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  1. Not worried about JB since he is a seasoned father. The timing could actually be good for Taylor. Not sure when the baby is due, but trials are the beginning of April so the baby might not be here yet. Then after trials he would probably take a little break anyway. Obviously, if the baby comes early, that changes everything, but having home field advantage is huge for him. He could literally go to the hospital between rounds if he wanted to.
  2. He may very well be getting paid more, but there’s no way that money was the motivating factor here. He wants to win the Olympics and that’s the biggest driving force for him.
  3. Wow! I applaud Kyle for this decision. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but it was definitely a good idea. I think he said it well too... it’s not about who’s better than who, but getting a different look with different partners and coaches. Unfortunately, many recruits probably won’t see it that way and this will probably hurt tOSU. Also, I wonder what happens with Nickal? I would have assumed he was going go 197 this year. If Cox goes down to 86, Nickal would likely be Snyder’s biggest competition to make the Olympic team...either way he’s definitely one of his top competitors. Seems odd to be at the same club.
  4. While I’m not sure I agree with his entire post, I think his point about the Young Guns pipeline is valid. He didn’t say it’s been going on for a long time and I actually think it’s even more impressive that they are all so recent. They may actually have 4 or 5 guys from the same wrestling club in their starting line up next year. That’s crazy!
  5. Thanks. That’s fair. I just think it seems like we have some 3x champs that are lower than they should be. Probably no best way to do it mathematically though.
  6. For high school folkstyle, PA is definitely the best. Unfortunately we don’t emphasize international styles enough, so other states have caught up and passed us in freestyle/Greco. I don’t really think there is a region in the USA that is equivalent to Dagestan or Mazandaran.
  7. What’s the scoring criteria? At a quick glance, it looks like it should emphasize gold a little more
  8. Agree it’s definitely a good step to help grow the sport. It’s not a big event so yeah it probably didn’t do much in reality but I applaud Flo for a good idea and it certainly didn’t hurt. I think it earns respect for the sport when non-wrestling fans see someone from their sport get their butt kicked by a wrestler. Of course all of us that follow wrestling knew it was coming but I bet a lot of grappling fans that tuned in have a lot of respect for Downey and the sport of wrestling now. I had to laugh when Flo promote Nick Rodriguez high school record like that meant he had a chance against a world team member lol, but it was a good idea none the less.
  9. I don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about a new logo? Who cares. It’s just a logo. Is it really any worse or better than the old one? Doesn’t make a difference to me as long as I can watch wrestling. If they would have started with this logo, I bet the same people would be complaining if they switched to the green one. It doesn’t make sense to me to change everything after so long but I’m not a marketing expert. That said, if they are going to spend money, I really wish they would’ve put it into better technology so they don’t have anymore streaming issues
  10. There are lots of pros for Cox going to 86... No Sadulaev is the biggest one, No Snyder, no Sharifov, he’ll be the strongest one in his weight class, he’s the only one with a bye, his biggest competitor to make the team is coming off a major surgery. The only downside is the weight cut. No of us know how big of a downside that is, but it very well could be so bad that it is in his best interest to move up. But we don’t know. Let’s not pretend that if he could make 86 without sacrificing performance, he should still go up. The dude sweats like a machine... he may be able to get down with one workout lol. We just don’t know
  11. If Dake beats Burroughs, any chance Burroughs goes up to 79 to try to win his 6th world title? It would be a relatively easy path for him to tie Smith. Ringer would likely be his toughest match.
  12. Wow that is messed up! Hopefully he gets paid and they do something with his footage
  13. I agree that would be interesting to see...anyone have those stats? I would also love to see Flo do a documentary on Dagestan. Might be tough since they probably can’t travel there, but I’m sure someone could put together some interesting stuff. I find it fascinating how wrestling is so ingrained in their culture!
  14. Not sure if that’s what he is thinking, but I think JB will retire after 2020, and then maybe Dake will stay at 74? If that’s the case, I agree Ringer very well could be world champ at 79. I kinda doubt Dake stays down though
  15. I think it’s easier to understand when you see the sample bracket. Here’s what it would look like if two medalists of non-Olympic weights entered the same bracket. If there is only one in the weight, they enter the bottom semifinal.
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