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  1. Folkstyle wrestling is obviously a much better base for MMA than Freestyle. There are probably more high level opportunities for high school & college wrestlers in MMA than Freestyle. Maybe it we should look at folkstyle as a great sport in itself along with a great base for MMA and Freestyle wrestling.
  2. The way the article makes it sound, Mckenzie having someone in his life who cares about him at all may be a blessing. I mean it could be worse his father figure could be a crazy Bigfoot hunter.
  3. I thought you posted a amateurish interview video of you and Joseph, since there was no other reason than self promotion that would explain a reasonable person posting such a milquetoast video to a national board. I don't think you are capable of running a website. I didn't know the video was associated with a website until after you responded. Nothing really against the guy doing the interview or his website. I just didn't think it had anything worthy of posting to a national board. But of course it is your duty to use this forum as your personal lackluster PSU news and Forum watchdog feed.
  4. Carver Hawkeye was essentially built for big time wrestling duals. If they only had some suites it would be perfect.
  5. Gonna give my visitors bureau pitch. Say what you want about Iowa, but hard to deny Iowa City is one of the best college towns in the country. I have heard it time and time again from people that went to other colleges and come and stay any length of time in Iowa City. Not to mention it is 3-4 hours from Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City so a short road trip to plenty of big city entertainment. And just a little advice for you Tbar, stop with the LOLs. You already come off as a big enough tool bag.
  6. Tbar1977 knows it was in jest he is trying to paint anything Iowa in a bad light just in case Spencer is reading these forums and would actually care one way or another. Tbar the forum tattletale. The obsession with the HR from PSU fans is worse than anything going on inside the HR.
  7. So I am assuming they are going to try and leverage some kind of redshirt for Cassar? What sense does it make to not have him on the team? I'm calling shenanigans.
  8. Well the Iowa coach will always have the most pressure to win a NCAA title because they are pretty much the only program that the Admin, Coaches, Wrestlers, and Fans across the board have the expectation to win every year. You would think OSU would have the same thing going on but for whatever reason they don't. Obviously Cael is a good coach but if they don't win this year the concept of maybe Ruth & Taylor were the x-factor in their title run will start to creep in but that is hardly going to create pressure for Cael. But I would say Brands and Cael because mostly their fans and admin seem to care more than any of the other places you mentioned.
  9. Does anyone else find the fact that he ran with the nickname "The Magic Man" cheesy?
  10. Anyone know the rules on this? It is pretty obvious that certain programs make it a point to do this more than others. I just got a letter from my Alma Mater about this exact thing and they made it seem like this is a big no no. It seems almost impossible to monitor. You would have to have a huge set of rules for each platform. you would have to make it clear for things like, is a DM on Twitter or just including them on a tweet forbidden. With this being almost impossible to monitor and punish it seems like this is something an aggressive recruiter could exploit. He could tell his current wrestlers & alumni to build relationships with recruits in a way almost impossible even 5 years ago.
  11. I find this neither a great question or answer. TBar isn't there a PSU forum where you guys can do a big ole circle j over these none interesting PSU related links you use to start new threads with?
  12. Yes it is a serious question. It looked like a fan interviewing a wrestler. I thought you were just posting your personal interview of a guy from your favorite team. Chill dude.
  13. What was his injury? I saw him get injured at Scuffle at the end of a match, against the Wyoming wrestler, that he was losing. Was there something before that? He was the least impressive of the PSU freshman and an injury going into the Scuffle would explain that.
  14. Can't we start the PSU is the heavy favorite and if they don't win Cael is losing it thread yet?
  15. What does this have to do with where Spencer Lee is going?
  16. This was TFoley's patented dig at Iowa to get the clicks up. If you don't think that him and Flo do this on purpose you are mistaken. I mean Ramos, Dennis, and McDonugh all had about a 1/2 the pedigree of Lee and they will be the top contenders to Make an Olympic run next year. Add in current college guys Gilman & Clark, future recruits Mejia and Renteria, Brent " currently better than Gomez" Metcalf and throw in Terry "knows the sport of wrestling more than anyone I know - Andy Hrovat" Brands and I think he would have a decent chance at an Olympic run at Iowa too.
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