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  1. Are there any surprises for certifications coming this year. Saw an intereview of Kyle Snyder who stated he is not looking forward to the cut to 197. Wondering what his walk around weight is?? When does the NCAA do the wt certifications?
  2. I believe Snyder and Cox wrestled at Fargo three (3) times with Snyder coming out winning 2 of 3 but those bouts included Greco as well as F/S.
  3. Kyle Snyder so far has a championship in the JR Worlds last yr after qualifying for that slot. Additionally, I think he has a 3rd place finish in the SR circuit and his latest close match in BTS. Question, is he scheduled for any other tournaments besides next week in Turkey and the JR Worlds in Croatia? How many more can he fit in before he goes to TOSU and rolls through the competition. Hope he gets to go to the US Open as a wild card.
  4. I'm picking Snyder. Powerful and great defense. His semi match at worlds with the Russian showed his defense.
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