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  1. Another from Lehigh - Sheldon Seymour.
  2. PSU will be wrestling 60 miles away that day at Lehigh.
  3. Too funny. As a Lehigh grad of 45 years ago, I can relate to this comment.
  4. JAD


    Anthony Valencia still has/had that great blast double. And he always wrestles well in the first period. But as the bout goes on, he always gases. Conditioning.
  5. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/brackets/NCAA 1946.pdf
  6. NATIONAL WRESTLING HALL OF FAME Harold Boker High School: Omaha Central, Nebraska 1-Time All-American All-Americans NCAA Records SEASON SCHOOL TOURNAMENT WEIGHT PLACE 1946 Nebraska Division I 165 3
  7. Agree 100%. I thought when he went to Iowa that it was a bad move. He was a loose cannon, and Terry and Tom can be a bit of that, too. But absolutely zero doubt that it was the best move he could have made. He became a better wrestler, and most importantly, a better human being.
  8. Strektowicz (sp?) 197 lber for Hofstra early 2000’s. Lehigh had a guy named Matt Anderson who was 6’2” 149 lbs.
  9. #1 seed in 2002, Scott Justus, Virginia Tech, 184 lbs. Lost in the first round to Rowdy Lundegreen of Cal State-Fullerton, who promptly lost in the second round. That was the year and the weight that Rob Rohn from Lehigh hit the cement mixer in the finals against Josh Lambrecht.
  10. There can only be one answer to this. Rob Rohn hitting the cement mixer against Lambrecht in 2002 when he was down by 12.
  11. That was (7) 1sts, (1) 2nd and (1) 3rd. Lehigh also finished with (2) NCAA champions that year - Mike Frick, who won OW, and Mike Lieberman, who beat Chris Campbell in the finals. Back then the now defunct teams of Syracuse, Colgate, Temple and Yale were still in the league, along with Rutgers. In 1980 Lehigh had (6) firsts, (1) 2nd and (1) 4th.
  12. Army and Navy wrestlers all deserve the highest respect. They combine rigorous academic courses, with the added rigor of being a Div. 1 wrestler. And on top of that, once they graduate, they are committed to a minimum of 8 years of service - active and reserves. These are dedicated guys.
  13. Well, you’re not an EIWA coach, so why don’t you quit your whining and shut the h*ll up?
  14. Personally, I like Flo's coverage. If EIWA is cutting ties after this season, I wonder who will be handling the EIWA's next year?
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