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  1. Was it? Didn't the top-tiered competition at 141 redshirt that year except Marion? No Russell, No Thorn, No Kennedy, etc?
  2. Lee looked hesitant to choose bottom, arguably should’ve picked top because he was close to 3-4 turns on top of the one he had. Hard to understand his 3rd period performances outside of being gassed out. He’s seemed to have lost every 3rd period he’s wrestled in this season.
  3. Lots of thoughts here... Didn’t Lee gas in both losses to Fix in freestyle? Was winning both and then got tired. I pictured Lee doing the same thing to Lizak that tomasello did, especially with turning him. Fix took Tomasello down how many times in their U23 matches? 6? Anything is possible. But, I do worry more about his gas tank now against Tomasello.
  4. What platform do you use on Roku or Apple TV to watch the match (or any others for that matter)? Sure, we can simply stream it on Flo, but there's an option to also watch on TV, so I figured I would ask!
  5. Realbuto hurt his knee in this match...
  6. Pantaleo was deserving of the 3-seed here. He wasn't able to wrestle any of those other seeded wrestlers on the other side of the bracket this year. Unfortunate being on the same side as Retherford.
  7. 4-1 After 1 for Delgado. Then, reversal and a tilt: 8-1. Escape McD. 8-2 after 2. Escape McD. Stalling Delgado. 8-4 after 3. Big Ten showed a 9-4 final, but I can't confirm a RT point or not. Delgado was in on 8-9 shots and close to scoring on them all.
  8. What's the criteria for Big Ten seeding anyway, with the "triangle"? McD is the returning champ and beat Mega, who beat Delgado Meg pinned Delgado, who beat McD Delgado beat McD, who beat Mega I think if the returning Big Ten Champ status doesn't affect the seed, then Mega's pin, which is higher than the others' wins, may trump the others and Mega would get the 1 seed. I have no idea, really. Just trying to figure out the logic in it all.
  9. Virginia Tech went to Midlands instead of Southern Scuffle...big difference. Midlands has more ranked wrestlers than Southern Scuffle, too.
  10. OV2MI


    I had mine in on time but was not included...
  11. Carter beat Novachkov and Hochstrasser, but lost to Kennedy. Results on Trackwrestling.com
  12. This was not a match that resulted in Wilps showing that he was a good/better wrestler. Massa could barely walk in the second period and was hoping to score on front headlock, alone. He didn't take any shots from what I can remember. I wonder if he was sick, although Grajales was out of shape, as well (usual). Massa spent the next hour sleeping in the trainer's room and Yates came and put his jacket around him and what looked like, a towel. Hope it;s nothing major.
  13. OV2MI


    1. Alan Waters (MO) 2. Matt Brown (PSU)
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