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  1. JAD

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    Sorry, but this is total and complete BS.
  2. JAD

    Yanni D looked hurt.

    True dat. My wife calls Grace Hall “Sweat Hall”.
  3. JAD

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    Doesn’t change the fact that he lied. Period. But...but....but....that’s so unfair🙄 No, that’s politics. And Jordan is a politician. He’s smeared his share of people, and now he is getting smeared. You know what they say about karma.
  4. JAD

    Father's day

    I second this choice. Great book, great read, lots of interesting stuff.
  5. JAD


    And some in 4. Geez - these guys aren't professional athletes - let them get their degrees and move on with their lives.
  6. JAD

    Suriano Happy

  7. JAD

    2018 Dual Attendance

    Lehigh - about 4,500 students, 2,700 avg attendance. Far and away the best student to attendance ratio.
  8. 3800 enrollment is not that small. Quite a few of the schools in the EIWA have small undergraduate enrollments. Lehigh - 4500 Bucknell - 3500 F&M - 2200 Sacred Heart - 5500 Naval Academy - 4500 West Point - 4300
  9. JAD

    133lb transfer....

    Didn't realize that he is on the spectrum. That would explain a lot - especially the outbursts. That can be very hard to control and/or modify that behavior. Kids like that are sometimes the nicest kids in the world - but they can act out under pressure and can have very little impulse control. IF that is the case, he has a tough road to hoe.
  10. JAD

    133lb transfer....

    As a Lehigh fan, I wouldn’t want to see him there. You don’t need a kid with a tude like that in the room.
  11. JAD

    133lb transfer....

    DeSanto is a pretty good guess. The kid was screaming at his coaches at both the EIWA’s and the NCAA’s. And he definitely took some cheap shots at opponents. Don’t think there is any love lost there. Serious question though. Would he even need to be granted a release to transfer from Drexel? Do they have restrictions?
  12. JAD

    How many NCAAs have you attended

    This will be my 5th. First time was as a college student at Lehigh in 1975 at Princeton. Got tickets at the door for all sessions except sold out finals. After the semis my friend and I duct taped the latch on a dozen or so doors leading into the lower levels of Jadwin. Were able to sneak in one of them later on for the finals, and got to see two Lehigh wrestlers win - Mike’s Frick and Lieberman.
  13. JAD

    Suriano drama...again

    Cruz is healthy and wrestling well. And one of the nicest and most humble kids you will ever meet. A class act.
  14. His weakest position is neutral. However, you don’t want to try to ride him or get ridden by him. Choose neutral, and if he takes bottom, let him go. The only way you’ll beat him is on your feet.