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  1. Yes we know, you are in love with PSU and will pick any PSU wrestler over an Iowa wrestler. Remember when you said RBY would beat DeSanto? How did that work out for either of you. That one arm stall RBY used really got DeSanto good!!!
  2. Providing no one takes a RS of any kind, and both Cassar and Sheed come back, the future still does not look as dominating as it has been the last few years. After next year they would lose Joseph, Hall, Sheed and Cassar. That is a lot of holes to fill and they would be filling them with unproven guys.
  3. So calling someone a troll isn't attacking? Just because CB has a negative post about PSU you call him a troll, that is attacking first. He/she was actually pretty spot on with their run down of team Cael. It is absolutely true that no one can talk negative about PSU without you calling them a troll or some other name. You do it all the time and instead of actually giving an educated response on why you think what you think, you just call them names and say some idiotic thing about PSU.
  4. Once again, no one can have a negative opinion about PSU without TBar calling him them a troll. Instead of calling in a Troll why don't you enlighten us on why you think he is wrong because all of his points, are pretty spot on. 1) for sure is spot on, two of the best wrestlers in the history of the sport are no longer in PSU's lineup. 2) 125 has been and will continue to be an issue for PSU 3) a little bit of a question mark but you can't deny that he is correct at this time, RBY needs to work a lot more work and probably would benefit from a RS because if his best move is to stall most of the match with one hand behind his back, then there will be issues there. 4) Prove him wrong, Nick Lee has peaked and the stats certainly tell that story 5) Verk couldn't even crack the lineup and Berge was sucking wind for most of the year 6) Here is where I differ a little because as long as Joseph is in the lineup, he has a shot. Now with that being said, he is 0-2 against the Bull and 0-1 against Lewis (I guess I am not sure if they wrestled previously) and none of those matches where even close. 7) I also think Brooks and Beard are studs but they are not in the lineup AND unproven. Ask Fix and Steveson what happens to unproven Freshmen. 8) He is spot on again So just because you are butt hurt you have to call someone a troll? He is pretty spot on with his run down.
  5. Hard to believe he is only 37 years old.
  6. LJB, You have to realize that TBar is clueless most of the time and his hatred for Iowa blocks any rational view he has for wrestling. His post about RBY says it all, he does not think what RBY did against DeSanto is stalling, yes it is! RBY clearly wanted nothing to do with DeSanto either time they wrestled this year and putting your arm behind your back is telling the Ref. that you do not want to create your own offense. Now to Stoll, It is your job as the opposing wrestler to NOT let Stoll push you out. Not very many wrestlers are good at doing that and the Step Out would change that. Stoll’s opponents know if they push back into Stoll, they will most likely lose the battle. Yes, Stoll is boring as all get out as a wrestler most of the time but lets not try and act like he didn’t created his own offense either. His style was push into a wrestler and when they push back, take them down. It is the other wrestlers job to not let Stoll push him.
  7. There is just so much Iowa hate on these boards it is comical! I have not seen one person say that Nolf cheated, the whole GD board is saying he was bailed out by the refs (and he was), not just Iowa fans. And Cassar DOES look like he could be on roids, the dude is jacked but deserved to win his title. I love how all of the Iowa haters get on the Iowa message boards to see what all Iowa fans are saying. Why do you care?!?! As far as this Iowa fan, it was a frustrating year from the get go with Kem being hurt. Not because I thought we had a shot at the team title but I really wanted to see how he could do up two weights. Lee kind of under-preformed all year against top competition until NCAAs and then did what Lee does, win championships. The Bull was great all year until NCAAs. Of course that one stings a little but other than that, all of our guys wrestled well at nationals and we did leave a lot of points out there. You can only assume that will get better as the wrestlers get older. I think if you actually talk to most Iowa fans (not the ones who come on these boards) they were pretty happy with the results at NCAAs. Iowa haters gonna hate I guess but for people who hate us, you guys and gals sure do spend a lot of time wondering what Hawkeye fans think.
  8. I honestly do think the hand on the head gear prevented Fix from coming around on Suriano. If you watch the actual video of the match you can tell that Fix’s head is being pushed down because of the hand around his head gear. Plus you can tell from the pics that Suriano’s fingers are wrapped around the gear, Like Idaho said, if they are not wrapped around then he has been wrestling with nubs his whole life. They are clearly around the head gear. With that being said, I agree with all of the other posters that Fix needed to try and generate more offense during the first 7 minutes of the match or don’t let Suriano escape with 6 seconds left in OT.
  9. While I will agree that they along with PSU were favorites to win it I don't believe they were the overwhelming favorites.
  10. Has there ever been an overwhelming favorite like PSU was this year to win the team race that did not. I am not sure what you would categorize an overwhelming favorite (how many wrestlers ranked in the top 5? Top 3?) but I’m sure we all would have been shocked if PSU did not win it considering who they had ranked and where they were ranked. Any teams come to mind?
  11. I would like to think I could pin Nickal in about a minute, minute and a half. I would then help him up and see how he likes it!!!
  12. I really didn't like Okie States for the Thursday morning session however outside of that, I didn't really care that much. I do think each team should only have 1 that they wear possibly two but keep the colors the main part of the uniform.
  13. I understand what the BIG is trying to do by moving it from campus to campus every year but it is just stupid to have it in a place that: Isn’t very fan friendly as far as accessibility and amenities go On a campus that doesn’t really care much for the sport Hold it in a central location.
  14. Maybe he should walk around for the next couple of days trying to figure out how to beat a guy that dominated him less than two weeks ago instead of worrying about something that happened last year. Not to mention that same guy hasn’t showed any signs of doing the same thing as he did last year. It is interesting when DeSanto beats RBY and if Micic takes care of his business we will get that same match-up of last year on Friday morning.
  15. It really is one of the best, Thursday, Friday and Saturday's of the year!! I have been to a few back in the day and last year when it was in St. Louis and there is nothing better than wrestling, drinks/dinner more wrestling more drinks bed and then wake up and repeat!
  16. How does that have anything to do with this thread?
  17. Of course he did...one of the biggest duck jobs of all time.
  18. There are some really good wrestlers up there and to be honest, each one has a really good shot at redemption. I hate to say it but Lee might have the toughest route and might not even make it out of the Semi. If he gets the 4 seed (I assume he will) then he will have to face Rivera again. I do believe he controlled that match and should have won but he didn't sooo. Micic will be in the finals Joseph seemed so uninterested in being in the finals this weekend. He barley took a shot and the Bull forced all of the action. But Joseph does his best speaking at NCAAs. I will say Joseph has the best chance since he comes to play when it matters.
  19. I think they have to deny a lot of fans every year because of this same problem. It is very hard to get tickets to the NCAAs unless you can get them the first day they go on sale. That’s what makes college wrestling fans so great.
  20. I would agree with this as well. Still one of the best fan bases is college wrestling!
  21. Just so we are clear, I am the idiot but you liked a post of someone who was actually making fun of you and was also agreeing with me that it is pretty lazy for Flo to post what they posted. You do realize you have been arguing with me about what Flo has posted, right? And you do realize the post you liked was a poster agreeing with ME about what you are arguing against me? And I'm the idiot?
  22. So I freaked out just like you freaked out when I said Cael was going to be Iowa’s next coach? Something like that? And you are correct, I did make an honest mistake about DeSanto and yes, I ate crow and apologized that I thought a wrestler from last year AA’ed. I am so sorry! Me saying a wrestling outlet claiming they know that a wrestler isn’t sick but for sure they have no idea what it is, is pretty lazy. And you do realize that Lurker was calling you the thin skinned one, not me. I see you liked his post so I just thought maybe you should read the post again so you can see that maybe, just maybe I am not the idiot here.
  23. Honeslty, how did I freak out? Be honest? Don't just put out an answer because you hate me or my posts but be honest on how I freaked out. That I said it was lazy to report or even mention something they had no clue about? Just a rumor they heard. That is completely lazy for a wrestling media outlet to even put out there
  24. HAHA, we don't have the instate talent that would bring recruiters in!!
  25. Got me good…I will concede that I am stupid if you concede that you have no clue as to what is really wrong with Lee, nor does Flo or anyone else except Brands and Lee. Now, how much does your cousin need?
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