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  1. potential? sure. wayyyyy to early to tell? absolutely
  2. you sure about that? i'm almost positive he is just an RTC athlete
  3. that's his first tween in 18 months. the guy doesn't make public statements.
  4. 1 - for top recruits, not much. everyone already knows they are good. for the mid-tier or "breakout" type recruit its detrimental. not sure how they could possibly be found. 2 - honestly don't feel like much will change. it sucks almost as much as anything in the sport - but I think after a couple month everything will move on. the guys who were going to get jobs will get jobs, the guys who are going to train and compete are going to train and compete.
  5. you could make the same (even stronger) argument against Moore (which is who you are all saying it should go to if not Lee)
  6. question for those thinking it should go to moore - if NCAAs would have happened and both moore and lee would have won out, lets say each of them gets bonus in their first three matches and regular decisions after, would you still have wanted moore to win the trophy over lee? a one-time NCAA champ over a three time NCAA champ?
  7. i'm in technology sales - our "work from home" side of the business has obviously exploded (vpn setup, soft phone, webex, etc.) but the hardware side has significantly slowed. doing the best I can to have productive days and a full pipeline when things pick back up. aside from work - my kids are absolutely losing their minds. luckily the 11 year old is back in school (e-learning) this week that keeps her busy for a while but the two year old is getting tougher and tougher to keep occupied. also been playing the stock market as much as i can.
  8. sorry I didn't know the hodge trophy was awarded based on most matches wrestled without losing? moore had 5 matches that were decided by 4 points or less. spencer's closest match was 7 points. multiple bonus point victories over the top competition.
  9. https://hawkeyesports.com/news/2020/3/30/spencer-lee-wins-dan-hodge-trophy.aspx
  10. This was a name that popped into my head. Proved that he could hang with the best at midlands multiple times. First really count for this thread because they didn’t step on the mat for “other” reasons but Andrew campolattano and TJ Sebolt come to mind as well.
  11. doesn't lee technically have a redshirt available? if they allow him to use it? could still be a four timer!
  12. your percentages are wrong - it would be 3.6% or 2.9%
  13. Moore wasn’t even in the conversation until all the other front runners were taken out by losses or other reasons. for that reason alone it is Spencer’s to lose.
  14. Well this thread went well. Snowflakes all of you. Both sides. We’re here to talk wrestling.
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