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  1. I appreciate your contributions to this forum, so I thought I would chime in. I definitely understood the "tone" of the brochure as I kept reading, but at first I wasn't so sure it wasn't some inside joke. I can't put my finger on a certain part, but it just felt a little over-the-top to me, and I'm fairly sarcastic by nature.
  2. Dish Network here, and I am going to watch and record (in case I miss anything) starting at 11AM this morning on ESPNU. I don't think I'll see all the mats, but you can watch without signing on ESPN3.com with a borrowed login. The bad thing is I think pumpkin pushing starts today, so going to a sports bar may not work.
  3. Cancer? Seriously?! SMH This board has gotten even worse than I thought. It's called "humor" PAFan. Well, mostly anyhow. Wasn't it someone on BWI who had a laundry list of excuses for the loss to Minny? I understood your intention, but the cancer reference took it too far. I couldn't care less what anyone on BWI posted about excuses for anything, particularly related to your poor attempt at humor. There are very few situations where a cancer reference could be considered humorous, and yours wasn't one. It's getting to where I don't even know why I read wrestling boards anymore. Way too much garbage to sift through before finding decent substance and conversation.
  4. Cancer? Seriously?! SMH This board has gotten even worse than I thought.
  5. Lord Nelson, it doesn't bother me that you didn't like Cael's comments. I was questioning your statement that the only ones making our sport boring are Cael's athletes. You're entitled to your opinion, but that statement is purely ridiculous. I'm not even getting into the stalling discussion, as it's jumped the shark long ago.
  6. Excuse me sir, your bias is showing.
  7. The background in the Minnie pics looks like they got it out of a Sears dumpster in 1989; -3 each.
  8. The unfortunate truth: neither of these outcomes is going to make an appreciable difference in attracting new fans to the sport. The sport is the sport. Forcing attendance to National Duals via the gimmick of adding points at the real nationals will, at best, add another event for already established fans to attend. What does that really prove? I am not trying to be overly negative, but I just don't understand what we're really trying to gain here...it just feels very contrived. If I'm wrong, convince me that more of what we're already doing (in the view of the neophyte) will suddenly make wrestling into a sport that will make a dent in the numbers garnered by pumpkin-pushing.
  9. Who's got a picture of Jad jumping a shark?
  10. Only the unrealistic ones. The realists probably thought it should have been a bit closer, but they didn't expect to win it, as the good Dr. has stated. They hoped, sure, but didn't expect it. Mega, Retherford, DT, Brown, Ruth and MM were too much to overcome...then Beitz just throws gas on the fire. Kudos to Cael and Brands (and all involved) for making it happen. I make no grand statements about the future; just enjoying the here and now.
  11. I agree to a point. If I were an Iowa fan, I would be disappointed with 149 (you can't lose that one in CHA) and disappointed with 174 (he seemed mentally defeated from the get-go). Other than those two, I agree that there was nothing to shocking that took place. Was anybody REALLY surprised by the takedown differential?
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