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  1. Witherman

    Forum going soft?

    In before this thread gets closed
  2. Witherman

    Wrestlers in business

    Jokes on you, I was a 125 pounder and now I’m 194 lol
  3. Witherman

    Thomas Gilman History

    Sorry rjc, you had no idea what you were starting here. Getting back to Gilman, he’s another hammer in the Iowa history of lightweights although he never won an ncaa title. He made an incredible run from having to come from behind to win in a last chance qualifier, to rolling through trials and final x avenging losses along the way enroute to a world silver medal. Also, he gassed Ethan lizak from the bottom position.
  4. Witherman

    Chael Sonnen Comments on BTS

    this post right here shows that you have no idea what the rogan podcast is really about. he sits down with all people from all sides with all different stories and yes, that includes alex jones.
  5. Witherman

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    join the hawkeye wrestling club "inner circle" and you will have access to it.
  6. Witherman

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    good take great take i mean look who we're talking about here......
  7. Witherman

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Snyder and the whole tOSU crew posts a bunch of ego lifts that are for nothing more than getting views on social media as someone else mentioned. Their strength coach is the same way on Instagram and I’m sure that’s where it’s coming from. I imagine that the regular training regimens are a little smarter than what we see.
  8. Witherman

    Aleksandr Karelin at NCAAs

    so was everyone else in the world
  9. Witherman

    BTS Card Finalized

    can't believe no one else is pointing out how absurd this prediction is
  10. Witherman

    Cuba Wrestling contact info

    not sure if this is accurate but here's what a quick google search found: https://www.gtp.gr/TDirectoryDetails.asp?ID=52406 Edit: otherwise I'm sure the UWW contact could put you in contact: info@unitedworldwrestling.org
  11. @JasonBryant clearly explained to them how to do this like a year ago. things have gotten marginally better, but I agree it still gets painful when listening on headphones or trying not to blow out my iphone speaker
  12. Witherman

    Logan Stieber for Head Coach?

  13. Witherman

    Logan Stieber for Head Coach?

    i'd love to hear what starting salary of $133k a business admin grad is going to garner with zero professional/corporate experience aside from international wrestling, sponsorship negotiations and personal branding.
  14. Witherman

    Is flo going to be ready for BTS

    I guarantee it will crash. GUARANTEE edit: also they would be absolutely silly to not have a one-time ppv option. Just think if they had 50,000 buys @ $15 a piece = $750,000. MMA diehards will see a $15 ppv and be ecstatic after what they are used to paying. But, typical Flo will probably just be happy with the maybe 500 people who sign up for the $150 annual membership because of this event and call it a success.
  15. Witherman

    NCAA Champs vs UFC Champs

    thanks for posting - good memory. i can actually see myself in that video about 8 rows up by the stairway.