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  1. 19 hours ago, flyingcement said:

    When I posted the links originally, they were changed over to an "Error" Icon which I interpreted to be by design as a form of policy.   Thanks for the clarification regarding what is allowed

    There is a possibility the software has an anti-spam setting that keeps accounts with under a set number of posts from posting more than x-amount of links. I'll have to ask around, since I'm pretty new around here. 

  2. 3 hours ago, flyingcement said:

    it seems its against the board policy to post links to other forums.  I tried and the software removes the link entirely.

    For Penn State Search for Blue and White Forum - The Wrestling Room

    For Iowa search Hawkeye Report

    For Rutgers search the Knight Report

    Just use the tools the forum has, there is no board policy about links to other forums, just format the links correctly when posting. Spamming boards, for example or spamming outside things are against board policy. 

  3. Note the forum rules, including this one, which has been in place since December of 2010. 




    Legal Matters: Legal issues surrounding athletes either in college or high school will be removed. These include any type of matter that involves arrests or pending charges. This does not include eligibility, however, pointing out legal matters as a means to tear down others will not be tolerated. (Dec. '10)

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