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  1. I thought it was relevant since he was the guy who hired Cael and turned PSU around.
  2. You say EVERYTHING? At least he hired Cael. So he will not go down as a total scumball.
  3. I think the smart money would be on Ramos who is working with the best light weight coaches and workout partners in the country not getting passed up by a kid who didn't have the discipline to get c's at a state school. Penn State is not the only room in the country where a kid actually gets better from year to year.
  4. I believe you meant George Mason. Otherwise, Im not sure I understand your point about IOWA and poor decisions. I think historically they have a track record of putting the responsibility of behavioral rehab back on the athlete, eg Slaton and Marion, and let the chips fall where they may. Actually, I think most D1 programs are pretty much taking the same route and IOWA is nothing special in this area. Edited to George Mason, thanks. IMO, neither Slaton, or Marion would fit the bill, as Slayton made himself an academic casualty, and Marion is still on the team. Kasey Gillis was dismissed from the team for a series of minor offenses.
  5. OR IF THEY DONT STAY OUT OF TROUBLE....we've taught them if you have talent the good folks at PSU and IA will sell their soul to the devil in a second to give you a fourth chance if it means their team will be better.... We have to be fair. You need to add Edinboro, and West Virginia to this list of evil doers.
  6. Kudos to him. I have wanted to spit in Barney's face before.
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