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  1. I think there is some truth to some of these natural approaches, but a lot of them it simply is the placebo effect. Dake is obviously a smart guy and he admits it could simply be the placebo effect. But even if it is, as long as it makes him feel good, I say go for it. You’ve got to commend his discipline and his commitment to doing all the little things right. He’s got to be one of the most discipline guys I’ve ever seen. Ever notice how low he stays in his stance, and that he always makes contact with his head first and never reaches? That is very impressive that he will not compromise his position
  2. Eagle26

    Final Thoughts AWL

    You’re right I haven’t looked into buying cable packages. I thought you were saying it would cost an additional $8 per month to add ESPN to a cable subscription. I know you can buy sport packages for an extra monthly fee, but not just buy them as stand alone only. Sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying. And as far as me getting personal donations, I think it would be a lot tougher sell than getting sponsors and advertisements for a major sporting event. If anyone would like to donate to my personal wrestling viewing fund, please PM me for PayPal information :-)
  3. Eagle26

    Final Thoughts AWL

    Agree, but which one creates the bigger fan base and overall longevity of the league? Thats my only point. I dont blame them for trying to turn a profit and wish them well. I just think it will be hard to survive long term with a low number of viewers
  4. Is that the standard dress code for chiropractors now? Where do I find one like that?!
  5. Eagle26

    Final Thoughts AWL

    I agree with you guys that I don’t want to pay the big cable companies... that’s why I ditched cable (and because I’m on a tight budget). I want to support wrestling and have done that with flo pro and I bought worlds and another event (Final X I think?) on track. But I think wrestling is a blue collar sport and there are a lot of fans like me that simply can’t afford to keep spending money for every event. As Bob Dole mentioned it only cost $8 to add the ESPN package to a cable subscription. That’s a whole month of 24/7 sports. When you’re asked to pay almost twice as much for a two hour event, you have to question if it’s worth it. I know it’s only $15, but it adds up. I’m not blaming Track, I know they have to make a profit. I’m just saying you won’t get nearly as many viewers behind a paywall. If I were starting out I’d want to build the fan base as much as possible and look for other ways to raise funds...ads, sponsors, donors, investors, etc. Not sure if that’s a plausible idea, but I don’t think this way is either
  6. Eagle26

    Final Thoughts AWL

    Yeah you definitely can’t get every game without cable. Wrestling is the only sport I truly love to watch, so that doesn’t bother me. My point was that it’s a tough sell to the general sports fan to pay extra for a wrestling event when they can view other more popular sports for free. I think it’s even a tougher sell when you consider the other sports could also be viewed as part of a cable subscription or even amazon prime now. I guess boxing and mma do well on ppv, so it may be possible but to start out I think they should find the sponsors to make it free to watch. Then maybe after fans are hooked they could go into ppv
  7. Eagle26

    Final Thoughts AWL

    I guess that’s a good way of looking at it. I looked at like I pay half that price to watch an entire month of Netflix, so it didn’t seem like a good deal to me. I know everyone is going to criticize me saying wrestling fans want everything for free, but there is no way to get an event like this to be mainstream if it is behind a paywall. Only very hardcore wrestling fans paid for and saw this event. I paid for the world championships and I pay yearly for Flo despite their many let downs, but I’m not made of money. You have to draw the line somewhere, and even I didn’t pay for this event. I can watch NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. all for free with my antenna.
  8. Eagle26

    100% Bonus Rate

    That is a really tough task but I agree that Nolf and Lee both have a shot (Nickal with a slight chance). These guys are the most talented on the list and they both have relatively weak weights.
  9. Eagle26

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    Got to admit what Dresser has done as a coach is downright impressive. He very well could be the best coach out there. Cael couldn’t get it done at ISU... maybe Dresser can?
  10. Eagle26

    tOSU Signees

    For this class to rival the other two classes mentioned they would have to win a combined 4-6 national championships plus multiple other AA finishes. That’s a tall order. Not saying it’s impossible but it seems highly unlikely. Especially considering their top recruit has Steveson to deal with for several years.
  11. False. Many coaches who are at institutions that do not care about the sport, can have terrible results and can keep their job. This happens quite often in the sport of wrestling... not so much in football or basketball. Right or wrong, I think the general consensus is that America doesn’t care about Greco.
  12. Eagle26

    What about Robles

    He looks pretty weak in this picture http://www.laurenburroughs.com/blog/athletics-facing-the-fire
  13. Eagle26

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    Here’s one of his last posts from another thread. Good stuff!
  14. Eagle26


    I agree. Winning WTT is essentially a national championship of much greater difficulty than an NCAA title. I would suggest something like keeping what you but then doing World team member = 2 points, NCAA champ = 1 point, top 4 NCAA = 1/2 point. With the current system, someone would get more points for 8th at NCAAs than 5th at the world championships! HUGE difference there. I also want to add that I really appreciate you taking the time to do this, so please don’t take this as a dis! I’m just making a suggestion as well. Overall it is a great list, and it is impossible to ever please everyone with a concrete formula!
  15. Eagle26

    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    This great news! Obviously the RTC model has worked well for freestyle, so if we get some of the RTCs focused on Greco as well, that should be a much needed help to our Greco program