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  1. Yes, this sucks for Iowa I agree. Wish they had PSU, tOSU, Mich on the schedule. Hopefully VT send their team to Midlands and also hope AzSt sends their young guns. Maybe it can keep them fresh kinda like PSU, OSU sitting out of duals and tOSU taking a dump first round at the last years national duals seemed to keep them fresh heading into nationals.
  2. But the difference is most guys on the Iowa team will be able to wrestle top ranked individuals throughout the year, including at Midlands, and then they have national duals and the Big Ten tournament. Yes, having these new teams in the Big Ten sucks when it comes to having everyone wrestle each other. I would much rather have it the 11 of a few years ago and ensure that you wrestle the top teams every year in the conference. How it is now, I think they need to split it into divisions like football and have a dual championship. Does Iowa have a weaker than usual schedule? Sure! Because of Min and ISU being down and Big Ten poor scheduling. Is Midlands going to be a weak tournament as far as individual wrestlers? No! Do you try to play this card every year? Yes Did Iowa as a team have the overall highest API last year? Pretty sure they did. For crying out loud they are starting the year off wrestling arguably the #1 team in the country.
  3. also why would you stop at #14 here? Gee I wonder why
  4. Good god. This again. What don't you get. That teams ebb and flow. Iowa goes to win Midlands titles. If someone wants to stop it then show up. Besides that Midlands has a diverse deep pool of talent every year. Iowa, Ill, Wis, ISU, Neb, UNI, AzSt, NW, Purdue... are teams that could be top 10 on any given year. What do you want Iowa to do? Chase around the top teams to these tournaments? Everyone knows where they are going to be. If anything, which I don't this it is, I find this a bad reflection against other teams that picked up ship and started going to these other tournaments more than it somehow being a bad reflection on Iowa.
  5. If you go by last years NCAA team finishes this is what each tournament looks like. CKLV #1 OSU #4 Mizzu #5 Cornell #8 Minn #10 VT #11 Mich #12 ISU #17 Wisc #19 VA #20 WV #23 NDST #24 Ind SS #3 Edinboro #5 Cornell #6 PSU #7 Okie State #8 Minn #11 Mich #13 Lehigh #19 VA #20 WV #24 NC Mid #2 Iowa #9 Neb #12 ill #14 ISU #17 Wic #15 NW #16 NC State #21 Pitt #22 Old Dom #23 NDST #24 Ind CKLV looks to be the toughest, but then you don't get redshirts there do you? and no post grads either correct? Midlands gets post grads + redshirts + D2,D3, NAIA, Juco ... not sure where Oklahoma is going.
  6. can you please give us a breakdown? Last year Iowa's overall individual RPIs was off the charts come nationals time. If ISU & Minn weren't shells of what they have been in the past their schedule would be fine.
  7. They may do it because they love the sport but it sure seems like a lot of them do it to stroke their egos as well, at least at the college level.
  8. Just messing with you. I am sure they will use the Carver numbers unless they do something like play the meet in Kinnick on the big screen for the people that don't get in, and even then I am guessing they will still just use the Carver numbers. Maybe then they can get the fire marshal on their side and break the record anyways. They put 22K+ in there for a women's basketball game in 1985. http://www.dailyiowan.com/2010/02/04/Sports/15408.html
  9. Probably as likely as Cael claiming he broke it when they hosted Pitt with 10k in the stands.
  10. I have zero faith in the current crop of refs interpreting these rule changes in a way that will increase entertainment. 100% faith in them increasing fan frustration.
  11. There is going to be 70K people there later in the day if the football team keeps a decent season going. I think there will be a tipping point, 30k-ish, at which and a lot of the football people that probably wouldn't go will start buying tickets just to be part of it. could see 50k+
  12. Anything that is premeditated is lame to me. Hard to tell when someone raises the roof or flexes if it is premeditated, but pretty hard to just spontaneously do a back flip.
  13. Just shows how big of a dope this guy is. Being such a narcissist, he has to get one of these pointless back flips and almost kills some innocent lady. Super Talent & Super Dope People say how these back flips are entertaining, but I have never thought anything but how stupid they make the competitor look when they do them after winning a match. They rank right up there with putting up the #1 symbol after winning a match on the backside of a bracket. Practicing a golf swing after winning makes about as much sense.
  14. Coming from the guy who made 3 posts trying to justify his position.
  15. Watch Hodges video. It is effortless
  16. And Guilibon wasn't inconsistent at 133? Nashon lost 5 times 2 x Gilman 1 x Waters 1 x Synon (@133 practically weighing in at 125) 1 x Moisey Earl Hall lost 8 times with worse loses than Nashon Guilibon lost 9 times I also have no problem with Nashon's ranking. I have a problem with Flo's inconsistency. Pretty obvious they are just ranking Guilibon at #1 for click bait. Pyles also talks about how moving up shouldn't even be a factor then he ranks Nashon below Hall with the only logical reason being that he moved up. He talks about how Collica is going to light up 149 now that he is at his correct weight. How can there be a correct weight if moving up should not be factored in? There are weights that guys should probably be at. Sometimes they move up to the next one because that is probably the weight they should be. Sometimes they move up for the team. I kinda feel Guilibon is in the middle. He is a guy that is really strong. At 133 he is REALLY strong. Devin Carter was a guy that at 141 he overpowers guys. At 149 it did not work as well for him. Could we see the same with Guilibon?
  17. Also don't think it is that big a deal and not a huge stretch but he could have just as well be #5. I just think it is kinda funny Flo goes with the obviously controversial #1 pick trying to prove their hypothesis that moving up should not be factored in at all when doing rankings. I think they are wrong. I think there are just as many cases of guys moving up and having issues as guys that have success moving up. I think it makes more sense to lean towards ranking the guys moving up on the lower end of their reasonable ranking range. Kinda like they did with Nahshon at 133. I think Nahshon has a better resume than Earl Hall. Why did they put Hall ahead of him? Because Nahshon moved up.
  18. Yes, that is a thing too. Having one does not exclude the other. If Guillibon was cutting a ton of weight to get to 133 this may be the best thing for him.
  19. I am not sure I agree 100% with moving up not being an issue. I think too many people only think about guys like Dake, Taylor, Sanderson ... when they think of guys having success at after moving up. For every guy that has success moving up there are guys who struggle. Especially guys who are moving up for the team not so much because they are growing. I am interested in how they rank Collica at 149. Since I am pretty sure Flo made excuses for Collica's lack of production at 157 because he was wrestling up. I see Gullibon at 141 similar to Collica at 157. The Dardanes never had as much success when they moved up. I think what happens a lot to guys that move up that were not HUGE for the weight below is they bulk up a ton in the offseason. They start off pretty good early on. Then it is really hard to maintain that good weight they put on over the summer during a grueling college season and they fade towards the end of the year.
  20. Just my personal observation but Guilibon seems like the type of kid that this will not do him any favors.
  21. Yea, not really sure how anyone could take what I wrote as saying Moisey got lucky against Gilman.
  22. Personally, I think Flo does a good job taking into account a wrestlers body of work and not just 1 tournament or match when doing these. One could easily argue with 13 loses, which includes 2 to Klimara and 1 to Dance, Moisey at 4 is generous. But who cares really? Moisey will have plenty of chances to prove his NCAA run was not just 1 good weekend. Also, while I am sure this is not in any company memo at Flo, part of their culture is to stir people up a little. It doesn't get any better than ranking the hated Gilman above the beloved Moisey who stuck him in a high profile match.
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