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  1. pretty sure the only thing "keeping him on the roster" currently is lack of updating their athletics website.
  2. as others said - it will be assad
  3. @JasonBryant call the people who call the people to get this done
  4. Did you miss the cheap slap after the whistle from the gopher?
  5. I listen to a couple other podcasts so I have only been able to listen to the three regular shows and just delete the monday/friday episodes because I figure there's a lot of redundancy there. just my opinion - but I think the main shows are better off without nomad. i've always wished bratke got more airtime though.
  6. if seeds hold as they are now - you have to say semi's at NCAA against Piccininni is the most likely. even that is a stretch though.
  7. please don't ever go into coaching
  8. if you were watching friday night you could tell he was going for the pin for most of the first period. it was very obvious to me in attendance and most definitely spencer wrestling that it was meredith's intention to turtle up and NOT give up the pin. you could see how he was reaching for his shoulder every time spencer would get the bar secured. if I would change anything about spencer's match on friday it would have been to strategically go after the DQ via stall calls. Unfortunately with spencer he's too good to not get back points, so its hard to chase something like that.
  9. imagine if the refs had the ability to take away a point in the superbowl last night?
  10. i've got everything but a foot and half a leg out the door on jimmy. i really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and thought he actually had some decent posts but its clear that he's just closing his eyes and throwing darts without even researching the topic.
  11. Nice work. also - I was at the dual and he was most certainly not jumping around. As others mentioned, supporting his right side on chair or teammates. Walked through the line shaking hands not bending his knee at all.
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