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  1. What a classless comment. Most people that believe in God are not naive enough to think the world revolves around them. I’m guessing he believes God’s plan includes him but there is a greater good than his own interests. Maybe God is telling him that he needs to move on from competing?
  2. From Nico’s social media: “7 months ago on July 19 I underwent ACL surgery on my right knee. It was my first ever surgery and I was devoted 24/7 these last 7 months to getting my knee better to compete and win an Olympic gold. At the same time, I had to shrink my body down to 57kg which I did. I started drilling light in December and then January I really picked it up to a very hard pace on the mat. Since late January my progress was through the roof and I was really happy. Last Thursday I was drilling and my knee again buckled the wrong way and went to get an MRI to find out it is torn again. God has a plan for me and the 2020 olympics is not in the plan. I accept his plan as it is way bigger than mine. I know there will be good to come out of this for whatever is next. At this point I need to sit back and enjoy life as much as I can. I will not be making any decisions about surgery or when I will be back. Just need some time to wind down a little for once in my life. The crazy thing is my body feels better than it did when I was 21 (except my knee lol). I know I am still in my prime. I love this sport and I know whatever this sport has for me, it will be for the good. To finish this long post, I wish whoever is the 57kg USA rep in Tokyo my best and to enjoy every moment of this year. It is a freakin tough weight, and the 57 USA rep will do great. I can only move forward from here and live according to the plan God has in store for me with life, my business, and wrestling career! Thanks for all the support! I appreciate everything!”
  3. I don’t really think that would be a problem but if it is, why not just make It that you can’t like your own posts? Maybe it’s not that simple, but that makes more sense to me than a reaction limit. edit: I guess you can’t like you own posts anymore.
  4. What’s the harm in someone liking too many posts? I guess they don’t want to ruin the negative vibes here with too many hearts or laughy faces lol. I never understood this
  5. Message boards are for speculation and I don’t think there is anything with trying to draw your own conclusions based on evidence. More evidence will surface shortly, but from what we have seen, he doesn’t seem interested in losing weight or taking a serious run at the Olympics
  6. I’m with @hammerlockthree I don’t think Bo is making a serious run. He seems to be serious about MMA and focusing on that goal. Of course none of us really know what is going on in his head, but it seems likely he is more focused on MMA than the Olympics if he goes 97
  7. I agree it’s not like they will screw this one up, but the NCAA seeding committee has definitely screwed up some seeds before so you never know
  8. I’m sure Kyle Dake is getting paid pretty well! As others have mentioned it usually the club footing the bill or sometimes camps. I’ve heard of teams paying a lot of money for a coach (volunteer or grad assistant) to run a few sessions at a camp, but they are obviously overcompensating for the lack of payment that they get in season.
  9. I bet it is tough on the coaches. No matter how upset they were that Snyder left, they still spent a lot of time with him and I’m sure they wish him well. But now they are going to be coaching J’Den to beat him! They know all Snyder’s tendencies so I am guessing that’s why J’den went there
  10. I’m sure Cox wants to win an Olympic gold, not “just” make the team like some have suggested. Regardless of whether you think Taylor or Snyder is better, the path to gold at 97 is much harder because it goes through Sadulaev. So that means Cox truly does want to challenge himself or the weight cut was too much. In reality both were probably a factor
  11. Cradles definitely work at the D1 level and I bet they are the most common pinning combination. Maybe second to bars. However, like others have mentioned, just sticking your head in the side and driving to set it up doesn’t work at this level.
  12. Ok here’s what I got for a likely situation with Penn State performing well with 4 champs and Iowa slightly below avg. PSU 125 - 0 133 - 23 (1st) 141 - 24 (1st) 149 - 4 (R12) 157 - 0 165 - 24 (1st) 174 - 24 (1st) 184 - 13 (5th) 197 - 14 (Beard 4th) 285 - 7.5 (8th) Total = 133.5 Iowa 125 - 26 (1st with bonus) 133 - 14 (4th) 141 - 7.5 (8th) 149 - 11 (5th or 6th) 157 - 13 (4th or 5th) 165 - 20 (2nd) 174 - 19 (2nd) 184 - 3 (R12) 197 - 8.5 (6th or 7th) 285 - 13 (4th or 5th) Total = 135 That scenario still has Iowa winning by 1.5 points, so I’ve got to admit they can win even if Penn State wrestles like Penn State and over performs. However, you can see how it can be a close one. Bonus or one bad performance could make a difference. Obviously if Berge comes back full health it is huge.
  13. Good point... I missed that. Appreciate the work!
  14. Good stuff, Tbar! My only critique would be in labeling it as a best/worst scenario... it’s more like bad for Iowa, good for PSU. For example, DeSanto may be more seriously injured than we think, or could have another meltdown at NCAAs. Berge could come back healthy and Beard could come in and take top 5. I admit these scenarios would be unlikely, so I actually like what you did better. Just saying it’s a little more realistic than the absolutely best and worst case scenario
  15. I agree that if Iowa and PSU both wrestle to the best of their abilities, Iowa wins. But there should be enough head to head matches that one of them has to lose. I would favor PSU in the swing matches (133, 165, 174). I would love to do a tournament point breakdown if I get time. I’m genuinely curious to see what it would look like for say PSU 3 champs, 1 finalist, 3 low AA vs. Iowa 1 champ, 5 high AA, and 2 low AA. That’s a very legit possibility and looks like a very close score at first glance. Anyone else with time to kill, feel free to give your breakdown!
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