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  1. Yup. I was hoping to see Marsteller have a really good run, which he still could of course, but it was always gonna be a tough one against Wick
  2. The crazy thing about Nolf is that I feel like he doesn't even look like he's that good. He dives in a ton, drapes when riding, gives up legs, etc, but then he just has an answer for everything. It's insane to watch.
  3. I like Kolodzik but as someone said on here earlier...really does seem like a Dean Heil 2.0 at times
  4. Dake "that is the worst call I have ever seen in all of college wrestling...what was that?!"
  5. Slick TD by Lee...Murin looks great though
  6. Yianni so dangerous...I thought he was gonna stick himself right there
  7. Learning a thing or two from Chris Perry haha
  8. Suriano is just beasting Lizak..good lord
  9. Suriano showing once again the only way to beat a rider is to outride them
  10. I think Ellis Coleman is the only one whos pulled it off that I can remember...but whenever I see it I pretty much assume thats the match
  11. Not quite as sharp as I feel he can be but better than earlier in the season. I think he is still fading *somewhat* still, but looks overall good. I'm concerned about his bottom wrestling and hes still putting his head at his knee often. I think Picc will edge by him but it'll be super close and I wouldn't be surprised if Lee takes it. Lee has been good hitting his turns this tourney though
  12. Bresser with the classic Flying Squirrel attempt...never a good sign
  13. pawrestler


    No scores no time no period....like watching practice with singlets
  14. I'm really looking forward to Lee vs Picc rematch. I have no idea what will happen but I'm going to go with Picc in a super tight one
  15. Lee pins Russel off a kinda weird scramble..overall looked good but did get taken down late
  16. is anyone else's ESPN Scoreboard not updating scores?
  17. Driving me nuts...why not show the score??
  18. Wild match with Meink and Moisey
  19. lol at Bo doing the 'ok ill back off' hand motion after Hokit didn't wanna get helped up
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