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  1. We can't make it up but you sure can. And boy those Iowa people are sure crazy for thinking that Gilman and or Burak had any shot at beating their tOSU counterparts last year. Last year PSU thought they had a shot at winning it with their lineup, they were proven wrong as well of course. Sometimes I think their fan base sees what they want to see not reality.
  2. I am not sure what I spun. You put words into Gables mouth. He never said what you said he said and I reminded you what he said. That is assuming you are referencing what I think you are.
  3. That is not what he said. He said an obvious leader like Stieber wrestling on the team,above and beyond the points, is probably the difference in winning a team title. He was using Stieber as an example. He also used Askren as an example. The point really had nothing to do with Stieber as a coach. It was that to win a team title, most of the time, you need a superstar leader. Like Metcalf, Ruth/Taylor, Stieber to have the team rally behind. Lee could possible be just this type of guy at whatever school he goes to.
  4. Of course you think that. Frankly, I think they are more in the running than PSU.
  5. Yeah, cause it isn't going on in your forums. And of course Suriano is going to say what he said. True or not he bought what PSU was selling. Using it as a reason for Lee to go there is kinda silly. I mean Mejia said “I really love the Midwest, more than the east coast" So obviously Lee probably feels the same.
  6. McD won a bronze at University Worlds also.
  7. Classically bad or classically good?
  8. You can argue this all you want, but it is not going to change the fact that it is a very high quality training environment for a lightweight training at Iowa. I think that a PA talent like Lee has Iowa as one of his top schools says enough about the training situation at Iowa. At least more than your opinion on a message board.
  9. Since 2000 there have been have been 7 medals at the lower 2 light weights. 2 of these are Hawkeyes and Cejudo gave a lot of credit to Terry Brands. 2000 2nd Sammie Henson 3rd Terry Brands 2004 2nd Abas 2006 3rd Henson 2nd M Zadick 2008 1st Cejudo 2012 3rd Coleman But tell yourself whatever you want.
  10. May be hard to get him our of PA but it will also be hard for him to pass on having Terry Brands as your day to day coach for a kid looking to win an Olympic Gold.
  11. I think the Flo gang have a trademark on this. "Gonna be dropping some news in 2 minutes"
  12. It is pretty sad. I remember almost all the Iowa fans that I talked to complementing PSU on the production they put on for the Iowa dual last year and how we better up our game. Here it is Iowa upping their game.
  13. It would be if they had a decent home schedule. They have a pretty bad one. The only decent meet after OSU is a rebuilding Minnesota. Then again last year's was pretty bad too. Are you really trying to argue that this will not build some new fans for Iowa? I don't get the battle you are fighting. If Cael was doing this, I can imagine how big a fan you would be of this event.
  14. Growing the sport isn't retweeting something with a meaningless hashtag. Growing the sport is done on a grassroots level. It is done by growing your own fan-base. Why is this so hard to understand? If Iowa draws a bunch of people that usually wouldn't have came to a wrestling event and puts on a great show they will have grown the sport.
  15. It is a shame. This really needs to be addressed by the NCAA. They should not let this type of behavior go unchecked.
  16. Don't worry, I am sure St Cael will have it at the PSU football field next year and "Fill It Up" by going out and giving tickets to the homeless and giving out 5 tickets for the price of 1 like they did for the "Sell Out" Pitt dual.
  17. Pretty sure I heard Lewboo did little if any partying in season. Now Royce may be the guy you want to hit up on this.
  18. I think it only makes sense if the Big Ten had a true dual champ. The way it is setup now is a mess. You could have a team like Wisconsin not wrestle any of the top teams go undefeated while the other teams beat up on each other. They should do it like football and have a championship match.
  19. Some of these guys may have closed, or removed, the gap on Nico while he was away. He had a hard time with Garrett and guys like Gilman and Moisey took him out. Despite his finish at nationals, I think you have to put Joey Dance in the discussion too. In fact I would put him ahead of Moisey going into next year. Did any of these guys meet in freestyle in the last 10 years? If so could someone post these results? That would sure help.
  20. I was both kidding and trying to make a mockery of some of the posters on here throwing around cherry picked freestyle results
  21. Lavion Mayes couldn't even place at 70KG UWW University Nationals so we know he has no chance at 149.
  22. I do think we have to be a little easy on some of these guys. I too have a feeling guys like TBar may not even be in high school yet.
  23. I think papa just meant Yates would be in the State of Iowa. he just posted that he thinks Suriano will be a Hawk on HR so that is pretty much written in stone.
  24. "Prior to joining the UI staff, Rutt served as the director of strength and fitness at Pinnacle Strong, a private business designed to improve sports performance through strength training for prep and college athletes. He worked in the strength and conditioning office and served as assistant wrestling coach at Augsburg College during the 2014-15 season, and previously served as the Greco-Roman/strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Storm Wrestling Club. " Seems like a pretty decent resume for a wrestling team's strength coach
  25. Saw Joey McKenna is training in Iowa City right now. Wonder if that would be enough firepower to make Iowa worthy of title talk to CP's if he happened to change his mind and go to Iowa. Gilman Clark McKenna Sorenson Grothus Paddock Myers Brooks Burak Stoll
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