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    Joe Smith vs. I Mart is on!

    I think iMar is just as high paced as Nolf and stronger. One could say if Nolf tries to open up as much as he usually does he will be blown out of the water by iMar.
  2. OtisCampbell

    Penn State - Rider

    How dare you.
  3. OtisCampbell


    I am pretty confused by the Top Contender list. I think it is missing a lot of guys, redshirts, post grads and non-d1. Why did they even bother listing them in some kind of seeding order if they were going to put TJ Dudley #1? They should have just put them in order alphabetically or strictly by a set of rankings.
  4. OtisCampbell


    He is about 6-8th on the ladder. He is not making the team. He is not getting through the likes of Dennis, Ramos, Scott, Hazwinkle, Graff, and and throw in guys he is even with like Colon and Nasar. not taking an Olympic year is the right call.
  5. OtisCampbell

    Way early season Hodge frontrunners?

    Please tell how I failed? Rutherford wins 2-1 vs the only current top 20 he has faced. I feel better about my bet of him not majoring Sorenson or Tsirtsis.
  6. OtisCampbell

    Way early season Hodge frontrunners?

    Rutherford faces his first top 20 guy this year and wins by a riding time point. I am feeling a little better about my bet.
  7. OtisCampbell

    Ruth vs. Taylor TODAY

    Taylor did look good and Ruth did look uninspired but that match could have easily been 6-6 when they ended it.
  8. OtisCampbell

    Midlands Matchups...

    Looks like Midlands is back on it's way being the toughest regular season tournament individually at least. The reports of it's death were greatly exaggerated.
  9. OtisCampbell

    Ohio State Twitter - Ask Coach Ryan

    I tend to agree. If anything I would say it would MAYBE hurt PSU. At 174 it is a wash, but PSU has more of a chance of points at 165 than Iowa so BoJo locking up a podium spot makes scoring meaningful point at 165 a little harder.
  10. OtisCampbell

    Penn State vs. Wisconsin @ 1:00 pm (Eastern) on BTN Plus

    I guess you guys are right. I will take a couple knucklehead stall calls if it means they are going to be aggressive with calling stalling.
  11. OtisCampbell

    Penn State vs. Wisconsin @ 1:00 pm (Eastern) on BTN Plus

    Push stall call in HWT? That was silly. What are guys suppose to do there? Just give up their advantage position that they worked for and walk back to the middle? They pushed into the guy the whole way to the edge, or the other guy backs up , and then they get called for stalling because the guy can not fight his way back to the middle. You are opening yourself up when you push into someone. It is the absolute opposite of stalling. Obviously not a big deal in this match but it is going to cost a good wrestler a match he deserved to win this year.
  12. OtisCampbell

    Penn State vs. Wisconsin @ 1:00 pm (Eastern) on BTN Plus

    Looks like he was going into the match fine with winning by a riding time point.
  13. OtisCampbell

    Penn State vs. Wisconsin @ 1:00 pm (Eastern) on BTN Plus

    Yeah good match for Morelli, not sure what Jordan was thinking as soon as he wanted to score he did.
  14. 2lb gear allowance? probably a half pound difference or more between size 10 and 16 sweat soaked shoes. Give it up. It is silly and people will still try to cut weight if they have to make the team that way. Oh and how about having umpteen more forfeits.
  15. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    more like opposing points of delusion.
  16. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    But they didn't wrestle outside the state of Iowa yet. They have only dueled and beat the #4 and #9 ranked dual teams, and smashed their in-state rival and one of the most storied programs in the nation Iowa State. How can they be tough? I mean who wouldn't win a dual at home in front of a record breaking crowd with a rabid home crowd advantage.
  17. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    The Rutger fans have moved on. I suggest you PSU fans do the same.
  18. OtisCampbell

    Midlands Matchups...

  19. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    You guys shouldn't get so worked up. Honestly everyone else is shooting for 2nd place in the years to come. Hard to compete against a PSU team "sponsored" by NLWC. You guys have a great setup there.
  20. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    Sometimes really good teams make good teams bad.
  21. OtisCampbell

    Rutgers at Iowa

    There is that Tiger Blood. What does leaving the state have to do with anything? I guess Iowa should have made the epic journey out to California to challenge the mighty CSB & Stanford to test their manhood. Cooper won by 2 points. Stoll is the only one hit with a bogus stall in that match. But it is good to see Iowa has you nervous enough to use Word to write up your posts.
  22. OtisCampbell

    You make the call

    Looks like the right call at the time. No way to tell from the camera angle if there was a fall. My guess is that it wasn't close since they stayed in the same position for a while. The takedown would be 2 now, but at the time, with reaction time, was the right call to waive off.
  23. OtisCampbell


    Navigation is pretty brutal. No need to try and get fancy. There is not a better interface for this than a simple line bracket, see track. If you want to link out to the videos just hyperlink the names. My guess is they were trying to one up track and this is a byproduct of trying to improve something that did not need improving.