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  1. No I'm not making any comparison. That would be silly. Bringing up what juniors and cadets and what they did at freestyle worlds in an NCAA wrestling discussion is mostly not relevant but none the less, the question was raised regarding Lee and Nolf. Nothing about a comparison to Snyder was mentioned anywhere. You've got to be trolling here or you're slow today.
  2. It's tough to say. I had Lee competing this year either in juniors or seniors, and neither happened.. He did compete at NCAA's though. Iowa managed to get on the stand with a 3rd and many believe that helped with cooling Brand's seat that had warmed up quite a bit.
  3. 3 world titles for Lee as far as I can recall. Nor sure on Nolf. Why do you ask?
  4. A big knock against the NCAA champion at heavyweight is he has nothing from the top position. Nada, zero, zilch, niet. Last season Ohio State needed a big points output or a fall from Snyder in order to knock off Penn State. The PSU heavyweight is no slouch, but Snyder was the 2 time defending champ. So how did that one play out? Snyder tried and tried, he huffed and puffed, he left it all out there, even ending up on his back and nearly pinned for his efforts, but he just did not have the offense to rack up points via the turn and back exposure. He's essentially a take down and let him go guy. ZERO mat wrestling and it proved costly as Penn State was able to keep things to a regular decision and win the dual. That's the best NCAA wrestler in America? I saw the Lee boy rack up all sorts of points at NCAA's via the turn and he has a ways to go before we call him the best. Outscored Snyder in team points at the same tournament. Nolf, same thing. Even with a bum wheel. Retherford? We're talking the 2 time Hodge winner and that's during an era where they seem to mostly be getting that award correct, finally. How does he do it? You got it, a punishing top game. But I'm to believe we rank Snyder higher despite having no top game? No mat game? Essentially a 1 dimensional wrestler who beats up on the fat guys and is pushed to the brink or beaten by the more athletic heavies? Come on!
  5. Good points, but lets take away the disadvantage and examine the Snyder performance the same year he won his first senior world freestyle championship and competed down at 197 at NCAA's. Beaten 5 times, including pinned center mat at NCAA's to close out the show. At heavyweight , he's the 3 time champ. Which weight is the better weight for Snyder? Is it when he's going with guys his size (2nd place, 5 losses, pinned, humiliated) or when he's smaller (3 championships, defeated center mat, held to a single point)? If Nolf routinely wins the bracket Cox is in, I'd say that's a fair comparison. Nolf dominates his weight class FAR more than Snyder was able to dominate 197. My take is Snyder is best at HW, where the opponent is MUCH slower, MUCH less athletic, and MUCH less technically proficient with the entire spectrum of techniques. Lets keep in mind when Snyder competes against the above mentioned Cox, it's razor thin in victory, or he loses. I have to conclude the Nolf comparison is disingenuous.
  6. Interesting. I've seen where some have him in the top 5, but not as the best. Guys like Nolf, Zain, Valencia, etc., clearly better. Shoot if the Lee boy hadn't dropped a couple bouts, many would have him above the Snyder guy too. Shame he's not returning, I'd like to see more evidence provided on this topic.
  7. He wouldn't he the best if Snyder were still in college? Same Snyder who was held to a single point in losing a big bout last year?
  8. I don't get to see the young man compete much, perhaps I need one of those PAC12 subscriptions in order to see him more. The blue hair has won me over and he had the bar I was watching Midlands at screaming their heads off as he sent Lee to the showers, (we thought it was only the loser's bracket at the time). I found him to be entertaining in that bout. Admittedly my views on his competitions are limited. I attended nationals and don't recall seeing any of his bouts.
  9. I saw this morning Flo has Lee ranked #1 at 125. A well deserved ranking. I'm hoping to see a healthy Suriano vs Lee and of course the Fix boy. Can Lee snap his losing streak against Fix? Fix beat Bresser who in turn went out and beat Lee, holding him to a single point. I want to see these 3 guys, heck throw Bresser in there too, these 4 guys battling out the coming season.
  10. If I'm Zahid, I want Martin. He's got 1 NCAA champ on his list of NCAA finals wins over NCAA champs and adding Martin to it would be appealing to me. If there was a way to match up against a 3rd NCAA champ in the final for his senior year, I'd be looking to pull that off. And I don't mean beating guys who would one day win an NCAA title, I mean beating guys who are already NCAA champs.
  11. I'm pretending this is what happens and I've just participated in a standing ovation with the rest of the jam packed arena over the best world's any of us have ever been a part of attending. Here's how it went down 74- Burroughs vs Champizo: JB in a boring, safe, unwilling to open up, type affair. He gets his gold but he takes a lot of heat for refusal to truly wrestle the Italian. 79- G-medov vs Dake: The American wins his first world title and he does it in classic Dake fashion with impeccable defense and high amplitude lifts. 86- Yazdanni vs Taylor: It's David Taylor time. No he doesn't pin the Iranian again, but like the last time leading at the time of the fall, it's a battle of attrition which DT wins late. He has always been fantastic against average competition, now he is that against the best of the best. 97- Sadulaev vs Snider: He's already gotten his hands on the American, so he knows what he's up against. He is undersized and that's always a concern but more importantly this time he will mentally be into the bout. His focus will actually be on being at his best. His gas tank will not fail him. His technique will be too much for Kyle. He will make it clear who the best at 97 kg on the planet is. 125- Akgul vs GenoPet Taha reclaims his spot as the best wrestler in the world. Team standings Russia USA Azerbaijan
  12. Thank you! You know, on a board where we get so many wannabe's and "experts", even guys who year after year try and pick the team that will take the champ down with all sorts of justifications and best case scenarios, for what, for some internet site glory? I get tired of the BS and usually look forward to the failure and predictable egg on face. I have my opinions and I'm not afraid to post them. I have my views, yes some times they're feather rufflers, but at the end of the day when you're sitting down and taking in my contributions, I believe the average reader here must (sometimes begrudgingly) say: Dammit, that ol" Cletus does have a point! Look, I'm an old dude. I'm rounding the old farm for one of the final times now. It wont be long before one of the Mexican's mounts that old backhoe we have named Betty Lou and he uncovers a plot of earth where they'll lower me in and celebrate the good I did here. It's coming sooner than later. Before that day arrives, I like coming here and stirring it up at time, but mostly enjoying myself with the friends I've made here and those who appreciate my posts. There's some good guys here. Many who support that Penn State train. I just want to see Cael set that record for team titles. I doubt I'll be here another 2 or 3 years, but if through the grace of the old man upstairs he allows me another 10 years, I'm certain I'll pay witness to the new standard. A big thanks to all of those who treat me real well on these boards
  13. We're here on the forum where this all went down. Go ahead and link us to the posts where all the Lee support was taking place.
  14. I wouldn't say genius, no. I had inside info. I knew what the tactic would be. I was told in advance how it would be approached. And given that information, I deduced it would be enough to win. I had an advantage over everyone else here who was not told about the details taking place in preparation. Hulk is VERY good with his wrestling break downs and he and I went over "counter vs counter" as I wrote in my comment back then. My counters, (representing Nato) were defeated by Hulk's, thus my conclusion was victory for Lee. I did have Lee vs Suriano in the NCAA final, so yes I tend do do well picking them, but genius is far too strong a term. Big stones may be more appropriate for having made the thread and calling it out while hardly ANYONE else had Lee. You have to recall, at the time his best wins were against children. He had lost to a non AA just recently prior and he placed 6th at Midlands. I blame no one for avoiding picking Lee like the plague vs the 5th year senior from Ohio State. I do appreciate the kind words and praise for my prognostication prowess. Thank you.
  15. I enjoyed the part where the announced made the point of Penn State's first world problems where Joseph vs Nolf in the challenge final for a shot at Hall. . 5 NCAA titles between those three and 5 more tries between them to get more.
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