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  1. i'm not so sure its a guaranteed thing anymore. $250k from living the dream and by far and away the BIGGEST name in collegiate wrestling right now. maybe he does come back for one more year of NCAA. depends on what the WWE is going to give him right out of the gate. if its a big contract and big stage right away I think he's gone, but if they put him through the regional circuits and bring him up slowly I think he considers it.
  2. I have YouTube TV and it has been great. Auto-recording all wrestling sessions as well as notifications on my phone when they start.
  3. man I love listening to smith, from the accent to the coaching. its interesting to me because you're hearing fairly simple things he is coaching on. just like the NFL - the athletes are already advanced enough, if a coach can add just 5% to the equation it helps. This sounds silly to say but I think coaching middle schoolers is more "intensive" than coaching a senior level athlete due to the lack of knowledge. hope that makes sense. the only thing that bugs me is lack of knowledge on the freestyle rules here and there. its like he is so intrenched in folkstyle he sometime forgets the small differences
  4. you missed that he was leading the world championship in the last race as well.
  5. coach j is a legend on this forum. would love the chance to shake your hand sir. EDIT: just saw the other thread, good lord that one devolved quickly
  6. just a few short years ago all we could talk about was "when and where will the elite PSU guys end up coaching and how awesome will they be when do do finally start" now we're surprised that illinois hired ed ruth and questioning whether kids will know who he is???
  7. I'm shocked there are no shirtless pictures in this article....
  8. its almost like you have a homing beacon for when someone takes a dig at cael to come and defend him. zero posts in thread but OH SOMEONE TOOK A SHOT AT CAEL - better go defend him.
  9. pondering a thought today that was brought up on FRL within the last month I believe. lets say Kyle Dake wins Gold at olympics then follows that up later this year with a gold in the 2021 world championships. this would put him as a 4x NCAA champ (at 4 weights with no RS) as well as a 4x world/olympic champion. does this immediately move him into the top 5 of all time wrestling GOATs? What about senior level GOATs?
  10. You simply cannot compare the income level of our top guys to the top guys of something like the UFC. everyone knows we are not mainstream and probably never will be. what's more important is to look at the wealth that JB has achieved and compare it relatively to someone like John Smith or Bruce or Tom Brands. Or go even more recent and look at Henry Cejudo. our top crop today has a much more compelling reason to stay in the sport than those of even 10 years ago and that is a very good thing. Lets hope the top crop of 10 years from now is even better.
  11. this is mind boggling to me. i thought there's no way in hell heff is pulling in 200k like you referenced in your post about the I googled it and saw the numbers. makes you wonder what cael is really making!!!
  12. golf clap.... well done sir
  13. really kicking my own ass for not getting into some RAE token when it was less than $0.50/token. still might hop in given its almost half what it was in january and it certainly seems like rofkin is here to stay. huge congrats to @Husker_Du what a stark difference from 12 months ago. would love to hear more about matscouts llc and long-term plays sometime!
  14. incoming per capita debate in 3....2....1...
  15. joined a week ago - every post defending or about PSU - ncaa picks check out
  16. if he wasn't so freakin awkward it would be some hilarious banter with gable to watch - I love a good villain. But damn he makes me cringe.
  17. was it bush league when marinelli or mocco did it? cry me a river. this is a big boy sport, don't turn your back.
  18. I wish we could have the boxing model for this one. I would absolutely love to see what kind of numbers that this will bring.
  19. good to see you willie. stay strong brother!
  20. Great overall fight from pico. I think the ego check + switching camps has really helped. Hope he continues down the path of success
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