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  1. Harvard is doing some students on campus at a time with I think mostly online teaching
  2. Where are people getting that he's in a degree program at Princeton from? Unless he uses a different name there's no Pat Downey https://www.princeton.edu/search/people-advanced?l=Downey&lf=c
  3. Very well said and I’m of the same thought process. LJB, consider wrestlingzen’s reply to you above as my reply back to you in the other thread.
  4. Well, considering he posted it originally under "ScrapLife" and not his own name, no I don't have a huge problem with commenting as pawrestler. If I heard him saying any of that in person I'd say something then and there if it makes you feel better, LJB. As I said, he deleted his account, so there are no more public comments to link. Probably a smart move on his end. I know what I read though and can interpret any dog whistles (although his were pretty loud) myself. BTW, I don't get "told" anything along party lines, I just don't reject what my own eyes see.
  5. Hard to link a public comment when the guys deleted his twitter... Looking at his content when it was still active, and his FB post, you don't have to reach very far to say the guy is very likely racist. I don't believe someone has to say "I am racist" in order to read between the lines. If you think his statement was factually correct, I don't know what to tell you. If you can in good faith say (to pick basically any part of that statement as an example..) "the democrats goal is to remove all enjoyment from society" is not "factually incorrect"...well you and me are reading a very different DNC platform (https://democrats.org/where-we-stand/party-platform/).
  6. Just do what 99% of this forum does past 5pm -- drink and post here!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorship_bias
  8. Was this on their podcast or twitter or? I wanna read it lol
  9. Willie is downright irresponsible and should be ashamed. Anyone who has promoted him or given him legitimate awards for journalism (cough cough, National Wrestling Media Association) should condemn these foolish and dangerous takes. Embarrassing anyone can listen to this guy at this point.
  10. Brooks is amazing. Honestly so good
  11. Foot off the mat. Drives me crazy
  12. Agree completely I’m just baffled by it
  13. Man MK had no idea they were calling danger ?
  14. Literally so stressful watching VJ and AM wrestle
  15. I thought it was danger but that’s a very good point. You don’t have a protractor with you on the mat
  16. Feel like Pletcher could have been dinged again tbh
  17. Can someone walk me through that last exchange at 133 gross desanto?
  18. So awesome I just got a dumb Toyota commercial at the end of the period !!
  19. Was just saying that — is he getting away from his style or getting scouted or what? Either way not good
  20. I cannot stand the symbolic stall call at the end
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