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  1. Are they even suppose to be able to do that before July 1st?
  2. If Nico and Conaway were Jrs this year and Gilman and Clark were Srs I am sure TBar would think it was best for Suriano to go to a place he could redshirt and that it would be silly to go someplace he would be forced to wrestle as a true freshman.
  3. What is your point? You think it is not the best and I think it is at least one of the better, if not the best, folk and freestyle light weight environments. I never once said other places would not do a great job. Move on.
  4. You win! Iowa does not have one of the better training environments for a light weight and PSU has the perfect situation for him to jump in as a true freshman. Lets move on.
  5. He is well aware of that. They think if they spew stuff like this on the forums that they can actually influence guys like Suriano and Lee. Both may end up going to PSU but Iowa is very high on their lists because of exactly what I said. It is probably the top light weight training environment in the country.
  6. Per usual a PSU fan feels the need to massage stats to their liking and ignore the most important facts of an argument like the long track record of success at the lower weights at Iowa well past the last 3 years, the freestyle success of the lower weights the last few years, and the reason for this success and what many, even outside of Iowa fans, consider the top light weight coaches in the country Tom and Terry Brands. Also lets not forget that this was all started by a hugely flawed statement by a PSU fan.
  7. Iowa has to be very tempting. 125 and 133 will open up for him after a redshirt year of training inside the best light weight wrestling environment in the country. Also with Maryland, PSU, Rutgers in the Big Ten mix his parents will have a lot of chances to see him on the East Coast.
  8. Can't wait to see if he can get that 3rd state title.
  9. Lets not live in the past. They had a nice run but it looks like the rules and tactics have passed the NLWC by.
  10. I disagree about overtime. Count me in the camp that think criteria is one of the main reasons for a lot of the action that we would not normally see. I think UWW got this right and it is kinda a brilliant rule. They maybe need to do a better job of making sure everyone knows what the rule is and where the wrestlers stand., but I think it is the right way to go. If you are ahead by a couple you are not safe because if the other guy scores and, in most cases, even ties it you lose. This gives the guy who is ahead incentive to keep scoring. If you are behind, well, you always have a great incentive to keep scoring. Do we want to see 6 minutes of action or 10+ minutes of strategy. If people have such a hangup because the scoreboard says the score is tied, maybe they should just give an extra point at the end of the match in these situations to whoever has criteria.
  11. HWC & Ohio RTC are both great clubs and we can argue all day about who is doing a better job. What I think we can all agree upon is the the NLWC is washed up and the PSU style of wrestling is not effective in freestyle anymore.
  12. Guys get hurt too. Dennis is an injury away from being on the world team.
  13. The shot clock is UWW's way of trying to create action and they actually care very little about how fair it is. I think it is a lot better than the old ball grab. Bottom line is they give you the fairest ways to not get hit by it. Score before you get put on it & then even 30 seconds after you get put on it.
  14. If you factor conditioning as part of being athletic than it is not even close to who is the better athlete.
  15. Ha. Is this JO? They rattle some matches off pretty fast at Worlds. I think it makes a lot of sense.
  16. JO wrestles 2 close matches to Stieber and Kennedy, 2 guys Metcalf probably handles easily, and you think he has a better shot at medalling at Worlds? There is just no evidence that JO is better at any level than Metcalf. Athletically, Dynamically or as an actual wrestler.
  17. Dynamic? Give me a break. Bottom line Metcalf is the better wrestler. Unless you are an Iowa hater or big fan of JO don't see why you would want the worse wrestler to represent the US. JO in 1 match maybe. JO in best of 3 matches in a couple hours. I don't think so.
  18. Maybe Taylor should move to Phoenix and try his hand in MMA. A world team spot does not look in his future.
  19. With Hawkeyes making up nearly 10% of the Trial's participants, there are plenty of them to grab in the warm up area.
  20. The biggest rule change needed is one that would makes refs unwilling to call rules that are in place more accountable.
  21. What is worse Ramos' tough guy act or Herbert's Vince Vaughn act?
  22. One could argue a kid with great technique already would maybe be better off going to a place that is known for the mental toughness of their guys.
  23. How was it BS? It was the rules correct?
  24. My point really had nothing to do with Clark other than I think you should weigh a freestyle ranking about as much as a Halo ranking coming up with the rankings next year.
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