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  1. Sorry if the truth hurts, troll.
  2. Right. The fact that the officials didn't toss the skinhead's brick back at him with the message "too late" is what made wrestling look bad.
  3. Had Yianni "played it safe" in his only loss, he would be chasing Cael's unbeaten record. Dake wrestles to win, not pile up points. See his record against Taylor, the master of piling up points.
  4. You don't understand the word "crushed," do you?
  5. No one "crushes" Yianni. Are you really that stupid?
  6. Must be something in the Bethlehem water that causes such as this.
  7. Yeah. And what about that time in third grade when some kid bloodied his nose?
  8. Dake - Molinaro Dake - Taylor Yianni - quarters, semis, final
  9. Cornell Daily Sun article: http://cornellsun.com/2018/03/23/wrestlings-diakomihalis-had-torn-acl-3-matches-prior-to-winning-ncaa-championship/
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