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    They have come a long way. I remember a couple years ago we were asking the question on these boards on how far does MSU need to fall before something happens at that school. Good for them to turn it around. Now we have those threads about Maryland.
  2. This really cannot be good for the sport. You don't need to give motivation to the top guys to stall on top to try and end a match. We already have too much riding going on, we don't need to encourage more of it.
  3. And then lumped us all in together when you said "your fans". Nope, just one fan did that.
  4. Stop lumping ALL Iowa fans into one. One fan got booted for mouthing off, the rest of the Iowa fans around him cheered as he was escorted out. No one liked his attitude and please stop pretending that PSU fans don't do the same thing. Watch any sporting event including a wrestling meet hosted by PSU and you will see fans yelling at coaches AND athletes.
  5. Not that is would matter much but I could see Griffith getting the 2 seed but I also wouldn't be surprised if Bull stayed at 2. I think the better question on seeding would be if Bull beats Cenzo and Griffith beats Shields. Who would get the 1. Bull and Cenzo would each have a loss to each other and Griffith would be undefeated. Would he then get the 1? Very interesting in the next couple of weeks.
  6. It will for sure be Assad, he gives them the best point possibility at that weight. It clearly can't be Cash at this point due to his performance over the weekend and I think they know that Brands will be outmatched at that weight for a tourney...plus they would not have burned his RS if they knew he wasn't going to wrestle in the tournaments. Assad is the guy.
  7. Has anyone heard from the pastry king since he lost all of those bets? Did he ever pay up?
  8. Dude, your hatred for Iowa is just off the charts. Who cares if the Iowa guys come out in a brace? Clearly if the Iowa wrestlers feel they need it for protection of their health they are going to wear it. It does not give the Iowa guys an advantage as many of them have lost with one on. So why do you feel the need to go after the heath of the Iowa wrestlers? Lee tore his ACL…Marinelli was also hurt…Sam Stoll shot his own damn leg off…they were injured!! Doesn’t Rasheed wear a wrapping over his leg? Didn’t a Penn State wrestler come out in a shoulder brace this past weekend. ( I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I saw a brace on one of them) Why the need to knock every single little thing the Iowa guys do?
  9. Does anyone actually believe that Verk can place 8th? I think it is more likely he does not qualify than placing 8th. I am sure he will get a wild card but I am thinking there is no way he wins his way in via the big tens. I would also be way shocked if Sheed finishes anywhere close to 8th. He looks like a really slow shell of himself and I doubt he wins more than 2 matches after the big tens. To be fair, I am not sold on Murin Scoring much for Iowa this year and DeSanto is obviously the biggest wild card here. If he is good to go then the points look about right or he might be able to score more if he is 100 percent. If he is not then that number could go down as well.
  10. I think he had to sell his computer in order to pay his debts.
  11. Shoot, I forgot about that. Completely my bad. LOL thanks for the reminder!! :)
  12. So fans even if diehard cannot criticize their team?
  13. So Cael coming half way out on the mat and chirping at the Ref does not warrant a point deduction but Telford yelling stalling but not coming out on the mat does? Yup, no bias there.
  14. And what happen leading up to that stall call. You said absolutely nothing that happened previously in that match that would explain why this is a good example? Did Telford hit the ref? Did he spit on him? Did he touch him in anyway? If not then why should Telford be dinged a point? If the guy was stalling there is nothing wrong for the coaches to yell for stalling. Any wrestling match at any given time a coach no matter who they coach for will call for stalling. Even the great Cael does it. Also, go and look at the RBY – ADS match again and watch how Cael walks out onto the mat right after the injury. He is saying something to the ref halfway out on the mat but I supposed you don’t think he should be hit with anything there right, because it Cael?
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