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  1. Eagle26

    Biggest threat to Nickal?

    The biggest threat to Bo Nickal is Jason Nolf. The only thing he might lose this year is the Hodge race with Nolf. That’s a toss up. In matches, Bo is as close to a lock as you can get
  2. Eagle26

    EWL and MAC

    I don’t get it. They are merging but are staying as two separate divisions? What’s the difference between two conferences and one conference with two divisions? Why not just switch CSU and ODU if that’s all it is accomplishing?
  3. Eagle26

    Is Jason Nolf overrated?

    Has anyone ever made the claim that Nolf is top 5 all time? Or even top 10? Don’t think he’s there yet, but yes he is incredible and no I don’t think he’s overrated. However I will admit that 157 hasn’t exactly been as deep as it has been in the past.
  4. If he goes undefeated and wins 4 NCAA titles without a red shirt then he will surpass Cael. That’s pretty much the only way to do it. Plus he has to be very dominant for at least his last two years or some will still use that to argue for Cael. He is capable but it’s just so hard to do that it’s still unlikely. Even if he wins this year, there are some other stud heavyweights coming along that depending on their development could challenge him.
  5. That’s the first time I’ve seen a bobble head doll with real life proportions!
  6. Sorry i brought in a football analogy and got some of us off topic. I’ll try to settle it here...I think the argument in Tom Brady being GOAT is whether we define “greatest” as “most successful” or as “most talented/best athlete”. He is obviously most successful and that was my point. No debate is needed on that. It’s always debatable about talent and frankly I don’t care enough about football know who is the most talented ever. You all can debate that on a football forum. Back to wrestling now
  7. Most hated does not mean worst coach. In fact it’s usually the opposite. Tom Brady is by far the most hated football player and also undeniably the GOAT. With that said the answer is either Cael out of jealousy or Brands out of leftover jealously/hatred of the Iowa dynasty. Cael is hard to hate even if you don’t like penn state since he is so laid back. So I’m going to say the answer is Brands because you have the jealousy factor coupled with the intense personality.
  8. Eagle26

    Lock Haven v Arizona State

    Wow great match! With Fehlman back at 133 and Hazel back, that is a really solid line up for LHU
  9. Eagle26

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    Interesting tid bit... if he would end up at lock haven this semester that would give them three 4 time PA state champs on the same team together. I’m assuming that the two they have now is probably a first? Three would be crazy
  10. Eagle26

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    Would he even start there? I was thinking he was about on par with Teske who got teched by Lock Havens Werner. I guess if he is planning on going up to 133 he might have a better chance.
  11. Eagle26

    What would this rule change do ......

    So anytime you are in a little bit of trouble, you just cut him and he gets nothing. That doesn’t seem right
  12. Eagle26

    Phillippi screwed up

    He should’ve transfered to Penn State, Okie State, Iowa, or Ohio State. It is pretty much impossible for anyone to find success outside of these programs. I don’t know what he was thinking going to Pitt. Edit: Oh never mind he just beat Fix!
  13. Eagle26

    Excape? WTF?

    I actually say most of these... I must get made fun of a lot behind my back lol. Eggscape, samwich, torn a mint, nukular all sound good to me!
  14. Eagle26

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    I don’t get it?
  15. Eagle26

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    As a fan I have no problem with Bo offering a hand up to his opponents. I don’t think he is trying to be condescending or unsportsmanlike. However I can tell you that if I was the guy who just got pinned there is no way I would take his hand! I don’t think that would be unsportsmanlike either. I haven’t really paid attention to this but I am surprised that any division 1 wrestlers would want a hand up after getting pinned