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  1. BHawk91

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    So implement a rule that makes them push the action. If you want to grow the sport then you need to implement rules that force wrestlers to push the action. All sports have changed (mostly for the better) by rule changes that focus on offense. Shot clock and three point line in basketball, play clock in football, smaller pads for goalies and no two-line passes in hockey. Even baseball put in a few rules that tried to speed up the game and make it more exciting. Wrestling doesn’t have any of these in place. I didn’t say this was going to be an exciting match. You commented saying there doesn’t need to be any changes in wrestling because of one boring match. Boring matches happen all the time and a lot of them are from highly ranked guys that don’t want to lose. So if we want to grow the sport, we need our top rated guys to create action.
  2. BHawk91

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    It needs to change if you want to grow the sport. With this highly anticipated match if I was a casual watcher and I heard this match was supposed to be the “match of the year” and I sat and watched that for 45 minutes. Not only would I never watch another wrestling meet in my life but I would tell all of my friends to stay away.
  3. BHawk91

    Not the best day for PSU

    That is not what people were saying when Iowa didn't wrestle well again ISU (still won) and won Midlands by 1000 points. According to the message board after the ISU meet and Midlands, Iowa went from second place at NCAAs to 7th.
  4. Fair but where were these donors at Iowa State. Do you believe he could bring in the same type of donors at Iowa State as he can as PSU? He knew he had to leave Iowa State, his Alma-Mater, to even come close to the donors he has now.
  5. No doubt he would have had some success at Iowa St. I would even say he would have won a NC if not a couple of them at Iowa State but one big factor that helps him be great at PSU is the funding. He has an unlimited supply of funding at PSU. As you stated, there are recruits that would follow the coach. Taylor with Cael, Metcalf with Brands. Those recruits were going to go to the school where those coaches are but let’s not pretend that the funding at PSU doesn’t help bring in some of these recruits. I am not saying PSU pays these wrestlers while they are wrestling in college but it is the worst kept secret that they get paid from the PSU wrestling club after they graduate. It is not illegal and it happens at other schools but PSU has more money to throw at these kids than any other school.
  6. Cael knew the only chance he had to have this much success was to move on from Iowa St. as he would never of had this much success if he'd stayed. Like TBar said, he was playing second fiddle to Iowa so he had to bail on Iowa St. Of course it does not hurt to have an unlimited supply of funds and to have a state that produces more D-1 championship caliber wrestlers than any other state (maybe next to Ohio but I don't think that is the case). So the simple answer is, he would have had success but not even close to the amount of success he has today.
  7. BHawk91

    Excape? WTF?

    HAHA, this made me laugh!! Good stuff!
  8. BHawk91

    Great for Suriano

    How am I being naive on this? You don't agree that just because you don't have "the best" in the room doesn't mean you can't become an NCAA champ. It happens all the time. It certainly helps to have better competition in the room but it doesn't make or break everyone. Plus, Nick has a pretty darn good wrestling partner in his room. Please tell me how I am being naive.
  9. BHawk91

    Great for Suriano

    This is not true at all. I just think you are hurt he didn't want to stay at PSU because he wasn't happy there. Does Gross practice day in and day out with "the best", do you really think Yianni practices with "the best"? No, they don't get the same training partners that a Lee at Iowa would get or a RBY at PSU would get but both of them are champs. I just think you are so hurt he left the PSU program and you as a fan can't stand it so you want to try and bring him down.