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  1. Keep it related to sports and its impact on wrestling. Only warning.
  2. Pretty sure we know how to make 10 posters go away ... don't tempt us.
  3. Gambling is illegal at Bushwood. It's also not allowed here (see rules).
  4. There is a possibility the software has an anti-spam setting that keeps accounts with under a set number of posts from posting more than x-amount of links. I'll have to ask around, since I'm pretty new around here.
  5. Just use the tools the forum has, there is no board policy about links to other forums, just format the links correctly when posting. Spamming boards, for example or spamming outside things are against board policy.
  6. Personal attacks will shut this down quickly. Only warning. Shouldn't have to ask adults continually to keep things on topic, but we might have to put some of you on time out, like children, because you are acting even worse than children.
  7. You were warned. This is why we can't have nice things. Thread locked. Argue these political blame game on your Facebook pages. Trade info in your DMs.
  8. Only warning. Keep it on topic and relevant and avoid political jabs or this will be shut down again. We've been through this. If you want to talk politics, do it elsewhere. If you want to personally attack each other, do it in your DMs.
  9. Congrats you all, you've done it again. Another thread driven off the rails by people who don't want to have healthy conversations. Mission accomplished. You've derailed the thread for all the people who can follow the rules.
  10. Note the forum rules, including this one, which has been in place since December of 2010. http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/38-message-board-rules/ Legal Matters: Legal issues surrounding athletes either in college or high school will be removed. These include any type of matter that involves arrests or pending charges. This does not include eligibility, however, pointing out legal matters as a means to tear down others will not be tolerated. (Dec. '10)
  11. Thread locked due to childish arguments from two wrestling parents. There's a PM option if you want to continue the banter further together.
  12. We've gotten into territory that's veered off of its relevance to wrestling. Figure it out or the thread will be locked up. These are conversations you can have every other place on the web with one another.
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