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  1. To summarize it looks like the reason could be: 1. Last chance qualifier - IMO this is probably the main driving force and the best reason to have it early. 2. Training cycles require more time for wrestling than other sports - this is probably true but I doubt that a full four months is required to get athletes to peak form again. 3. Weight - again, no way wrestlers need a full four months to get back to weight. In fact most compete in between trails and games so that they get another feel at the weight.
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I agree we need to do what is best for wrestling and not just go by other sports. I’m just not sure if doing it early is best for wrestling… at least not in regards to weight cutting. I’m thinking of a guy like James Green who had to shrink his body and atrophy his muscles to make weight. There’s no way he could keep his muscles from rebuilding for 4 months. So if he made the team he would have to do it twice. If it were 4-6 weeks away his muscles wouldn’t rebuild much. He would have plenty of time to rehydrate and feel good for another peak training cycle but wouldn’t have to go through the body shrinking phase again. Also, in regards to having more time to get there, I just meant they wouldn’t have to get down to weight until June instead of April. For anyone whose training situation was affected by Covid, that could be helpful.
  3. He’s clearly very insecure about his self-image. He feels the need try to “prove” he is smarter than everyone on the internet. In some cases he does know what he’s talking about, but in many cases he is off the mark, will never admit it, and has to resort to put downs. Anyway, all our guys grew up making weight nearly every week. They know how to do it. I don’t think it’s wise to make weight as much as we do in our folkstyle system, but I think having OTT 4-6 weeks before the games would produce no issues with weight and could actually help guys that need the extra time to get weight down. I’d love to hear from someone in the know what the main reasons are. If weight is the only reason we really need to reconsider.
  4. That’s another reason to have it closer to the Olympics. It’s much easier to keep your weight down between the events and it gives guys more time to get to their weight classes
  5. I noticed the OTT for swimming just started, track and field is this weekend, gymnastics is after that. Seems like the high profile sports are keeping things much closer to the Olympics… wouldn’t it make sense for us to do the same? A lot can change from April to August. Injuries, illness, weight, and just time to improve. We want the best guy for when the games are actually happening. Especially this year with HUGE improvements in the covid situation and vaccinating young people in the last few months. Suriano might be our best guy at 57 but we’ll never know. The only reason I can think of to have them that early is so that we know who send to qualify the weight at Last chance qualifier. I do really like having the Olympic reps have their own destinies in their hands. If that’s the only reason, does it outweigh the benefits of doing it closer to the games? I don’t think so, and especially not in this year with covid.
  6. Cool idea. I don’t know how much about BJJ personally but I could see myself getting into watching it. If the event helps a few BJJ guys get interested in watching wrestling, then it’s a success as far as I’m concerned
  7. Great interview! He has good reasons, but he is definitely a little salty towards PSU. He makes several backhanded comments directed at Cael... even brings up Andrew Long lol.
  8. If the rumors of Nolf to Stanford are true, NLWC would have a gap to fill at 74 and I’m sure they would put out good money just to have Dake train there. If his goal is to compete through 2024 (not sure it is) and not have to worry about coaching on top of that, he probably won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Add in the better practice partners and I think Dake to NLWC make a lot of sense. I hate seeing the rich get richer but it seems to be the way things are trending
  9. I would imagine almost all of them will get the vax before the games. Even if they are against it for whatever reason, the threat of losing their Olympic dream would be motivation enough. I think a better question would be will they do mandatory vaccinations for all Olympic athletes? Also, I f they are all fully vaccinated, will they still be required to be tested?
  10. At this point, I think we have to start calling it Caeled
  11. Looked like time was up and Cox let go and rolled to his back. Regardless, it’s clearly not a super high intensity go and you can’t infer too much from a one minute go at practice.
  12. I do think the fact that Cox is sticking with KJ as his coach speaks volumes. KJ has always gotten a bad rap, but it seems like he is a good guy and an excellent coach for elite individuals. It takes a totally different skill set to be in charge of an entire organization, so that may be part of the issue.
  13. I wondered if that was the case, but do you really think J’Den would lie and do that to KJ knowing he probably had no case either way? Especially now that he dropped the appeal, wouldn’t he come out and say that it was his fault? Why keep KJ under the bus at this point?
  14. That’s lame. Why wouldn’t he want the opportunity to prove he is the best by beating Sadulaev in the same year as the Olympics?!
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