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  1. Think you are right about the genes. Found this while searching other matches. His wrestles like his dad.
  2. Per his trackwrestling profile he is 14. ( if i am doing the math correctly). He would be 15 in 2018 which seems about right depending on when he turns 15. I did hear his dad was a 5X state finalist in NY and a 3X SC. http://s400.trackwrestling.com/tw/membership/ViewProfile.jsp?TIM=1461173965353&twSessionId=pqxhowmcgxjrqif&twId=1362081009
  3. The public v private school debate is interesting. I just learned this year that some public schools have special programs that allow them to have kids enrolled from outside their area. For example one school offers a business program. They can have any kid in the county as long as they are in this program. 2 other state powers have similar programs. It is a nice coincidence that all three are year in and year out the best in the state. There is also a few private schools that have successful programs and they have had some homegrown and move ins. No one says anything about the kid from across the county, but you hear them squealing about the private schools. To be fair I graduated from a small private school. Although our program has not been real good since our coach left 25 years ago. When you get down to it is the coach and programs that bring in the kids. And parents will find a way to get little Johnny to the schools with the good coaches. Public or private.
  4. Maybe my last comment was a bit trollish. Then again some similarities. A lot of people have always felt Taylor is better than Dake. A lot of People feel Lee is better than Fix. Some times a guy just has your number. Hope these two bring as much excitement as the previous two. Those were two great matches.
  5. Fix v Lee the next Dake v Taylor?
  6. i do think Lee has better movement, but Fix wrestled the whole match.
  7. Wow. The headlines for this match changed quickly.
  8. This age debate happens on this forum and many others this time of year (every year). Same points made on both sides every time. Search this board and others and you see the same tired thread. It always comes down to "they are within the rules" and "they should change the rule". It is the dead time of year when wrestling junkies need something to talk about before national duals and Fargo. Back to the original topic, there is a 6th grader in FL who is very good and he has won or placed in many national events. He wrestled 106 this past season making it to state. He also wrestled 90lbs for a middle school all-star dual team during the season. So he is still a little small, but next year he will be in the mix for the title. He could go for 6. Then again, maybe he gets held back and he could go for 7. (sorry. couldn't resist)
  9. In HS I was getting ready in the warm up room before going out to wrestle in the finals of a tournament. It was my first year on varsity and I was very excited to be in the finals. My opponent who was a black kid from a tough inner city school walked in with a few of his teammates and told me if I tried to throw legs on him he was going to "buff me in the mouth". It rattled me a bit and I did not say anything back. Before my match I told a few teammates about the encounter. One of my black teammates told me that he must be scared to say what he said. When we shook hands at the start of our match he mumbled, "buff you in the mouth". He continued to say that phrase until mid way through the 1st period when I took him down and (of course) threw in the legs. I really let out all my emotions through my wrestling and beat him up pretty good eventually pinning him with a guillotine. Thinking back on this now I wonder if the match would have gone different if he never would have said anything. I think we both were undefeated at the time (or close to it) and I was expecting a very tough match. I was just so POed at myself for being scared that I let it all out on the mat.
  10. What happened to controlling the heal and keeping your opponents toe pointed to the ceiling when in on a single? IMO that would eliminate the chance for your opponent to dive under (funk). Unless he wants to tear up his knee I do not see a way to funk if you keep his toe pointed up.
  11. A few articles that are related to this topic: http://abcnews.go.com/US/girl-wrestler-pins-massachusetts-state-championship-title/story?id=18568975 http://espn.go.com/high-school/story/_/id/6131909/rather-face-girl-wrestler-defaults/ http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/28/sports/28wrestling.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  12. About 25 years ago I wrestled for a Catholic high school in Fl. At that time is was rare to see a girl wrestle, but it did happen. At one tournament I had a girl in my weight. My school had forfeited to girls in the past. My coach explained to me that the policy had changed and it would be my decision. I understood that win or lose I would be hearing a lot of comments from my teammates, classmates and possibly fans. I would be critically judged either way. My coach made me think about this possibility before making my choice. I told him I would not be forfeiting. As it turned out I never had to wrestle her because she lost in an earlier round. Last year I saw a similar situation occur. The wrestler told the coach he did not want to wrestle a girl and ( per the kid) was told if he did not he would be letting his team down. The boy got beat by the girl. The young man was not prepared to deal with this and lost his composure. He refused to shake hands and was DQed from the tournament for his behavior. In the aftermath I had the chance to talk with the young man and learned there were extenuating circumstances in his background that explained his conflict and subsequent behavior. I agree that wrestling is a combat sport and I have always had issues with girls wrestling boys. At the same time I feel that girls have the right to compete if there is not a girls program. No one had a problem with the girl in the little league world series. I feel if the boy is properly prepared by his coach and given the choice things will work out.
  13. I do not think coulda, woulda, should of, should ever come into play. With that thought Burroughs should have won this WC. Maybe it was the injury or maybe not. Point is he did not win. You can not predict how these guys would have done. Would they still have had the passion to compete at this level? Would they have had the heart to train hard enough to stay on top? It takes more than talent. Being great for that many years is, well, being great for that many years. And once you bring up injuries you introduce more variables. Every one has the right to their opinion, but do not base it in what could have been. Deal with the facts.
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