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  1. Nearly mid June with past schedules out in July or August. Anyone care to guess when season will take place (month and year, # of duals and # of tourneys) thanks
  2. Although Wikipedia notes 41 nations represented, which countries truly have more than 2 or 3 medal contenders? USA, Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Mexico.....Who else? USA probably wins it rather easily. So who from USA has the toughest time placing??
  3. Would someone post which tournaments and which wrestlers will be competing in tournaments between now and Worlds taking place September 14-23. Pan-Am is one.
  4. Downey & Graff. Conrats! This will be huge for Scarlet Knights (light weight + Upper weight)!!!!
  5. Saw somewhere on a Rutgers Forum page that Donnie turned U of Maryland DOWN and is not taking job! Hope someone can confirm.
  6. Would someone post possible lineups for RUTGERS and PRINCETON. Hopefully, these 2 continue to get All Americans and title(s).
  7. Lewis's classmate and co-wrestler of year, both from Bound Brook HS, NJ is Stephan Glasglow who is enrolled at Rutgers. Both were 2x state champs. Both may be at 165.
  8. BS - How about RU losing 2 matches by 1 pt each???? Also RU very weak at 197 & 285. The announcers, as action was taking place in 157 said something to effect that Nolf and Van Brill wrestle and take chances .
  9. He should have been ready!! Martinez wrestled for Illinois in their dual against Iowa. Hope they are on their “A” game and rebound from the Lock Haven dual. Maybe move Gravina up again? Maybe try something different at 285?
  10. WrestleStat.com has RU winning 24-11. The have 5 matches decided by 1 or 2 pts and 4 matches via bonus. Intetesting that they have Lewis losing by 5!! They do not have Ashnault listed but who knows? We’ll see in 12 days!
  11. Just getting a bit excited to see Redshirt as well as seasoned wrestlers going at it.
  12. Looks like Rutgers may have a rather strong dual meet team with their balance. Rutgers hosts Iowa, Ohio State and Penn State. Any thoughts about Rutgers winning 1 or more of these duals. Thanks
  13. The USMC as well as other branches of service would say N O !!! The tattoos, criminal adult record, and general attitude are disqualifiers. Out of the 80 or so D-1 schools, under 5 "may" call him. Entertaining to wonder what if.......
  14. Seeing the interview that he had the other day, all is much clearer. He does not welcome solid advice or direction as he has all of he answers! Dresser would be a real dummy to let him come anywhere near young guys on his team. So a few teams made have been interested. Good bye! Rutgers has a nice up and coming team and doesn't need him either!
  15. Always a lot of emotion and hype after the great WTT with folks thinking we will medal in all 8 weight classes. Sorry, but that will never happen. If the world team member who took 1st goes, it would be great to have 5 or 6 place winners. My question to ponder.... How much difference is there between the #1 guy and the #2 /#3 guys. My opinion is that Green and Snyder the only ones HEAD and Shoulder above the #2 #3 guys. All the others rather close. Lastly, with 10 weeks to go, injury, drug test, accidents could alter the team. Good luck to the team! 2017 SENIOR MEN'S FREESTYLE NATIONAL TEAM57kg Thomas Gilman (World Team Member) Tony Ramos Nathan Tomasello 61kg Logan Stieber (World Team Member) Kendric Maple Brandon Wright 65kg Zain Retherford (World Team Member) Frank Molinaro BJ Futrell 70kg James Green (World Team Member) Jimmy Kennedy Jason Nolf 74kg Jordan Burroughs (World Team Member) Kyle Dake Alex Dieringer 86kg J'Den Cox (World Team Member) David Taylor Nick Heflin 97kg Kyle Snyder (World Team Member) Kyven Gadson Hayden Zillmer 125kg Nick Gwiazdowski (World Team Member) Dom Bradley Tony Nelson
  16. OK. This is the info from Google search. 1) Nov 2009 - Baltimore City, charged with assault against a Towson University student in the M & T Stadium lot. The other kid lost 4 teeth and suffered a broken jaw. He pled guilty (CONVICTION) to 2nd degree assault, given 6 days in jail and 10 year suspended sentence. (17 years old but charged in adult court). 2) June 2010 - Baltimore City some Bourbon St. Ballroom nightclub, charged with assault against 1 or 2 Navy Academy students (both were football players?). One lost a tooth and got a broken jaw. The Navy kids names are mentioned in article. 3) Sept 2010 - Anne Arundel County MD, charged with 17 counts - robbery, theft, 2nd degree assault - bought marijuana, stole it back and didn't pay, etc.... Wow!! I have worked law enforcement for over 22 years and would bet the bank..... Many more illegal exploits with this fellow.. but fortunate enough to have not gotten caught. He was going to go to a junior college in Oregon, then went to U of Nebraska - dismissed, then went to the Iowa junior college - Champion, then went to Iowa State (1 year AA, then dismissed), now my guess is NO Team wants this guy.
  17. He put together a rather solid performance at US Open for 5th place. Looking over the WTT, if Cox does not go, then Taylor sits out and waits for winner of mini tournament. He could surprise folks and win the mini tourney (Nickal, Perry and Heflin would be in his way). Anyway, rumor a while back was that Downey was hoping to be going to U of Maryland or Rutgers. Also, does he have 1 or 2 years of eligibility left??
  18. Dale is amazing with balance, mat savvy, and defensive skills with his low center of gravity ( 3 point stance). My opinion is that it gives JB fits. International refs will penalize him all day!!! In WTTs he will be getting put on shot clock and will not beat JB!!! Maybe 2018 or 2019
  19. Does USA wrestling have a news release noting who exactly made the trip? Somewhere it was noted 13 wrestlers going + coaches, trainers, managers for a total of about 21 folks. It would be nice to have them do a general post noting who went, time difference and where to watch. I think they will be on UWW with an 8 1/2 hour time differential (Iranian time - 8 1/2 hrs for eastern time zone ). My guess from what I have seen is Thursday Feb 16, Mat A 0100 hrs to 0500 hrs to see US v Georgia and then Russia v US. So, could someone note who all went on the trip. Thanks
  20. Frank gets bronze but there are 2 bronze medalists. If some appeal goes through, who goes?
  21. Only looking at 65Kg and Frank the Tank. The Mongolia tournament had 27 wrestlers with 3 getting qualified. So if math is right, 24 or there about will be entered. if he is lucky enough to get the right draw, he has to win 3 to get qualified, top bracket, the bottom bracket has to win 4 matches to get to finals. He has a 1 in 3 chance to, 1st get in top half of bracket, but still has to win 3. The travel is tough. They are probably just getting back and will probably leave this Saturday or Sunday, Pulling for Frank. Who knows, maybe he will get a haircut!!
  22. So, our wrestlers went to Mongolia with: 2 F/S 3 G/R 4 WFS , total of 9 trying to qualify and we got a solid 3 or the 9 or 33% Now with horrendous wear and tear (travel) and about 10 days til they have to be in Istanbul (May 4), I hope they can get it done. My thoughts below. F/S - I think Frank the Tank can rise IF and ONLY IF he get a good blast and lift for 4 points in the 1st period and STAYS away from that finger grabbing junk. He has to get 4 quality wins and he can do it. He has great defense and fending takedowns but does get put on shot clock too much. He is fine on top and does not usually get turned. MORE OFFENSE AND LAY IT ON THE LINE EARLY!! G/R -i think 59 Thielke and 66 Perkins will get it done. Hope 98 Rau does too. Really watched Perkins and he has best chance of the 3. WFS - I think and hope 69 Mensah gets it done. She had a great tournament and is hungry. On the other hand, 58 Campbell did not show much but does have credentials to get it done. Was something wrong with her?? So, 6 will make the attempt. If we get 3 or 4 (just the sheer odds and travel, referees, etc), that would be about right. Note sure how many great wrestlers are left out there but Franks weight is probably the toughest of the 6 going to qualify. We get 50% qualified. Picks -- Frank the Tank - F/S Perkins-G/R Mensah-WFS And, Turkey is 9 hrs ahead of East Coast time when Mongolia was 13 hours ahead. If you take Colorado instead, it is 11 ahead in Turkey as was 15 when in Mongolia.
  23. I noted the schedule on USA Wrestling under events, United World Wresling that weigh in for FS is Saturday at 1700 hrs and wrestling to take place on Sunday. Will any of the coaches be sending blogs, photos when they land and giving status updates? If so, please provide the follow link, facebook or twitter? Noted that there is a 13 hour AHEAD time difference and all contestants have to be there for some ceremony Wednesday. The travel arrangements have to wear one down !!! The Istanbul flight from east coast is much more bearable with a 7 hour difference. Good luck Frank Molinaro and J'Dean Cox and all the coaches. Also good luck to WFS and G/R guys too!
  24. Wondering which regional training center or club has the most wrestlers for the 78 or so men's freestyle. Ohio, NLWC, ok state, Arizona state , , and Iowa got to be right up there. Also do all the wrestlers have primary coaches in their corner?
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