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  1. Iowa knocked that out of the stadium! BTW, John Smith should get a ton of credit for taking that match. It is going to be hard to top the execution and the competition level of that event. But VT should be coming to PA this season. Iowa should be back on the schedule. tOSU and OSU would be away next season. Would NC State draw a huge crowd? How about Cornell? Or what if Tom Ryan pulls the trigger - how many PSU fans would fill the Horseshoe? I actually think THAT has the best chance to outdraw this year's event...
  2. Brad

    Hodge talk

    I think this has been Ringer's to lose all year. If Nolf had gone 3-0 over Imar, it could have been his. Zain will not lose a minute of sleep over it - it has his name on it next year...
  3. It was definitely more bittersweet than I imagined. But the high of Nico finally getting what he had worked so hard for was the biggest thrill of the night. I was heartbroken that Morgan could not pull off his match. I was pretty excited that Nolf made the adjustment to keep Imar from dominating with his underhook. It was a very simple slip that got the last takedown. That was a great match. I agree that Bo's match was a psychological miscue. He beats Martin 7 or 8 out of 10 in my mind. But he went with a throw that had too high a risk at that point in the match. In the finals, I would not try a throw until the lead was larger or until I needed 6 pts for a big comeback. OSU, tOSU and VT are definitely on the rise next year. PSU needs to get all three on the schedule. Can't wait!!!
  4. Bo's moves and tendencies also remind me of QBW. Quentin had more strength but I think Bo is more dangerous from more positions. His only two losses this year were from throws that he should not have carried through. He will be a MONSTER next year!
  5. I have also heard Jeff Byers say Joseph at 165 next year. It sound like Rasheed would have to battle Hall at 174 with the weight issues he had. Can't wait to see Nolf and Nickal after an off-season of strength training. They may be the two most entertaining wrestlers in college. If they develop Zain's level of power, they could bonus every match next season.
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