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  1. Sorenson may be boring but he's a very good wrestler, as strong and conditioned as Zain. I like Zain to win, but let's be real, a major is not a reasonable expected result. To pretend it is is just hating on the Hawkeyes. Anything is possible in wrestling, but I don't think you honestly believe a major is the likely outcome. I'd bet thousands of dollars on Sorenson if you gave me 8 points, and I don't think you ever would with money on the line.


    Saying the ONLY way Zain fails to get the major is if Sorenson wrestles conservatively is totally hedging your bet. Sorenson always slows things down against the top guys.

    The bet I would like to see people have to put their money on would be Sorenson +1.5.


    I would put a lot on Sorenson with those points. 

  2. Collica also beat Sorenson in Freestyle months ago.  Sorenson than handled him in folk. 


    Couple things that seem obvious to me

    - Sorenson & Zain are probably better folkstyle wrestlers 

    - Sorenson got a lot better throughout the year last year. Let alone from the time that freestyle match was wrestled with Zain

    - Sorenson has gotten better since last year.

    - Zain has also got better since 2 years ago, at least on top.

    - They are both very strong

    - They are both very good on the mat. 


    It will be a close hard fought match unless Zain breaks it open on top. 

  3. I give Gilman & Rutherford the edge.


    As stated before, it is pretty  obvious that Gilman is a much better wrestler than he was 2 years ago, while it is up in the air that Nico is much better than the last time he wrestled Gilman.  


    The key in the Sorenson/Rutherford match is if Sorenson can get out from bottom or never has to go underneath.  Rutherford is a beast on top. He can blow a match wide open from there. But as we saw in the Clagon match, if a quality guy can get out from him it can be a close match.  Sorenson is much better on his feet than Clagon.  If he can either get out early or never have to go underneath he can win. But you have to give the edge to Rutherford because of his top game. 

  4. This documentary really got the FUN propaganda machine in full steam.


    FUN FUN FUN, Grateful Grateful Grateful



    Oh and if it was Tolly he bumped into, my guess is that they were kinda joking around. They spent some time coaching together at Nebraska and I know he used to come down and train in Carver when he was still wrestling. 

  5. I think a more intriguing match up will probably be Nolf vs Smith. I think his wide open style will not work against iMar. I do think it will overwhelm Smith.  


    I also get that he has no reason not to win or loss using the wide open style against iMar. I just think iMar may have an easier time picking apart Nolf than Smith because of it. 

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