this footage. It seems like wrestling fans are the only ones that expect to get all of this amazing footage for free. I'm thankful for the guys at Flo for what they do to grow the sport, if that means i have to give them 20 dollars a month, so be it. They do a great job and it is 20 dollars; not that bad
  5. As a MN fan (and a die hard one) it was more frustrating (hurt more) to not see him AA as an individual. You can play the what if game all day. The brothers didn't AA but some other great things happened for the Gophers, (Storley gets some sweet revenge to finish as best as he realistically could) (DT finishing on a pretty good high note) (DZ finishing a faithful career as an AA, and many others, and all of these could have gone the other way) All in all they got 2nd by five points. The team aspect is great and all these guys care so much about it but it hurts more to see them not reach their goal individually.
  6. I feel like this would change the sport in a negative way. It also makes it seem like it is easier to turn your opponents on the bottom than it is, especially when two elite wrestlers are wrestling. The problems I see coming out of this is example A: bottom wrestle knows if he doesn't get turned there is hypothetically nothing hurt from him not getting away ( I understand he doesn't get an escape or reversal point, but what if he doesn't necessarily need a point) Example B: You have a top wrestler who is a good rider and even working the positions but the bottom wrestler is also tough as nails. Why shouldn't he be rewarded for controlling him on the mat. If it was more than 1 point rewarded it might be a bigger deal. One thing I would be open to is making you ride longer to lock up that adv. time. Perhaps saying ride for 1:30, I feel like it doesn't take much to get to 1:00 minute.
  7. Nick, thanks for all y'all do at Flo. I live in East Texas and would love to visit the station at some point and chat wrestling. Question for ya, will Coffee Talk pick up more next season? Always entertaining to see y'all talk wrestling in a different way. Anyway, keep up the hard work and thanks for bringing us the best coverage out there.
  8. What about knee wrestling? Mark Perry said he thinks it should be stalling, what I find investing about that comment is it seemed in the finals Delgado was going to his knees more than once. I like the strategy and am ok with.
  9. If they become more aggressive with the stall calls they can no longer DQ you for stalling in my opinion. I think the main problem with stalling is it is too much of a judgment call. If my memory serves me right Jayson Ness had a stall call against him in the Finals in 08 where it clearly seemed like he was working the half. Other times nothing is called. I actually like the chess match matches and like seeing a guy really work to get the takedown. I think if rules are made to enforce offense it becomes ok..., who can score last These guys are all so good especially when you get into the top 20 and top 10 guys, now I know sometimes guys are legitiemy stalling but maybe some/most of the time we can't see how hard they are working and they know and respect how careful they have to be at this level.
  10. It will be interesting to see how seeds go. I assume Waters will get the one seed so with Delgado winning over Nico it will most likely be MM and JD 2/3 or 3/2 respectively. I agree that Delgado is Matt's worst match up. If MM wins tomorrow does he get the 1 seed for winning big tens?
  11. As much as I dislike how three or four guys can win you the tournament, essentially speaking, I love the individual tournament. If it wasn't for the NCAAs being how they are we might never see matches like Dake vs Taylor, Robles VS McDonough (sp) or great matches that mean so much to these guys. You could do both but that would water both down. Unfortunately wrestling does not get the attention we all want, ESPN, tv deals other than big ten and finals, but it just isn't that type of sport. Lets enjoy what we have, flowrestling and other organizations committed to bringing us the best out there.
  12. Notre Dames schedule was and still is ranked one of the stongest in the nation. You mention the SEC now there is a a group who schedules cupcakes. Take a look at the out of conference on those guys.Imagine if it was this way in College wrestling- beat the bottom 20 in the Nation and proceed to the Championship match...lol I disagree with you on a few things, although I agree that the SEC schedule a lot of lesser opponents they still have the toughest conference in the country. What are there, 5 SEC teams in the top ten? Notre Dame did have some tougher teams this year but most of their "tough" opponents didn't turn out to be that great, with the exception of Stanford and Oklahoma which were close games. Not to mention Notre Dame could have easily lost 5 games this year to not so great opponents. Yes they are undefeated but they are overrated and will always get a little extra help being Notre Dame.
  13. IMO it depends on the role of each one. If the eight are your 25-84 pounders and the 97 and hwt. guys are freshmen so they aren't then it might be too much. If it is a situation though where some of the captains are dedicated senior practice buddies and great examples on and off the mat then not too much in a room of 20 to 30 guys.
  14. Pinnacle is the name of it and yeah Jared is co founder with I think Brandon Paulson and Mack was helping for a few years i don't know if he still is. Also, I dont see ness leaving until Dylan is done and even then i see him staying in MN.
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