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  1. That’s right... forgot about that! That’s probably even more incentive because it represents both programs
  2. It seems pretty simple to me... NJRTC is affiliated with Princeton and is meant to be a recruiting tool for them. They were in desperate need of some high level athletes, so they took a chance on Downey. They quickly realized he isn’t changing and is bad PR for them and is going to hurt recruiting, not help it. So they stopped supporting him. Makes perfect sense for them to do that. On the other hand, the extra controversy just adds intrigue to his match on Flo. I highly doubt they drop him.
  3. It’s definitely an intriguing match because we all know how great Caldwell was/could’ve been. He completely dominated one of the most dominant NCAA wrestlers in recent history. He is an incredible athlete and if he is in good enough shape, I think he would win. But that’s a big if. I doubt he is in good enough wrestling shape to compete at a high level for the whole match. Fighting shape isn’t wrestling shape. Also an interesting match stylistically... Caldwells know for being unorthodox and Pletcher stays in very good position. I’m thinking that’s bad for DC.
  4. Wasn’t there someone who threw a knee in a match? I think it was George from Cornell? That’s probably the worst single case. If you are talking about worst overall, this begins and ends with DeSanto
  5. Metcalf was wrong in what he did and definitely unsportsmanlike. But a backflip with time on the clock is also unsportsmanlike. I am sure Metcalf was not trying to injure him. He was simply being Metcalf and wrestling til the whistle and he and many other wrestlers do a little shove at the end of time or out of bounds. Not condoning that, but it’s part of the sport. On the other hand, DeSanto was clearly trying to injure with an illegal move and that wasn’t his first time doing that. Much worse IMO.
  6. To truly support wrestling you help kids in the grassroots. You promote the sport to bring in new kids and help all wrestlers grow. I do that and don’t think anyone who actually knows me would ever say I don’t support wrestling. I’m sure you and many others do as well, but my point is that paying a media outlet that gives a very small percentage to a very small group of very elite wrestlers does not actually support our sport.
  7. Those people must be crazy lol. I can watch 3 games a week for free with an antenna. I can’t pick and choose what games but I’m not a diehard football fan so I don’t care. I’d say I’m pretty diehard of a wrestling fan but still don’t want to spend that much on one event. Some fans will and that’s great. I hope it turns out to be a profitable event, but I think the vast majority of wrestling fans will pass at that price just like the vast majority of football fans don’t purchase NFL Sunday ticket. Hope I’m wrong though.
  8. PM me your log in info if you aren’t going to use it :)
  9. Fair point. The grading part is much easier than other subjects. English has to be the worst for that! But I don’t think anyone was arguing that it is as tough as teaching other subjects in that regard. Teaching in general is not an easy job. Physically it is easy, but dealing with some student’s behavior is emotionally and mentally draining. PE is one of the tougher subjects in that regard.
  10. Buck, the skills that Successful wrestling coaches possess are the same skills and attitudes that bring success in every area. Work ethic, drive, confidence, mental toughness, Perseverance, etc. Since you used Brands as an example, I can almost guarantee that he would be successful in any area he decides to commit to. The level of passion and work ethic that he possesses are extremely rare and if applied in any field, it will lead to success. This is a common theme for many successful wrestlers
  11. The hard part is classroom management. It’s much more work in PE than other subjects. Imagine trying to teach a skill or concept to 30 kids who are just running around thinking it’s recess. Sure, you could not care and just let them do whatever they want but if you actually care about educating them, it’s not an easy job.
  12. Do you pay $20 for every single sporting event or tv show you watch? Of course most people can spare that, but it’s the principle of having to spend that much to view one event. Imagine having to pay that to watch a single NFL game. Would you watch three or four a week like many fans do? I’d certainly pay that to watch the Super Bowl, but would you pay that to watch a single preseason game that’s just for fun? I pay for Flo and I pay for many big events on Track. There has to be a cutoff somewhere tho. If it was priced in line with other events (maybe $10 max) I would consider it. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they are doing the event and I hope they make a profit. I just personally don’t like the idea of overpaying for an exhibition match
  13. At 79kg, I would bet on Dake... I still think he is the better wrestler. If there’s no weigh in, I don’t think Dake is that much better that he can give up that kind of weight to an elite wrestler like Taylor and still win.
  14. Anybody anytime in a fantasy set of rules? I’m not a fan of Downey and I get that people want to see Taylor thrash him. Although I also believe Downey is underrated as a wrestler because people just don’t like him. I just don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to see Taylor beat him in a real match. I feel that would be more meaningful.
  15. Why would athletes just be able to change the rules to their sport? I don’t get it? Let’s just see a regulation match because that’s what matters. What other sports can athletes just request to add an extra 33% of time? That’s a huge change and why are people saying we should change the rules just because Taylor says so?
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