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  1. Of course not! NLWC has nothing to do with the success of PSU :-D
  2. That’s a valid point lol. Nonetheless, I think the RTCs purpose are more about helping the colleges. Maybe I misinterpreted but it seemed moveurfeet was concerned that Slay hasn’t helped UPenn and I was just trying to point out the RTC has improved which in turn should help UPenn and Drexel.
  3. That’s a fair point lol. I don’t think it should stop us from trying though. The Olympics are the one time wrestling can sneak into the mainstream media. And I think we should try to have a good product prepared. I remember watching Rulon and Karelin on NBC (I think?)... at the time I knew nothing about Greco. I was confused and didn’t even really understand why he won. If we have a better product, I do believe we can win over a few fans with today’s technology (ie the ease of streaming). For example, I know a guy who never wrestled but has Flo Racing or something like that and has watched a few wrestling events (because it’s free with his other subscription), and he has enjoyed them.
  4. I honestly don’t know what the driving force to get JB there was, and it sounds like you are just guessing too. I would assume Slay had at least some part in it. He is obviously a freestyle guy and it appears he is taking the approach of building a great RTC and then the college guys will follow. It has taken longer than we hoped but appears to be working now. I understand it takes to build a program... it took my staff a lot longer than we thought to help our HS program turn around. I’m probably a little more forgiving to the coach because of this, but I feel like we are never patient enough with a new coach trying to build a culture and program.
  5. I think a good compromise would be to have the criteria loser go on a 30 second shot clock as an overtime like the OP suggested. I think that still keeps the excitement at the end of regulation (because they have incentive to score) and then just adds another exciting 30 seconds to get a clear winner. When I told my wife Taylor won 4-4, she was very confused and thought it was stupid to win with a tie score. However, she’s probably never going to be a casual fan either way so I think the excitement factor is more important than confusion factor (if that makes sense). In other words, if it has to be one or the other, I’d vote criteria, but I think we can have the best of both worlds.
  6. Oh... I guess he probably gets too much to respond to lol
  7. That would be awesome! Somebody on the Twitter world needs to tag him or something
  8. I think the +2 kg makes a huge difference here. If Dake can perform like that at flat 74, I do think it is a big storyline. Even if he is “expected” to perform that way, you never know exactly what to expect after a big cut until you see it.
  9. I agree Burroughs will have the biggest impact but you have to consider who got him there, and the fact that he brought in a lot of other top guys like Hall, McKenna, and Lizak
  10. He’s done an awesome job with the RTC there. Now that he has that, look for the college program to take off. It takes time to build a program
  11. I kept wondering how you guys are rewinding... it doesn’t seem to give me that option in the Flo app, but then I tried it in a web browser and then I could rewind. Just thought I would share in case anyone else had the same issue
  12. Yeah that last one looked like Khinch’s move for sure
  13. @Jaroslav Hasek can you get us a replay?!
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