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    I call dibs if you get rid of your tickets!
  2. It used to be the schools would sell tickets but that is so hard to get nowadays unless you are a donor. I know the last few times someone told me what school to call and purchase tickets. So that's what I am hoping for, but I guess you can always buy them from the scalpers...... I never have done that but I guess there is always time for a first. I also need four tickets, lol.
  3. ......or does anybody know where to purchase them at not marked up?
  4. Anybody have any tickets they are not going to use? I want to take my high school coach as he has never been.
  5. Have (5) five tickets in section 319 Row B seats 11-18. Asking $175 paid $159 plus service charge. Email me @ elucero_141@hotmail.com if interested.
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