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  1. Showing your ignorance on a public forum is dumb.
  2. NY Times article on NCAA champ David Hirsch's struggle with Covid-19: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/24/magazine/surgeon-covid-diary.html
  3. Thanks for writing this. There appear to be a few here who can't seem to understand your final seven words.
  4. None of this is relevant to the question posed by this thread. It's like saying player A was a better college lacrosse player than player B because he had a better box lacrosse career.
  5. Greg D not listed at 125 on next year's tentative roster. Saunders said he could go at either 141 or 149.
  6. Mental toughness? https://sports.yahoo.com/cornell-wrestler-wins-three-matches-ncaa-title-torn-acl-035900783.html
  7. Did he say anything about Lee? You brought that name up, he didn't. No name was necessary to make your juvenile point.
  8. Regardless, you're writing what you did in your original posting was just terminally stupid.
  9. This is funny. Gorriaran? Outscoring the champ? Who gives a rat's behind? Who outscored whom in the match that mattered? What matters is having your hand raised on Saturday night. In the match everyone was waiting to see.
  10. And a "perfect" record against Dake. Dake is the outstanding college wrestler of the century, wiping out not one, not two, but four weight classes...including that two-time Hodge winner to cap it off.
  11. Niagra is now a common misspelling of Niagara, although spellcheck just tried to correct me.
  12. I think it's a good move, too, but you might ask Myles Martin how that "universe" business works.
  13. This is a Lehigh guy mocking Cornell's academic standards? Seriously? Will wonders never cease?
  14. Today isn't the future, Sammy.
  15. Dake - Molinaro...6.5 minutes riding time
  16. Good idea. Lot of nonsense posters here.
  17. hotspur


    Whever they are, WillieBoy, you'll be working for them.
  18. hotspur


    What's more, Lefty142, you apparently have no clue as to what Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences really is. Here's one ranking of America's agriculture schools. https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-agricultural-sciences/ Note the acceptance rate and SAT score range. What you likely also don't understand is that Cornell's top ten undergraduate business school, the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, is a unit of the College of Agriculture, and a large number of Cornell student-athletes are enrolled in that program.
  19. Right. The fact that the officials didn't toss the skinhead's brick back at him with the message "too late" is what made wrestling look bad.
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