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  1. Id also like to add...talking about what is "a possibility" is somewhat useless - isnt it a possibility that Logan Stieber's father paid the ref off just before the match just in case Logan got into a tough/borderline situation?? Sure, it is possible! Is it useful to talk about possibilities? No.
  2. Wow. Great article. Regardless of which side you were on..there is no doubt that everything about Dake vs. Taylor was good for our sport...and right now is when we need things like this.
  3. Q is a gamer. He just knows how to perform at NCAAs it seems. Really amazing to watch - and what a way to end your career.
  4. Don't say "always." /Mark Perry I can appreciate this, for sure. I don't think you can say Ramos will "always" lose - but I do think there is more of a gap then between Taylor/Dake for example.
  5. Finally, we're in 100% agreement on something. I'm outta here if that's the way it's going to be. At least that will make several happy. ;) It make it much harder for me to crush you in arguments hahaha
  6. 1.You know those 2 pictures are almost certainly from different cameras...right? And even if they arnt...it would take a rotating camera about 1 second to move the amount of space from one frame to the next - so what is your point? 2. Im not sure you know what the word disingenuous means anymore... 3. Breaking it down frame by frame into tenths of a second is the entire problem you are having. Watch it at full speed - absolutely no way to call a fall, period. :roll:
  7. Too limiting. You can only make statements - when you try to explain/defend them you get cut off. All this will do is cause people to start double posting.
  8. The point was made...who did it (are there even mods anymore) and why/how? Douche bag.
  9. Is anybody else seeing this today when they are trying to post? It is extremely limiting....and annoying. What is going on???
  10. If the escape happened in the middle Taylor might have gotten pinned? Based on what? Dake didn't even have a pinning combination...he had the inside/top leg and the chin- why would it being in the middle change that into Taylor being pinned? At best maybe it becomes a reversal because he has room to spin behind and stay in bounds - at best. Stop being ridiculous. The statement was: Taylor is more likely to get pinned by Dake than to beat him. - Absolutely Not. Could he get pinned by Dake - sure anything can happen on a wrestling mat. But that was not the idea in question.
  11. Yes, it is that crazy. Freestyle - totally different so ill just leave it at that. Taylor got pinned in the NCAAs 2 years ago - so that means Dake is more likely to pin him than Taylor is to turn around a 1 pt decision? Righhhttttttttt. I think Dake got pinned once in a summer Greco tournament in HS when he was wrestling up a weight class - so obviously this means Taylor is likely to pin him should they ever meet again! :roll:
  12. Concerning the disingenous part, then I will have to call you disingenuous. It is disingenous for you to rant about the combination of posting a picture and proclaiming a "missed pin" when no poster in this thread performed that combination! You're making up some straw man for this thread and then using the disingenous card. You will be judged by your own standard of measure. Obviously I know nobody actually said "Hey look they missed a pin!". But is that not what you implied with your original post? Seems pretty clear that you were implying just that - that he was "graced" by the ref not calling a pin and also that he was graced with the ref not calling two. The idea is simple - if you are saying Stieber should have been pinned - you are wrong - and demonstrably so. And if you point to a still-frame as evidence of that - that is totally misleading - as I have already explained.
  13. Be rational, yourself. 3 seconds is enough time in which for a pin to occur in there. If that was Taylor and the pin was called, I doubt we'd hear a word. I saw the ref instantly slap the mat for him while looking from the butt view on the wrestler he locked up. Instant. And get off your high horse calling posting a photo "extremely disigenuous." Your the only thing extreme in here. Posting a picture is not disingenuous. It is a representation of the absolutel actual position of the wrestlers at that point in time. 3 seconds is enough time for a pin to occur, sure - however in this instance what I said was the entire sequence (from scoring the td to Stieber bellying out) lasted 3 seconds. No way is that enough time for a fall to be called in that circumstance - absolutely no way. It is not like Ramos had Stieber locked in the cradle looking for the pin for 3 seconds (which would still be quick and tough to get a fall called) - he scored the td, locked the cradle, turned him over, lost the lock, and Stieber bellyed out - all in 3 seconds. All you have to do is watch it at full speed and this is blatantly obvious. This leads right into the picture... As for the picture - I didn't say posting a picture is disingenuous (post all the pictures you want) - I said posting a picture and saying "hey look, his shoulders are flat in this picture - the ref missed a pin!" is disingenuous - and it is...extremely. Specifically in this particular instance...when the entire sequence from td - bellying down was THREE SECONDS LONG. If there were hundreds of pictures being snapped at every match wrestled...any time someone rolls across their back I can post one of those (strategically picked out) pictures and say "Look! Missed pin!" and have exactly as much evidence and credibility as you are claiming here. No difference whatsoever. That would not an accurate representation of what was actually occurring in the match - and neither is your picture.
  14. That depends on how you want to define "better" (because I think they have the same level of skill). But for simplicity sake Ill just say that Dake is "better" - as in he beat Taylor head to head, multiple times. Do I believe their future matches (in folkstyle - which sadly will never happen) would be toss-ups? Absolutely. Dake is 3-0 against Taylor in folk - but these wins have absolutely no bearing on the next match being a toss-up or not. Their skill sets are basically equal, albeit different, - that is what affects the match being a "toss-up". Would Dake be favored? Absolutely 100% - but that is a totally different question than "Would it be a toss-up?"
  15. PA-Fan

    PSU Fans

    First, I don't think it is necessary to post this here when you saw the crazy opinions on another forum. Just post it there...no need to stir the pot here IMO. That aside, I am as big a Taylor fan and PSU fan as there is...and the thought "Taylor got screwed" never crossed my mind - not for even a single second. It was literally nowhere on my radar...and it shouldn't be on any else's either. As for these people complaining about the ride and Dake stalling...Dake got hit with stalling, twice! - Im not sure what more they could want? 3 calls? 4? Absolute nonsense. Taylor was not cheated, in any way, shape, or form. He was beaten - simple as that. One great wrestler losing to another great wrestler. Someone had to win - that someone was Kyle Dake.
  16. That is all well and good. Stick with whatever opinion you want. But saying that Taylor is more likely to get pinned than to win is something completely ridiculous. In their 3 matches Dake has won by 1 pt each time - and scored 1 single td - and 0 back points (and at no point was he even close). Hell, he didn't even have more riding time in 2 of the three matches! Think all you want that Dake is better...but Taylor getting pinned by Dake before turning around the result when it is clearly that close - come on.
  17. Just to play devil's advocate - this doesn't affect the argument of "was it or was it not" 2 NF at all. 1. Whether the ref calls the NF or not - it can still be argued that it should have been or should not have been NF. 2. Even if the ref did, for a second, signal he was holding 2NF...remember that this entire sequence was 3 seconds long - and he is allowed to wave a call off - which he obviously did with the "back and forth" signal he gave about a second later. Looking at photos for this argument is just totally and completely misleading. The whole thing was so quick...watch it at real time and argue from that basis.
  18. I posted this in another thread...but it needs to be put here as well. In regards to the idea that Stieber was pinned: Please watch that sequence at full speed - in no way was that a fall...nor should it have been called a fall - ever. The whole entire thing, from the time Ramos scored the 2 td (by locking the cradle-if he was ever even locked im not sure ) to the time Stieber rolled through to his stomach...the entire sequence was 3 seconds. That is not an expression - it actually was 3 seconds long - 1:22 - 1:19 on the clock. In no way, shape, or form was that / or should it have been called a fall. Argue for 2 NF all you want - but please be rational. Posting a still-frame picture as evidence that Stieber was pinned is extremely, extremely disingenuous (as someone already noted). Oliver had the TD last year - Ramos did not have the fall this year. No way.
  19. Come on...he didn't even have a pinning combination (cradle in this case) locked in...and now he would have pinned him if it was in the center? No chance. Same thing happens most likely - maybe he gets a reversal because he has the option of spinning behind and staying in bounds...but a pin? No.
  20. So opponents only count if you wrestle them in the NCAA Finals?? Im pretty sure if you take into account all opponents they wrestled/beat - regardless of if the match was in the finals- these numbers are much, much closer than your post is making it seem.
  21. Now Ramos had him pinned and the ref missed the call? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Seriously, come on. You cant be serious. Please watch that sequence at full speed - in no way was that a fall...nor should it have been called a fall - ever. The whole entire thing, from the time Ramos scored the 2 td (by locking the cradle-if he was ever even locked im not sure ) to the time Stieber rolled through to his stomach...the entire sequence was 3 seconds. That is not an expression - it actually was 3 seconds long - 1:22 - 1:19 on the clock. In no way, shape, or form was that / or should it have been called a fall. Argue for 2 NF all you want - but please be rational.
  22. Part one I agree with...but the last part - come on. You can't call that win "controversial". There was no controversy - Graff was finished and stalled as much as he could - Ramos deserved that win.
  23. That's dumb. Ramos' can choose neutral, instead of down nullifying riding time. And he's the last one to get a TD from the neutral position. Maybe you should quote the rest of my post where I explained why I think that before calling it dumb. Also, it's good to know that the last TD recorded wipes away the 2 that Logan had and the fact that he totally dominated the match until the one Ramos got. Edit* Ramos has 1 TD in all 5 of their meetings - but since it came last you just know he is obviously getting the next one if he needs it to win! (Oh wait...he did need a td to win - and didnt get it...weird) :roll:
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