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  1. Im not so worried. While Losing Taylor and Ruth is going to hurt like no other ( :cry: ) I think PSU will be fine. They will bring it the talent they need to continue to compete, without a doubt. You're a PA kid...where else would you want to be in college right now? PS. I got a feeling that PSU will have a Chance at a top recruit next year ;)
  2. It'll be interesting to see what they do with this in the future. Obviously there is no more Dake v Taylor matches, so what will they do? Pick the most exciting story line and set that match for last? Seems like a good idea. Ill tell you this though...in 2 year I know what match will be last - whoever is wrestling Logan Stieber while he goes for #4!!
  3. Dake's first two weight jumps were Natural. He was small when he came into D1. He must has been crushing weights at Cornell, because he got huge after his freshman year. But like the OP says - this year is what makes him special. He could have held at 157 and basically walked through it. Sure, he probably would have only won in the finals by 2-3 pts against St. John, or Welch, or whoever - but he certainly would not have been in any danger of losing to those guys. He did what he did for the good of the sport, and for the fans, and to make winning his 4th title even more special and impressive. Good for him. It was an amazing year and an amazing thing to watch. The kid has some balls of steel that is for damn sure.
  4. I think he does get credit for going up to go through Taylor to make history - as he certainly should. The reason the 4 different weights thing is argued is because it is almost always directly contrasted against Cael going undefeated. If anyone says that this isn't an accomplishment, or it doesn't matter...they deserve to be ignored.
  5. :lol: You really need to look up the definition of the word "fact" in the dictionary - I assure you it does not say anything like "Fact: Whatever you subjectively think about a certain idea, event, or circumstance. A personal opinion, in many cases completely ignorantly formed." - which apparently you seem to think it does. It may also help to realize that taking a RS year does not mean you did so because you couldn't make the line up for your team... Again I'm done with you...you are just making a fool of yourself repeatedly. Well Done!! :lol:
  6. No one loss is not zero losses, it's one loss during his RS year (which he avenged later, 3 times, with a maj and two tech falls if I recall correctly). He still was undefeated, regardless of the loss his RS year (159-0 with 4 Titles to be exact) in his NCAA competition career. These are facts - please learn to accept them.
  7. Yeah, that Gutches match will now be included. I know Kenny Cook once turned him with a leglace in the ISU room. We should count that as a loss, too. Funny that Cael losing in freestyle competition counts towards his loss NCAA Folkstyle loss column - but no mention of Dake's losses at this past years Trials...hmmmmm! :lol:
  8. Simple question: Does the NCAA recognize that loss on Sanderson's offical NCAA varsity record? Not you, but the NCAA... Does the NCAA recognize comparison's of who is better? It is simple logic, he stepped on the mat, the other guy's hand got raised. Twice. The zero losses argument does not hold water, because he wrestled matches in college that he did not win. Simple as that. If you want to argue that he's better because he only had 2 losses while Dake had 4, then you can start to make a case. Cael had two losses now? That's weird. :roll:
  9. Ok, im finished now. You are either trolling, or too dumb to follow simple logic.
  10. Well then stop saying zero losses. Because at the age that Dake was winning his first NCAA title, Sanderson could not start for his own team. Why stop saying 0 losses? He had 0 losses in 4 years of NCAA competition - that is a fact. Again, you are leaning on things that are totally irrelevant. He couldn't start for his own team his RS year - so what. He still came back the next 4 years and did what nobody else has ever done and BEAT EVERYBODY he wrestled. Is that really so hard to understand? No matter what happened before - he went 4 years undefeated - simple. By the way - don't get into the age thing - Dake lost his 2nd year of competition twice. Cael lost his second year of competition (RS Freshman year) how many time? Oh yea, 0. Again, I dont want this to seem like Im bashing Dake - im not. Im bashing you guys and your ridiculous and mind-numbingly stupid argument.
  11. The ridiculousness of this argument is mind-numbing. No matter if Cael went 0-30 as a RS...he still went 4 years without losing in NCAA competition. Also, you are speaking about his competition like they were weak - totally wrong. If you think Cael didn't MANHANDLE guys that were much better than Kevin LeValley and Donnie Vinson - please do some research. I am yet to hear a decent reason for why we should ignore those losses. When did I say ignore them? I said even with his ONE RS loss - it doesn't matter. Don't ignore it, it happened acknowledge it all you want - he still went FOUR YEARS OF NCAA D-1 COMPETITION WITHOUT LOSING.
  12. You could beat Dake, you can't beat Cael. Hes trolling - let it go.
  13. The ridiculousness of this argument is mind-numbing. No matter if Cael went 0-30 as a RS...he still went 4 years without losing in NCAA competition. Also, you are speaking about his competition like they were weak - totally wrong. If you think Cael didn't MANHANDLE guys that were much better than Kevin LeValley and Donnie Vinson - please do some research.
  14. Q was great - did exactly what he needed to do to win. Oliver was awesome. I KNEW that he was going to score at td in the 3rd and win. I think he did too honestly...he was just waiting to get it late so there wasnt much time left. He is amazing to watch on his feet.
  15. Saying this match was a letdown is crazy. Plain and simple - the match was great. They both scored a td - Dake with an amazing ride to win... To someone who knows/loves wrestling this is about as good of a match as you can expect from guys that are at this high of a level. What did you expect? 4 tds and 3 sets of back points for each guy? Get real...
  16. I pointed out how silly your statement about Dake going undefeated if he only wrestled guys as weak as Cael did was...Donnie Vinson-Kevin LeValley-Zack Bailey...come on. That aside - Dake is a machine - with balls of steel
  17. True, point taken. Apologies! But you guys are right. The fact that Dake went out of his way to seek out Taylor (instead of staying at 157 and taking the much more probable route) and beat him for #4 - this kid has balls of steel!
  18. Cornell is the state school of Ivy League schools. ;)
  19. Ok let's not get carried away. He had his chin and the leg - nothing like a pinning combination.
  20. That's what I am saying. I'm not sure how you trump the donut. Here's a hypothetical question: Assume Marshall goes undefeated in football and beats Tulsa in the Liberty Bowl to finish 14-0. The toughest team they played all year was that Tulsa team that went 10-4. Now assume that Alabama went 13-1 and curbstomped everybody they beat, and lost 10-9 in the national Championship game to undefeated Oklahoma. Which team between Alabama and Marshall is better? You'd better believe it's Alabama. Cael wrestled in a weak weight class compared to Dake. If Dake faced similarly skilled wrestlers his 4 years at Cornell (not 5, since he didn't take a redshirt!) you better believe he'd have been undefeated for 4 years also. I'm not saying Cael's achievement wasn't fantastic because it was. But what Dake did is more impressive, imo. You should take a look at some of Dake's losses and reconsider this statement - because it is absolutely silly. Im not picking on Dake - he deserves nothing but congradulations and im giving him that - but you are strongly underestimating Cael's competition - and slightly overestimating Dake's (aside from Taylor). Side not: that is what makes Dake so special - he could have stayed at 157 and had an easy time to join the 4 for 4 club...but he went up to go after Taylor - wow.
  21. Wanted Taylor all the way - but wow Dake is just a winner. They definitely put on a show - great for the sport.
  22. Stupid post. More importantly, I don't think Dake is better than Cael - but when you are at that high of a level we are just splitting hairs sort of. I actually agree with Scribe (wow)...it is more opinion on what you think is more impressive. The bottom line is he is certainly at the VERY TOP , period. Congrats to Dake - he showed how a true champion handles tough situations. Giving up that first td and coming back from it like it was nothing - wow.
  23. The Port call was very good. Did not expect that. Me either. The other Stieber didn't look good in the last 2 rounds...weird.
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    He was almost doing just that.
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