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  1. Shutting down offense is all well and good...but you still need to score to win. That is the difference. Bubba and Dake actually attempted to score as well as shut down Taylor's offense - they had intentions on winning the match. Watch Polz in the B10 Finals again...it is clear he was out there only to not lose badly - and he still lost badly.
  2. He wrestled to not lose badly - he has no intentions on winning it seemed. No reason for that...especially when you are such a huge underdog. Nothing to lose.
  3. I don't think it is at all fair to say Ruth "hurt himself" because he won by decision in the B10 Finals. Truth be told, that single decision win is not changing a single thing. He, Dake, and Kilgore are have basically the same # of regular decision wins (somewhere around 5). Just because his last match was a decision win doesn't change his standing in the race. They evaluate your entire season for the Hodge...winning a match "only" by decision more recently than anyone else in the race will not hurt. Like I said though, Dake is at the top in pins (with Kilgore) and Ruth not far behind. The dominance factor is basically a wash between these 3. If they all win titles - Dake gets the Hodge because he is the clear favorite over the other two in past accomplishments.
  4. So much wrong...head is going to explode... :shock: Seriously. I get the jest of the first part, and assume it is probably also present in the second part of your post as well. Just in case it isn't however...redshirt or not...Dake can not be the best collegiate wrestling in history, no matter what. Edit: As for the topic...I think it is Dake's to lose at this point as well. I think Ruth is the better/more dominant wrestler - but Dake's numbers can wash with Ruth's, and when it gets to past accomplishments Dake is obviously a lock.
  5. You must either have serious reading comprehension problems (since ive been clear on my intentions with this thread no less that 3 times)...or just chose to comment without reading the whole thread. I hope for your sake it's the 2nd one.
  6. Im really not going to repeat myself anymore and argue with someone who says "they are not doing so bad!!" I never said they were doing bad...that isn't the point im making. If you don't understand that by now just don't comment.
  7. I give up. Somehow starting a discussion, on a discussion board, turns into bad blood and me disrespecting wrestlers I was discussing. If you want this to be a praise-board when we can just give everyone participation awards and repeat how much we respect them for doing what they do...maybe you should start your own place for that - I assumed it was just assumed everyone here, as fans, respects the talent of these kids especially at the D1 level and that we didn't need to continually repeat it...or moreover if we don't repeat it we are somehow disrespecting them. Get real.
  8. How many times can the same misguided counter-argument come up in one thread? For the last time, nobody is saying anything about their accomplishments to this point, or belittling them as wrestlers. The point is simple, given the expectations many had (myself included since I started the thread), they are under performing - that is all. As I stated, specifically with Andrew, after his freshman year...I expected them both to win an NCAA title at some point, and be fairly dominant in doing so...and at this point that expectation (as unfair as it may be) seems pretty far away from reality. Not that they stink, or they are busts, or they are finished, etc, etc.
  9. No, I dont think they have no chance at that...that isn't the point I was making. And we also don't have to wait until after NCAAs...we are allowed to discuss it now. If they both place that high at NCAAs then no...in the end they would not have regressed. But as it stands right now...they are under performing given expectations...and it doesn't seem that they are going to place that high in 2 weeks without some major turn around...and that is what is being discussed.
  10. I don't think there's any question that both Altons have regressed a bit. However, there's one big tournament coming up, during which they can silence all doubters. I don't know how you can say that. Andrew just placed the highest he ever has at the Big Ten Tournament. He probably will have his best result at Nationals as well. Dylan has looked great all year. I think there is certainly a question that they both have regressed. At this point, I think it is clear they are both under-performing given their and others expectations. Granted, these expectations may be a bit unfair...and in the end they are not doing all that bad...however the situation is what it is. Dylan for example placed 6th at B10s coming off of a 3rd place finish last season at NCAAs, not to mention being ranked 5th in the Nation. That is regression. Andrew you have a better argument for, being that he placed higher than before, etc etc. However, he has had some losses that should have been wins, and he has some serious lung problems - which is what people are pointing to in his case. Yes, he outperformed his seed...but he is a better wrestler than that seed (or is expected to be at least)...so him outperforming it is not a huge accomplishment in many people's view.
  11. I don't think there's any question that both Altons have regressed a bit. However, there's one big tournament coming up, during which they can silence all doubters. And I certainly hope they do.
  12. You gotta go with Dake. His dad was not just an OH state champ. Doug Dake was also an AA at Kent State, an OH college. Taylor defected by going to PSU. I predict Dake over Taylor again, 5-3. 2 TDs, 1 riding time point for Kid Dynamite; 2 escapes for Taylor. I will also predict that Taylor will never beat Dake after college either. Unless my math is off - 2 TDs for Dake + 1 RT point = 5. 2 escapes for Taylor = 2 total. Score 5-2 not 5-3. Maybe Dake will pull Taylor's sock and give up a penalty point. :D
  13. Is this a serious prediction? Btw, what does "Kid Dynamite #1 (Technically) mean? No, it is not a real prediction. And my sig line is part of a bet from their Scuffle Match (I added the "technically" part)
  14. This has to be a gimmick account. We agree on something at least. For the love of God I hope it is!!!
  15. Wow, that escalated quickly. Maybe it's McD's fault about Olympic wrestling? Ok, thats taking it too far. I just want these iowa shenenigans to stop. no sense going way out in left field like you did. Oh no, no, no. Let's keep the punishment within reason - like banning the kid from the NCAAs. :roll:
  16. Wow, that escalated quickly. Maybe it's McD's fault about Olympic wrestling? :lol:
  17. No real riding from either guy. Maybe 10-15 seconds max for Ramos to escape.
  18. I hope you are just kidding. In case you are being serious, please stop being ridiculous. While this behavior is not sportsmanlike...it was nothing malicious and/or harmful to another wrestler...nor was it during the match (ala Metcalf v Caldwell). During the match McD held himself as a sportsman and not a sore loser - he does not deserve anything more than a talking to from the Coach for what he did...and not even so much for what he did just the way he did it.
  19. I get being a champion, and wanting nothing less than gold. I even get throwing out your second place medals...I actually think it is awesome. HOWEVER, there is a "right" way to do this - Jumping off the podium early, and throwing the award away in a trashcan in the hallway is not it. Having that kind of intensity is fine, but do it right. Shake hands, hold your head up for pictures, leave and throw your medal away in the hotel.
  20. The match was very very close, no doubt. HOWEVER...Ramos was not really ever close to scoring. That needs to change if he is going to win in two weeks. He needs to shoot more, it is just that simple. If he just defends, and gets his espace again...but doesn't even get close on a shot attempt - he will not win. (Unless he gets a RT point, but I dont think that will happen) It is very important for Ramos to get a TD to beat Steiber. Can he do it? Yes. Is he close? Extremely. If he takes the same approach as tonight will he win? No - he will likely lose the same way...close but not a W. I love the way Ramos wrestles as well as his intensity...but he needs to step it up on his feet against Logan to beat him.
  21. I agree. I saw AA earlier in the season attempt his patented cement mixer and it seemed like he just couldn't horse his opponents over nearly as effectively as he did @ 141. The Altons got far with a lot of stuff that worked in high school but when it came to the elite college grind they don't seem to have enough technique or physical strength at the higher weights to fall back on. This may apply to Andrew, but I've always seen Dylan as a more meat and potatoes type of wrestler. He took 3rd in the nation last year. This was a bad tournament, but I think it's unfair to lump him into the same thing as his brother. Even his gas tank issues, which he does have, are far more garden variety than Andrew potentially catastrophic. Agreed with Vak. Dylan seems to be a bit higher level at this point than Andrew. Andrew is the one with the more serious issues at this point it seems. I am obviously a PSU fan, and further than that Ive been an Alton fan since there were in HS...but something is obviously up here. I hope they both outwrestle their seeds, and eventually win Titles. But in the case of Andrew, as I stated in my original post...that seems miles and miles away right now.
  22. Yup. No idea what they're doing after that. Asper #2? Did Asper win ACC's? Can they move Brown all the way to the 2 seed? Agreed, Perry has to be 1 now. After that only God knows! Brown has to move up youd think by winning the B10s, but how high? Who can he jump? This is the definition of a seeding mess.
  23. For Iowa to win Nationals they need to make some huge turn arounds...AND...maybe have half of the PSU lineup miss weight. In their current situation, I do not think they can outscore PSU.
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