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  1. Wrong. Every university has a student handbook. In it, the university details that when students are subject to disciplinary action, they have a right to a hearing, aka due process, not in the Constitutional sense, but where the accused has a right to mount a defense, enter evidence, and demand that a university carry the burden of the charges against the student. The hearings are typically adjudicated by a mix of students, faculty and staff.
  2. The university is taking disciplinary action, without due process, against students for private speech made on a private phone app that was not illegal. I hope someone gets an injunction as the wrestlers are going to suffer irreparable harm from missing out on competition. The wrestlers deserve to have their case heard before punishment is given, and I hope they have good lawyers who will call the administration out on their application of speech codes that are at odds with our ideals of free speech. And that includes speech that you may not like, and that even offends others.
  3. Steve Bozak, 2012 NCAA champion from Cornell, was a two-time PA runner up.
  4. Rande Stottlemyer 34 seasons - University of Pittsburgh
  5. So it is next year. Obviously, McD fails to AA his senior year. Is he still considered one of the all-time greats, or has this year tarnished his legacy? How does he rank against other 2 timers? Iowa has 16 2Xers including McD. Is he in the middle? At the bottom?
  6. When Tim Johnson asked Anthony Robles to comment about the importance of leg control in wrestling.
  7. 1. Mike Nevinger Cornell 2. Anthony Zanetta Pitt
  8. Aren't they likely to meet in freestyle this summer?
  9. After finishing 1-2-1, where does McDonough rank in your mind among Iowa's all-time greats? Is he in the top ten? Also, rank these lightweights in their prime - McDonough, Barry Davis, Tom and Terry Brands, Randy Lewis, Eric Jeurgens and Mark Ironside.
  10. Why do people think that Martellotti has to sit out until the spring? From the PSU website: "Sophomore Frank Martellotti heads into the new campaign ready to challenge for a starting spot after sitting out the spring semester. Ranked during parts of last season, Martellotti posted a superb 18-3 record during his true freshman campaign at 125 in 2010-11. " I don't think PSU would say he is in competition for a starting spot if he has to sit out till January.
  11. If that was a transfer, wouldn't the NCAA require the wrestler to sit out one season?
  12. Correction: 133 - Long (Legal issues)/ Martellotti (Academically ineligible) / Sherlock (Legal issues) http://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/MDJReport.aspx?district=MDJ-05-2-14&docketNumber=CR-0000513-11
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