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  1. Maybe I don't. I saw the match. It is my opinion that Sorenson is a vastly better folkstyle wrestler and has vastly improved from the time he had not even wrestled a varsity match. Of course Retherford COULD major Sorenson. I guess Sorenson COULD major Retherford. I stated my opinion and stated I will never post again if he does mostly because for godsakes he has wrestled 4 matches. I am sure Rutherford has improved since his true freshman year, but he was not a bonus point machine then. http://www.wrestlestats.com/wrestler/profile/11781/retherford-zain and he pinned or teched 3 out of his first 4 that year as well. If you are so sure he is going to crush him why don't you bet the same? I mean if we are going off of the matches wrestled so far and how guys looked Sammy Brooks is the leading candidate for the Hodge.
  2. Zain has wrestled 4 matches. His only real comp was Sal M. A guy Sorenson outscored 15-1 in 2 matches last year. Sorenson lost 6 matches by a total of 7 points as a freshman. I will quit posting if Zain bonuses Sorenson or even Tsirtsis. Zain is really good and is probably favored to win in my book. I am not even saying he will not win the Hodge. He is going to pin a ton of guys and maybe not loss, but these two are super stingy and solid in all positions And I am also aware Tsirtsis was just about majored by some guy from Drexel.
  3. I think Sam Stoll can overcome his loss in his first career match and win the Hodge if he pins everyone else on his way to a title.
  4. Said nothing about Rutger and gap closing. I just stated the obvious. Rutgers is going to have a hard time winning more than 4 matches and not giving up a bunch of bonus in the others. Lets be fair. How could Rutgers not close the gap on Iowa a little, or any other top tier team for that matter. They have been awful.
  5. I am liking what I have seen from Stoll so far a lot. But I actually think you could be wrong here. I think Stoll could get pinned a few times this year. Only because he is not afraid to go upper body and if he goes for something and misses he could get pinned. If he keeps wrestling like he did against ISU today he is going to be a crowd favorite.
  6. Rutgers could win 4 matches. Will be hard pressed to get bonus in more than 1 of them. Iowa will win 6 matches probably getting big bonus in most of them and could easily see them winning 1 or 2 of the other matches.
  7. Penn State has 6(7 if Nevils was healthy) guys in their lineup that are top 10 in their recruiting class. 6 that are top 5. And another top 5 that is redshirting. That is unreal. I honestly don't think there has been that type of talent on 1 team before. At least since I have been paying attention (late 80s early 90s). Maybe OSU has done it in the past but I doubt it. Iowa has had 4 since 2005. Metcalf #2 and Ramos #10 Nate Moore #8, Kemerer #8. Oh and PSU has 3 in next years class
  8. Guilibon was the #3 overall recruit. Almost as Blue Chip as it gets. http://d1collegewrestling.net/Top200_2012.html Certainly seems like the middle and upper weights progress at PSU more than their lightweights.
  9. If healthy Ian Miller's power may give him some trouble. hopefully
  10. I think whoever has more fun will win. I am not sure Guilbon is having enough fun right now. Maybe he will start having more fun before this matchup though.
  11. People keep saying Nolf to 65 but he doesn't look like all that big of a 57lber.
  12. Still trying to get this to stick huh?
  13. Always been impressed with how tough Long is. If he has his act together I think he is probably the best 141lber in college right now.
  14. Just say it. It would be a lot better for PSU if he goes to 133.
  15. You may be right but he for sure has as much or maybe more talent than anyone at the weight.
  16. Would not be surprised at all if Dance wins this match or nationals.
  17. Yes, actionwise to me it felt like I was watching a pretty average college dual meet these days.
  18. It was a decent event. If you were only following Flo's twitter account you would have thought this was the best action of all time. I thought is was very average and would hesitate to put this in my top 100 dual meets I have witnessed. No one calls stalling and out of bounds = safety. A pushout rule is so simple and so effective at making guys hold court and creating action that I just don't get why anyone is against it at all levels and styles.
  19. So we have established that maybe Brooks will major Boyd or maybe he wont? This is a prediction thread. Is there a reason to justify anything?
  20. Lets put it this way. If Brooks doesn't go upper body with Boyd next they wrestle he will win, probably pretty handily. If it was the other way around I would say Brooks is going to have a hard time repeating what he did because he was getting it handed to him until Boyd pull a bonehead move and put himself in a upperbody situation that he had no reason to being in since he would have probably majored him if he would have just stuck to the basics but didn't and he lost the situation and then had to fight hard not to get pinned and blew his wad. So Boyd is probably going to wrestle smarter next time and I hope Brooks got a lot better since last year or will probably get it handed to him.
  21. If I was tiger I would not want Grothus to make 141 either.
  23. I may be mistaken but I think Boyd did get one more takedown, but it was after Brooks fought off his back and it was obvious to anyone that actually watched the match that Brooks was spent after fighting off his back. "It's always some freak accident when Iowa stiffs get beat." Did anyone say it was a freak accident? They predicted he would major Boyd the next time they wrestled. Then someone else freaked out Then we had to explain why this is probably more likely than Boyd actually winning again. You know what is actually more predictable? If someone says a certain wrestler got caught that everyone on here will freak out and they ignore the fact that people sometimes do get caught in wrestling.
  24. Yes, we remember Brooks was on his way handling Boyd until he got too aggressive and had to fight off his back for some time and couldn't recover after. Oh and we remember Brooks bet him 7-1 as a freshman.
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