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  1. Seriously wtf is wrong with them. The interviewer didn’t even have a good reply. Stuttered ‘I’m sure she’d be proud’ cmon man
  2. Pretty brutal to watch this interview
  3. Man I feel so hard for Jenna right now
  4. That was really weird. I feel Bo didn’t really try that match, maybe had a mental block
  5. Good for JO long time coming
  6. Would kill to know what Dake said
  7. Dake can just stop him every shot
  8. My wife (who never really watches wrestling) was just like ‘wait what is that...’
  9. Dake no don’t begin the complaining!!
  10. I’m feeling this one goes to three. I agree DT will be tentative at least in the second match.
  11. Best we can do is make it incredibly unfriendly to view and then complain about viewing and attendance numbers and the fact the sport is in jeopardy at the olympics
  12. Man mango has been around forever
  13. Ragan just got nailed with a beastly headlock
  14. How are folks watching mat 3? I only have mat 2 on NBC
  15. PD3 is truly a great performance artist
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