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  1. How about Josh Humphreys. He has won 3/5 against Monday, and the last time they wrestled he beat Monday 7-0.
  2. Not just any Lehigh wrestling fan, but any wrestling fan - period!
  3. With the exception of San Diego. 12 months a year of gorgeous weather.
  4. Not my intention. I think it’s impressive that a school like F&M has remained committed to the expense and challenge of wrestling “up”. So many schools have dropped the sport for a whole host of bogus reasons, and yet they have stayed true to their heritage and long tradition. Kudos to them.
  5. So did Nashon. Must be something in the water in Ithaca. And it sure isn’t The Fountain of Youth.
  6. JAD

    Flo New Setup

    So you ask for feedback, and then either make fun of the feedback or call it nonsense? Good luck, you’ll need it.
  7. I agree 100%. I originally thought that Iowa was probably the worst place for Desanto to transfer to, but I have to admit - Brands has done a great job getting Desanto to control his emotions most of the time, and just concentrate on wrestling. I saw AD wrestle multiple times when he was at Drexel, and he has come a long way. I used to think Tom Brands was an ass, but I have come to respect him.
  8. First person that came to mind for me, too.
  9. Absolutely it requires specific interest from recruits. Recruiting is tough, but the job is great. Alumni interference? Very little. Money for recruits? Problem doesn’t exist. Networks? At the highest level. Access to just about anyone/anywhere you want. Title IX? Forget about it. Have a roster of 75 if you want it. Dedicated wrestlers? The most dedicated. Discipline problems or attitude issues? See above. Academic issues? Almost nonexistent. Living conditions? Unbeatable. Have you ever been to Annapolis? Perks? All the benefits of being a Federal employee. Admission problems and redshirting? NAPS. Etc., etc., etc.
  10. lu1979 makes an excellent point. Perennial Top 10 is only reasonably achievable by about 15 or so teams - and they are pretty much all from the Big10 with a few from the other Power 5 conferences. They are the only ones with the student size (allowing leeway in admissions - this one is a biggie), administrative support, and financial commitment to consistently recruit the talent needed.
  11. I agree with everything said here EXCEPT the “getting a better job somewhere else” part. The Navy Head Coach job is one of the best in the country. Someone would have to pay him a hell of a lot of money to get him to leave.
  12. One of the Lehigh guys (forget who) was called for stalling at the EIWA tournament for doing just that. Even though I’m a Lehigh fan I remember thinking that it’s not called often enough.
  13. They also show up on Bucknell's schedule. Can't find much else.
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