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  1. Predictions? I say 6-3 Stieber
  2. Uhhhh...I could've sworn it was about who won the match short of an injury default, and weird call or not, that's dake
  3. Do either cut a lot of weight? Might be a factor with a relatively early am match. I take Taylor 6-3
  4. Do either cut a lot of weight? Could be a factor with a relatively early am match. I take Taylor 6-3
  5. Let's be real here...we're bashing a guy with 56% bonus wins here. That's a great number.
  6. He's gotta keep his composure better
  7. What's Z's deal? I feel like every match he gets hit with unsportsman like conduct
  8. Those were amazing returns. I thought there was plenty of good action too. Not a boring match.
  9. Id add McDonough DSJ and Ramos into the conversation. All of those guys have been running through people.
  10. What was the breakdown of points? On twitter it has Caldwell with an escape, Dake with a reversal and riding time, so where did Dake get his last point from?
  11. I think smith has decent odds, at least better than people are giving him credit for. Obviously Oliver Caldwell Z and Perry score high and I think Rosholt will score some points and so will their 157. If Kindig comes out of redshirt he could get some points too. I think theyll do better than people expect. Of course OSU could end up breaking my heart like most years
  12. Scribe, if we don't have the KJ threads well have even more Dake vs Taylor threads....I can't deal with another one until the Scuffle
  13. I've been hearing that Smith plans to pull Kindigs redshirt.
  14. Yep, Andy is a great guy and does a ton for the sport. As a former D3 wrestler Andy's rankings were always fun to check out, and they always seemed very fair. Keep up the good work, Andy!
  15. ..scoring 11 points on senior Robert Hamlin is an accomplishment in itself. ..Hamlin wrestled a great bout, Ruth still won while adjusting to 184. ..great bout for both guys. Hmm I thought based on the summer Ruth had already adjusted to 184... Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  16. DT did not look thrilled to be getting asked 20 Dake questions
  17. I initially want to sign with Rob Koll, but Tom Brands gives me his crazy eyes until I break down and commit to Iowa.
  18. Mike Evans Nick Dardanes Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Wrestling fans everywhere rejoice that it will be televised on esp live
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