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  1. Incredible stupidity and ignorance on display by Liberty. These are the people who give Christianity a bad name.
  2. Industrial and labor relations. Cornell has one of the best in the country for that (and I’m a Lehigh guy). Good for him. We need more people with that kind of an attitude - he’ll have the opportunity to change peoples lives.
  3. Darian Cruz pinned a lot of people with that exact same tilt, and as good as he was/is, Spencer Lee takes it up another notch.
  4. Kerry McCoy. 131-1 his last 3 seasons. NCAA 1,3,1
  5. I’ve been following Lehigh wrestling for about 50 years, and Coop ranks up there as one of my favorite Lehigh wrestlers of all time. Loved to watch him wrestle.
  6. Humphrey was a true frosh last year. Ranked 6th in Wrestlestat. The kid has ungodly strength and can ride anyone. Working out with Marstellar and Kutler is going to make him better on his feet. Not far fetched at all.
  7. Sorry, but this is total and complete BS.
  8. True dat. My wife calls Grace Hall “Sweat Hall”.
  9. Doesn’t change the fact that he lied. Period. But...but....but....that’s so unfair🙄 No, that’s politics. And Jordan is a politician. He’s smeared his share of people, and now he is getting smeared. You know what they say about karma.
  10. I second this choice. Great book, great read, lots of interesting stuff.
  11. And some in 4. Geez - these guys aren't professional athletes - let them get their degrees and move on with their lives.
  12. Lehigh - about 4,500 students, 2,700 avg attendance. Far and away the best student to attendance ratio.
  13. 3800 enrollment is not that small. Quite a few of the schools in the EIWA have small undergraduate enrollments. Lehigh - 4500 Bucknell - 3500 F&M - 2200 Sacred Heart - 5500 Naval Academy - 4500 West Point - 4300
  14. Didn't realize that he is on the spectrum. That would explain a lot - especially the outbursts. That can be very hard to control and/or modify that behavior. Kids like that are sometimes the nicest kids in the world - but they can act out under pressure and can have very little impulse control. IF that is the case, he has a tough road to hoe.
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