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  1. Are they challenging the escape before 1 min RT? edit yup they just said that
  2. Damn happy for Dean but I'm actually heartbroken for MyMar...really wanted to see him getting another title
  3. Lewis looked great. I think Joseph will beat him by 1-2 with heavy hips
  4. What was the rationale for it not being a TD?
  5. Tyler counting up to 4 and then saying 1 left I love it!
  6. What happened with Massa and Marinelli at the end?
  7. Kolodzik has got to keep his head up on bottom. When he was standing up he was so arched over looking at the hands he wasn't able to get any separation from Ashnault.
  8. Have Yianni and McKenna wrestled before?
  9. same...they look like how a headache feels
  10. Why put Stoll down there? He has decent upper body attacks if I remember right and with this knee doesn't seem like he can do much on bottom
  11. lol I was literally just thinking that
  12. Thoughts on the Lewis - Valencia rematch?
  13. that inside trip!!! and Lewis over Marinelli best QF yet
  14. Joseph-White going about the same as last years QF if I remember correctly
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