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  1. hotspur

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    I see you're an incessant whiner, too.
  2. hotspur

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    Sorry if the truth hurts, troll.
  3. hotspur

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    Right. The fact that the officials didn't toss the skinhead's brick back at him with the message "too late" is what made wrestling look bad.
  4. hotspur

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Had Yianni "played it safe" in his only loss, he would be chasing Cael's unbeaten record. Dake wrestles to win, not pile up points. See his record against Taylor, the master of piling up points.
  5. hotspur

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    You don't understand the word "crushed," do you?
  6. hotspur

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    No one "crushes" Yianni. Are you really that stupid?
  7. hotspur

    tOSU vs. Cornell

  8. hotspur

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Must be something in the Bethlehem water that causes such as this.
  9. hotspur

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Yeah. And what about that time in third grade when some kid bloodied his nose?
  10. hotspur

    Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat - Week 9

    Yianni winning a match is not an upset.
  11. hotspur

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Mine, too. Manotti, not Monotti.
  12. hotspur

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Dake - Molinaro Dake - Taylor Yianni - quarters, semis, final
  13. hotspur

    Yianni Cojones

    Cornell Daily Sun article: http://cornellsun.com/2018/03/23/wrestlings-diakomihalis-had-torn-acl-3-matches-prior-to-winning-ncaa-championship/
  14. http://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/college/141
  15. hotspur

    Best Coaches DI

    More nonsense. Non-Ivies can buy blue-chippers because coaches can pay whatever it takes to get them, regardless of need. Can't be done at Ivies. The Friedman Center is a credit to Koll. It didn't appear as a creation of Mother Nature. Ivy schools have League-enforced admission standards. Big 10, etc., can take whomever they choose without having to answer to anyone. Your posting is utterly uninformed and smacks of envy. Hard to believe some of the nonsense on this thread.
  16. hotspur

    Best Coaches DI

    The Cornell Ag school is no easy path to admission. You write nonsense. Cael has it easy at PSU, by contrast.
  17. hotspur

    Best Coaches DI

    Why? Because you went to Lehigh and want it so?
  18. hotspur


    Some people like to show off how little they know on the internet for all to see. Add Buckxell to that list. Cornell's Ag school is the finest in the world. I don't know Stroker's planned major, but many athletes choose business. Cornell's Dyson business school, ranked #2 by Fortune, is part of the Ag school.
  19. hotspur

    Gabe Dean

    While you're on that page, scroll down a bit for the rather violent, quick Realbuto fall.
  20. hotspur

    Worst call of the weekend

    Wah wah wah. :roll:
  21. hotspur

    What if: NCAA Dual field as of 2/3/14...

    Well, horses are known to be stupid animals, so that part works.
  22. hotspur

    Retherford vs Freshman Dake at 141

    No gifts? How about Darrion caldwell's injury in the quarters as the one seed and kellen russell redshirting and the weight class clearing out from the year before? He took the hard road as a senior and everyone gives him credit for it, but his 1st 3 championships were in below average weight classes. The 149 class he won was easier than the one metcalf, caldwell and schlatter had won by a mile. How can anyone be so stupid! Molinaro, I suppose, was a nothing. After all, Dake rubbed his nose in the mat for six-and-a-half minutes. Then, as a junior, he beat the guy who won the weight class the following year. Dake beat three NCAA champions for his last three championships. Scarlet Knight simply does not know what he is talking about. i am amazed by how stupid so many posters here are.
  23. hotspur

    What if: NCAA Dual field as of 2/3/14...

    The continued reference to "Train" is very childish. Time to grow up and move on. Not quite as juvenile as the "We are..." silliness.
  24. hotspur

    Dark Dark Horses to the title

    Grey just lost to Dellafave today. Yes, but he hadn't wrestled for 35 days before this weekend. He'll be OK. And Dellafave was seeded #1 for last year's EIWA so is not lunchmeat.