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  1. Nearly mid June with past schedules out in July or August. Anyone care to guess when season will take place (month and year, # of duals and # of tourneys) thanks
  2. Although Wikipedia notes 41 nations represented, which countries truly have more than 2 or 3 medal contenders? USA, Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Mexico.....Who else? USA probably wins it rather easily. So who from USA has the toughest time placing??
  3. Would someone post which tournaments and which wrestlers will be competing in tournaments between now and Worlds taking place September 14-23. Pan-Am is one.
  4. Downey & Graff. Conrats! This will be huge for Scarlet Knights (light weight + Upper weight)!!!!
  5. Saw somewhere on a Rutgers Forum page that Donnie turned U of Maryland DOWN and is not taking job! Hope someone can confirm.
  6. Would someone post possible lineups for RUTGERS and PRINCETON. Hopefully, these 2 continue to get All Americans and title(s).
  7. Lewis's classmate and co-wrestler of year, both from Bound Brook HS, NJ is Stephan Glasglow who is enrolled at Rutgers. Both were 2x state champs. Both may be at 165.
  8. BS - How about RU losing 2 matches by 1 pt each???? Also RU very weak at 197 & 285. The announcers, as action was taking place in 157 said something to effect that Nolf and Van Brill wrestle and take chances .
  9. He should have been ready!! Martinez wrestled for Illinois in their dual against Iowa. Hope they are on their “A” game and rebound from the Lock Haven dual. Maybe move Gravina up again? Maybe try something different at 285?
  10. WrestleStat.com has RU winning 24-11. The have 5 matches decided by 1 or 2 pts and 4 matches via bonus. Intetesting that they have Lewis losing by 5!! They do not have Ashnault listed but who knows? We’ll see in 12 days!
  11. Just getting a bit excited to see Redshirt as well as seasoned wrestlers going at it.
  12. Looks like Rutgers may have a rather strong dual meet team with their balance. Rutgers hosts Iowa, Ohio State and Penn State. Any thoughts about Rutgers winning 1 or more of these duals. Thanks
  13. The USMC as well as other branches of service would say N O !!! The tattoos, criminal adult record, and general attitude are disqualifiers. Out of the 80 or so D-1 schools, under 5 "may" call him. Entertaining to wonder what if.......
  14. Seeing the interview that he had the other day, all is much clearer. He does not welcome solid advice or direction as he has all of he answers! Dresser would be a real dummy to let him come anywhere near young guys on his team. So a few teams made have been interested. Good bye! Rutgers has a nice up and coming team and doesn't need him either!
  15. Always a lot of emotion and hype after the great WTT with folks thinking we will medal in all 8 weight classes. Sorry, but that will never happen. If the world team member who took 1st goes, it would be great to have 5 or 6 place winners. My question to ponder.... How much difference is there between the #1 guy and the #2 /#3 guys. My opinion is that Green and Snyder the only ones HEAD and Shoulder above the #2 #3 guys. All the others rather close. Lastly, with 10 weeks to go, injury, drug test, accidents could alter the team. Good luck to the team! 2017 SENIOR MEN'S FREESTYLE NATIONAL TEAM57kg Thomas Gilman (World Team Member) Tony Ramos Nathan Tomasello 61kg Logan Stieber (World Team Member) Kendric Maple Brandon Wright 65kg Zain Retherford (World Team Member) Frank Molinaro BJ Futrell 70kg James Green (World Team Member) Jimmy Kennedy Jason Nolf 74kg Jordan Burroughs (World Team Member) Kyle Dake Alex Dieringer 86kg J'Den Cox (World Team Member) David Taylor Nick Heflin 97kg Kyle Snyder (World Team Member) Kyven Gadson Hayden Zillmer 125kg Nick Gwiazdowski (World Team Member) Dom Bradley Tony Nelson
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