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  1. have a buddy that doesn't use the forums but is looking for (4) total, would prefer that they are at least in pairs. shoot him an email if anything is available. tnolt59@yahoo.com
  2. Witherman

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

    Pretty sure that was a U of I punishment, not an NCAA punishment
  3. Witherman

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

    Seems as though everyone missed when desanto and the neb guy went oob into Nebraska’s bench Berger stood up and said something very unsavory. Desanto was staring directly at him the whole way back to center and even when he got set on top. I need to rewatch the replay a couple times but something was absolutely said
  4. Witherman

    Who Likes the Term Pinfall?

    so we can say tech fall but not pinfall? in addition, its "state" not "states"
  5. Witherman

    Wrestlers in the Superbowl

    i remember austin and his brother holden - good buddy of mine always had holden in his brackets at bigger AAU tournaments. both of them were crazy athletic and both ended up playing football.
  6. lots of brady haters in here LOL
  7. Witherman

    Lee vs Rivera: Who wins?

    Lee by fall
  8. Witherman

    Good thread on hawkeye report

    you're welcome for the laugh
  9. Witherman

    Who Works Out with Steveson?

    bad take sir
  10. iowa rarely sells out completely, at least in the 15 years i've been attending
  11. Witherman

    Flo screencast

    As far as I’ve found the only way to cast on a device other than Apple TV or roku is to bring it up in a browser and cast the browser tab itself
  12. Witherman

    Best Wrestling Forum

    False - jadidi photoshop tournament makes this forum the best.
  13. Witherman

    Facility creep

    private and public donation, school funds. not sure where all this other crap in this thread is coming from. pretty easy question.
  14. Witherman

    Flo Mic'd up

    Carl mic’d up: ”have fun!!! More fun!!!! There ya go”
  15. Witherman

    Flo Mic'd up

    agreed - loved hearing the zeke match with valencia. its funny contrasting my experience in low level high school and middle school coaching to the small technical details that zeke is seeing and coaching through during a high level collegiate match.