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  1. man this tournament is a beast. pretty crazy just to think of the number of NCAA champs entered.
  2. not ridiculous at all. its both based on unknowns. unknown in scenario 1 is what could teasedale be? especially next year with the ORS's coming back. unknown in scenario 2 is how many points could murin/turk/whoever score at 149. We can assume that eierman could be top 3 at either 41 or 49, we also assume (albeit some don't) that desanto will score major points at 33 or 41. although its an unknown with teasedale, we do know what turk and murin have been able to do at 41 (not a lot) - so if I'm a betting man, I'm putting my money on teasedale scores more points at 33 than murin/turk/whoever score at 49. its not nearly as far-fetched an idea as you are making it seem.
  3. didn't even think of prairie. just between jimmy z and barry davis there is 6!
  4. pretty simple concept. if: 33: teasedale 41: desanot 49: eierman scores more points than: 33: desanto 41: eierman 49: murin/turk/whoever than the hawks will go with eiereman at 49. and while eierman will certainly have his opinion in the matter, but the theme of the iowa program is do what's best to bring home the team trophy. eierman didn't choose iowa not knowing this.
  5. quick research here but a few links I found. Looks like everything is 2017 or older. http://www.cmwrestlingalumni.com/blog/which-state-has-the-most-ncaa-championship-titles https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5065531-which-state-is-the-best-at-producing-ncaa-all-americans looks like @Jaroslav Hasek needs to get to work on this topic
  6. apple valley's website says they have 6 ncaa champs - could this be counting multiple championships per individual athlete? i'm no expert on minnesota HS wrestling but they were the first team that I thought of when you mentioned bloomington being the most
  7. Flo isn’t big enough to hire a big name just for commentating or podcasts. The guys on the podcast or commentating events are also writing the articles/creating content as others have mentioned. someone like Kirk herbstreit on espn isn’t writing articles or running the twitter account - he’s there for analysis, calling games, etc.
  8. I always laugh at myself when I see varner's results presented like this. I used to absolutely hate watching him wrestle in college (disclaimer: i'm a hawk fan) because he was "boring" boy how I was wrong!
  9. It’s amazing what you guys can turn into a three page thread lol
  10. what the above posters and willie mentioned. the combination of the technique being illegal at the high school level as well as pretty difficult to even initiate leads to less use. however - it is painful as hell and effective when applied correctly.
  11. I wish I could find the video of brands saying "no fun here" and then doing the robot out of the frame. this whole "no fun at iowa" thing is just flat out false. I say this as someone who has been relevantly close to the program for a couple years. with that said - I could see how the hard nosed, hard working persona of the program could be misinterpreted as "no fun"
  12. I don't understand why this "rule" still exists. Iron sharpens iron IMO. As we continue to develop senior level athletes and have more talent coming into the sport this is bound to change at some point.
  13. obviously everything in here is 100% speculation and the couple people that have thrown a number have no real basis to that fact. I wouldn't be surprised if snyder is making north of 100k/year as a straight salary from NLWC. now with that said, I believe this type of salary is for the top 1% or maybe even less of today's current senior level wrestlers. just a guess, but I would doubt anyone on the HWC is making that kind of scratch. sounds like everyone is pretty aware of the endorsements these guys have but you also have to remember its not just free gear or travel expenses that they are covering. Snyder has an entire BRAND attributed to him. shoes, apparel, etc. he's getting a % of EVERY sale that is made with his name on it. EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder negotiated or even bought into some form of ownership stake in the company based on the high profile of the signing as well as all that living the dream fund cash he was sitting on coming out of college. add in other endeavors like David Taylor's M2 training facility, camps, speaking engagements, etc. and our top level athletes are making a very good living for themselves. with that said - we are no where near other professional sports and won't be for quite some time if ever. along with that I don't believe you will start seeing the compensation following suit of major sports (revealing pay) any time soon either and if you do start seeing it - PSU will be the absolute last person to jump on that train.
  14. Is there a way to spread the wealth? not unless there's a mandate for USOC How are they funded? Private donations, fundraisers, etc. Are funds for salaries from private donations or the US Olympic movement? I believe privately funded Are the facilities shared with most of the college programs in the area, or do any of them have their own facilities? most if not all utilize the collegiate rooms/facilities Do any of you believe the RTC's are giving high school kids chances to advance higher than at any time in our history? 100% yes. giving a HS kid the chance to get work in and learn from the highest senior level athletes as often as they are able is invaluable. Is this the number one contributor to our increased freestyle level of competitiveness? probably (this is opinion)
  15. flawed logic as it relates to P4P. IF we are looking at M & W freestyle (which I DON'T believe was the intention) gray and stock absolutely belong in the conversation. example: do we really think that seth gross (#1) or spencer lee (#3) could beat zahid valencia (#2) or anthony cassar (#4) in the NCAA p4p rankings? of course not - the weight differential is too big. whether or not someone could beat someone else has nothing to do with p4p rankings (unless of course you are talking in the same weight/division)
  16. this is what i'm really curious about - i have no clue what the inner workings of a resident athletes' commitment to said RTC is. would love to hear if anyone has insight on this. if there is no commitment - and being that Tom Ryan isn't afraid to speak his mind - I'm assuming we'll see some sort of a calling for change or at least revision. like I said in my earlier post - I think we're moving towards a "professional era" in senior level wrestling and I truly believe it is a good thing.
  17. I really don't see this as such a taboo thing as some of the others on here. we are entering (thank god) what seems to be a "professional era" of wrestling. you don't see NFL and NBA players wanting to stay in florida because they went to college or high school there. They go where they get the best opportunity to improve as well as the most $$$. (let's not act like this wasn't a factor here) as far as sponsorship/endorsements - to this point it seems like brands such as rudis and scraplife have associated themselves with certain schools (Rudis = tOSU and SL = PSU). IMO - this is a flawed mentality especially as you see Under Armour/Adidas/Nike spend more money on our athletes. You cannot have an allegiance to a certain school in the endorsement game. You have to go after the biggest names and the biggest stars to sell your product. If rudis cuts Snyder because he went to PSU it will be brand suicide.
  18. solid response spey - really a lot of depth there. oh and by the way I didn't compare you - your founders did They Started With $10,000. Now They're Taking on ESPN
  19. my point is not necessarily pointed to spey or accusing him of being a "liar" i've ALWAYS been salty about the fact that they won't talk about numbers at all. social media doesn't mean sh*t. UFC has 16 million followers - not even 1% of those are now buying PPV. the real problem I have is how the flo guys are all over saying "its huge! we're huge! we're changing sports media!" but when you ask them to back up any of their claims they are silent. the only number i've EVER seen was an inc.com article from a few years ago where they claimed they were adding "30,000 users/month every month @ $150/month" but of course this was just a statement from Mark/Martin and no real data to support the claim. don't get me wrong, I love flo and the product they produce. I pay my membership and I use their product. My issue simply lies in the fact that they don't belong anywhere in the same conversation with ESPN+ as it relates to direct-to-consume sports media. oh, just FYI ESPN+ surpassed 2 million subscribers within 12 months of being launched.
  20. cam you give us a roundabout or great than? going from 3,000 to 6,000 is far more impressive than going from 400 to 800. theres a reason that your management threatens to fire you if you release statistics - and it ain’t because they rival espn+
  21. Come on Spey give us a hint. Was it more than 5,000?
  22. Like 25-30 also Flo is going way last all in on the grappling thing. Won’t shut the hell up about it.
  23. Because we don’t focus on the style or put any REAL emphasis on getting better at it.
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