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  1. I think you have to consider them the reigning champions but I definitely wouldn’t call them the current champions. Two seasons ago isn’t current. I would say there is no current champion unless you want to award it to Iowa like they handed out all American honors
  2. It would seem likely, right? Can the one from 70 kg go up and beat out Sidakov and Tsabolov? I doubt that. Maybe the one from 79 would have a chance 86 because Russia isn’t that deep there? Unfortunately, there’s a ton of talent left behind with only six weights. We will see it in the US too.
  3. Agree. I’m shocked neither of those two committed to an Olympic weight. Is there any incentive for them to stay in the non-Olympic weights? Like do they get compensated for winning nationals? Or do they just think that it doesn’t matter if they win an Olympic weight... the committee will pick someone else as the Olympic rep anyway?
  4. Yes, it is definitely sad to see it go! Things just haven’t been the same since we lost Stovepipe. That was such a huge loss for the wrestling community. Agree with the OP that there hasn’t been a substitute for that site
  5. Thanks. I didn’t realize they would do that but it definitely makes sense to do it that way. Hope they stick to that!
  6. I was looking at it from a current athletes perspective. Say you were wrestling for Loch Haven and next year they say your major is only available at the Bloomsburg campus. You would have to change majors or transfer but there’s a big difference between the two wrestling programs at the moment. Maybe they will let these student finish their major online? If not that would really suck for those involved (may be only a handful of kids but still)
  7. Oops... I meant disadvantage lol
  8. That’s a fair point... I doubt he could’ve made 74kg but he wasn’t a huge 86. I’m sure he put on some weight since competing but doubt it’s all “good weight” lol. I could see him being at a pretty big disadvantage in strength against someone like Dean. It will be interesting to see if he can overcome that.
  9. I think if Gavin is in shape, he wins this. I have no idea what his current training situation is, so that’s a pretty big if, but he has by far the best freestyle technique out of that group. He has that slick style like many foreign wrestlers and doesn’t need a huge gas tank...just enough to get by.
  10. On a more serious note... I could see things going badly here. I’ve heard there’s potential of only offering certain majors at certain campuses. Could mean a lot of kids have to transfer or change majors. Not sure if athletics will be combined in anyway?
  11. How about Loch-Mans-Burg and Edin-Clar-Fornia?
  12. Spencer did not red shirt last year so he lost that opportunity. This is a good idea but doesn’t help the seniors who lost out on the ncaa championship in the spring
  13. I was thinking the same thing...why no mention of Zain?
  14. The injury looked serious, but I hope I’m wrong about that. Can’t read into that loss though... it was very early and Snyder could have easily come back. I just hope he is ok for the Olympic qualifier!
  15. Don’t think that’s a dud at all. I expect Nolf to win easily, but the match is interesting to many because of Bubba’s history with PSU. I’m sure a lot of penn state fans are still upset that he pinned their poster boy. He has the talent to make things interesting if he is in shape too
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