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  1. Willies definition of less complicated: martin: “willie just trust me man, crypto is the future, just look at novogratz and bitcoin. You’re getting in on the ground floor of rokfin and RAE - you’re going to be rich!” willie: “alright Martin sounds good to me”
  2. Shocking that willie hasn’t answered this (just kidding)
  3. Imagine if these dumb asses got smart and actually made the event a 14.99 or 19.99 pay per view event? Stream would never work because of traffic
  4. Rousey I will agree with - Nunes however if you dig a little deeper, is not close to a big star (unfortunately). Look at her PPV buys: 1. UFC 200 Tate vs. Nunes July 9, 2016 T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 1,009,000 2. UFC 207 Nunes vs. Rousey December 30, 2016 T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 1,100,000 3. UFC 215 Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 September 9, 2017 Rogers Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 100,000 4. UFC 224 Nunes vs. Pennington May 12, 2018 Jeunesse Arena Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 85,000 UFC 200 - featured brock lesnar who ALWAYS pulled in a million+ buys. UFC 207 - rousey the two PPV cards that Nunes was the main feature of the card or not being held up by another star - were two of the lowest PPV buyrates ever. Andrade/Namajunas - both former champions. This was a huge rematch of their championship fight and the qualifier to fight zhang for the championship. Paige VanZant is a HUGE face/name. She has 2.6 MILLION followers on instagram and the UFC marketing machine has absolutely been behind her. UFC has tried and tried again to put the marketing machine behind folks like Jędrzejczyk, Nunes, Namajunes, others. Unfortunately its not up to the UFC who/what "pops" to us consumers (think Rousey, Cyborg, McGregor, etc) They can push the marketing machine as hard as they can, but they can only get so much and consumers have to do the rest. Also, slight correction, the majority of UFC cards these days are Fight Nights on ESPN and less PPV cards EDIT: UFC pay is still far from equal. Nunes - the greatest female mixed martial artist ever, gets paid 70% of what the standard show money is for a men's title holder.
  5. They don’t have to compare the data is already there hence the reason chamizo and dake are getting paid what they are. the only difference is now we live in a PC/cancel culture era where doing what is good for business is no longer important.
  6. Those subscriptions have already been paid for. the metric that needs to be measured is how many NEW subscriptions they will gain by putting on this event. My guess is very few.
  7. Here’s something to remember as well - Flo will almost certainly LOSE money overall on the event.
  8. My favorite part about this whole thing is Downey has basically been 100% spot on all along. A combination of his terrible communication, social media interpretation, and cancel culture lead to all this other ****. Does Amanda nunes make the same as Connor mcgregor? Does Laila Ali make same as Floyd mayweather? Absolutely not because the demand is not the same. everyone got their panties in a bunch over equality and forgot this is a business, not a charity.
  9. potential? sure. wayyyyy to early to tell? absolutely
  10. you sure about that? i'm almost positive he is just an RTC athlete
  11. that's his first tween in 18 months. the guy doesn't make public statements.
  12. 1 - for top recruits, not much. everyone already knows they are good. for the mid-tier or "breakout" type recruit its detrimental. not sure how they could possibly be found. 2 - honestly don't feel like much will change. it sucks almost as much as anything in the sport - but I think after a couple month everything will move on. the guys who were going to get jobs will get jobs, the guys who are going to train and compete are going to train and compete.
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