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  1. Not sure "no excuses" from that crowd is possible
  2. Flo says semis start at 6:30? Anyone know for sure -- have some non wrestling friends coming over and wanna have them come just for semis
  3. Not really that was a TD but I think ref missed a locked hands on Warner earlier
  4. Is anyone elses feed horrible when you play all four matches at once? I can't even make out names or scores on the computer / TV when I play it like that. $15 for this...
  5. Also had the Jordan Stalliver -> Jordan Falliver -> Jordan Mauliver arc
  6. If PSU fans don't think a PSU true / RS freshman is an instant title contender, are they really enrolled at PSU?
  7. I get USA wrestling doesn't want people to talk about this here, but there have been some really dumb takes that are not a good look on this topic from USA wrestlers, and a current world team member. You'd think they would worry about that more than forum discussions.
  8. It's okay to wait for facts...but why assume 'it's someone looking to make a buck' when that basically never happens and it makes no sense anyhow? There are also people here assuming it just didn't happen
  9. I commented on this before so will give my view again. The term is offensive and (I think...) that's a pretty well known fact. I *suspect* Gilman knew that as he was a history major, and reportedly interested in the Korean War (link below). It's not a crazy reach to assume he at the very least took a class on WWII at some point for his degree in UI. Therefor you can make a good guess that he knew it was offensive. With that said, he apologized, and I don't think has said it again, so that can be that. Edit to add: Whether he (or you) care about not offending people...well that is irrelevant. Once you put on that Team USA singlet you represent your country and you better do it well and be a good ambassador. I do find a lot of his stuff cringey, but each to his own. I suspect he puts a ton of pressure on himself to be like T&T, probably not healthy. https://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/wrestling/2017/02/24/understanding-thomas-gilman-iowa-hawkeyes-tom-brands-terry-brands-ncaa-bigten/98343516/
  10. IOWA had their 125 first year starter win a title...PSU has their 285 win one now
  11. Good thing we have RBY Lizak on both mats right now *eye roll*
  12. I like Quint overall. He has a tough job and IMO wrestlers give just terrible interviews...how many times can we hear 'just wanted to get to my offense...score points...have fun...be grateful....etc' so Quint tries to get some storyline or something going which I appreciate
  13. Get these kids off and show the matches
  14. Cassar needs to shoot to avoid that stall
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