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  1. He won Ali Aliev (seniors) earlier this year...
  2. Elam looking amazing, and as someone else already observed, gigantic. On to the finals with a tech.
  3. Brooks still rolling... up 5-1 against AZE before DQ for headbutts.
  4. Whatever fleeting chance we had at taking the team title is pretty much out the window with that loss.
  5. Fair enough, just pointing out that they've had at least 1 tough match : / I'm not quite as confident as you on the Brooks Gvaramia result but hope you're right
  6. @ 79kg Gvaramia took out Ramazan Sari in the second round (Junior Euro champ from Turkey). Close match though. Gvaramia is a cadet world champ as well.
  7. Correct. This kid Magomedov they have at 97kg has multiple wins over ranked wrestlers at the senior level.
  8. Russia hasn't dropped a single match, and they've outscored their opponents by a combined score of 133-17 (counting pins as 10-0).
  9. Confirmed by OSU Wrestling twitter just now. Micah has to be the favorite in this matchup. That said, Hayes has the advantage on the mat... one turn is all it takes. It'll be a best of 3 though.
  10. My guess would be that Hayes challenges at wrestle-offs at 149, loser moves up to 157. Same as McKenna/Hayes last year.
  11. Right... good point. There are a couple other solid 33's out there... perhaps Duncan from Illinois is in that group too. One other question for anyone really... is the assumption now that Suriano will remain at 125? I was under the impression he's headed up but just saw elsewhere that he's not...
  12. He's looked OK recently, but he's had a number of very close matches with unranked opponents, as well as taking I think 5 losses this year? Hard to lose that many matches and still be considered top 3.
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