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  1. Upsets (def: Lower seed beats higher seed) I predict: Grajales over Houdashelt Ness over Green Brown over Evans Gadsen over Schiller Penny over Burak
  2. 113: Scott Parker (PA) / Anthony Bosco (USA) 120: Dalton Macri (PA) / Nathan Boston (USA) 126: Zeke Moisey (PA) / Stevan Micic (USA) 132: Joey Galasso (PA) / Josh Alber (USA) 138: Solomon Chisko (PA) / Joey McKenna (USA) 145: Jason Nolf (PA) / Micah Jordan (USA) 152: TC Warner (PA) / Bryce Brill (USA) 160: Garrett Peppelman (PA) / Ryan Blees (USA) 170: Stephen Louisea (PA) / Bo Nickal (USA) 182: Zack Zavatsky (PA) / Johnny Sebastian (USA) 195: Tristan Sponseller (PA) / Chip Ness (USA) 220: Mike Boykin (PA)/ Roy Nash (USA) HWT: Thomas Haines (PA) / Nick Nevills (USA)
  3. Josh Lowe and Corey Haddad both reporting that Chance withdrew from Dapper Dan. He is getting a back brace for a month.
  4. Every year, there are a couple of guys that turn it up a notch for the postseason and make an unexpected run for the finals. For instance, Quentin Wright in 2011 was the 8th seed at B1G and won that title and NCAAs. Last year, Matt Brown got hot and won B1G and made finals. Who do you think will get hot in March this year and outperform their regular season?
  5. Ref delayed getting down on the mat when Ness hit the move. DSJ was flat for 1-2 seconds.
  6. What happened to him? I followed his high school career and he was dominant, a four-time finalist and three-time big school champ. Now he's a backup to a freshman and just got pinned in the Shorty Hitchcock finals by a kid who never won a state title?
  7. And TRamos takes down #1 Morrisson.
  8. http://www.btn2go.com/btn2go/schedule?day=12/21/2013
  9. It's on the BT2GO site as an upcoming event. You're good.
  10. Could either Nevills or Haines make 197? it'd be a shame not to have both them in the lineup.
  11. Was just defining upset as lower seed beats higher seed.
  12. Garrett over McDonough Sak over Chamberlain Alton over Welch Demas over St. John Storley over Evans
  13. great to see a small program like F&M doing well.
  14. We have four tickets available, all remaining sessions. Lower level, 13 rows from the mats, section 114. $1000 for all. email gabejbell@gmail.com
  15. has this ever happened before? were tickets available at the arena from scalpers? we just got the letter saying we didn't get tickets. trying to figure out if we should buy now $600/stubhub or wait for other options to open up.
  16. Here's a short feature on him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vSb1o0Inag
  17. With all the buzz around Dake vs. Taylor, it has me wondering: what have been some of the most anticipated matches in the past? I remember Howe vs. Burroughs. Any others in recent history?
  18. why didn't kemerer and ruth wrestle?
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