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  1. Locked because some of you do not possess the ability to post maturely.
  2. Get back on track or we're locking it up. That means knock off the personal attacks.
  3. The thread was removed because it deteriorated into personal spats and away from the extremely relevant and important topic. Keep the discussion on topic, it won't get reported (and subsequently removed).
  4. Abusing the Reporting System will also not be tolerated. Example: Reporting posts about others posting non-wrestling political topics or derailing threads and then engaging in that same behavior will not have the desired effect.
  5. The threads regarding COVID-19 are extremely relevant to the sport, and all sports, however, each and every time threads like this surface, several users cannot resist the urge to throw in comments about politics and political figures. Several users then cannot resist the urge to make attacks on those comments, sending those relevant threads to the garbage bin. If you don't want threads removed, don't send them spiraling down the political gutter.
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