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  1. Boy..You talk about Hawkeyes having no class,what do you call that..
  2. McD is now the underdog Delgado now is the man with the target on his back..that itself is a different mentality for both...it will be interesting to see how the new role affects both..
  3. Really... Might want to do your homework...
  4. Where did you order them from?
  5. Taylor.....I watched both wrestle and I just think Taylor is the better wrestler...Dake knows how to win when he needs to but imo Taylor is the better wrestler...
  6. You all have to agree ...the iowa's,penn st's,ok.st's minn's are great for wrestling....To have the epic duels like the one we had last night,are just what wrestling needs...15k plus for a duel is nuts.. Sure, easy for me to say that giving I'm a Hawk fan, but that is what makes it fun..To have #1 come to town and wrestle like they did is what it's all about..
  7. I'm just glad it's not an Iowa wrestler for a change... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. You guys sound like a bunch of girls...:lol: Can't believe you all don't have anything better to do..
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