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  1. Respect to Hokit for trying that elevator
  2. Bad idea to take down in the 2nd
  3. Slick TD...lets see if JoJo can keep the pace
  4. Damn that sucks -- have you tried a different browser...thats helped me in the past
  5. How do you mean? Watching RBY so missed desanto
  6. I made a free account on ESPNU and can watch it off my ipad with that. Didn't need to login to my Verizon account
  7. Someone called ESPN on another thread and apparently no longer available...huge bummer. The have a video called 'Scoreboard' with all the mat assignments and scores so I've been changing based on that
  8. On the ESPN app I can see a video "NCAA wrestling: Scoreboard" that just shows mat assignments so I'm switching tabs through Chromecast on my iPad and then looking at the mat assignments on my Computer
  9. same question...im driving my girlfriend crazy yelling about how i cant find it
  10. I looked it up yesterday and no mention of it on the NU page
  11. I just wish they would let you do PPV. I'd like to watch the documentaries but the past year or so I'm only watching probably 5-6 matches a year on TV (usually off BTN) and then Big Tens and NCAAs, so $150 a year is just too steep for me. I'd be willing to do $10/15 for the Iowa - OSU match, as well as one or two more
  12. interesting exchange here. the whole 'wolfpack eagle gorilla' thing was weird IMO, but the whole 'could have had 2 titles' thing is BS. would have could have should have...
  13. Somewhat related, but was it Johny Hendricks who flipped off the Iowa crowd one year?
  14. I was gonna drive up to Rutgers for this but bailed out at the last minute...feeling okay with my decision after reading all this...
  15. Thanks for the updates...is it an exciting match or mostly just cautious?
  16. I could see him taking out Gross, but it will certainly be a toss up. I agree that a really tough room will give results, the whole steel sharpens steel thing. But who knows, maybe Suriano kicking butt in practice every day will put him in a better spot mentally than getting roughed up more often at PSU.
  17. I did my grad work at Princeton so I'm familiar with the university. Note that Princeton compared to some of the other Ivies doesn't have quite the same grade inflation problem. In fact, until recently they actually had grade deflation. I'm not sure what type of flexibility athletes get there in terms of admissions, but they don't get special accommodations for classes that I've heard of or witnessed. When I was teaching / grading there we were never encouraged to raise grades or pass students. The athletes are all quite capable students and looking at their work you wouldn't see much of a difference in athlete vs non athlete. The undergrad classes there are pretty rigorous and a lot is expected of them in terms of independent work. Also note that Princeton requires every student to do an undergrad thesis starting their Junior year which is a big academic commitment often meaning spending up to a summer doing fieldwork which takes away from training. No idea on the other ivies, but kudos to the Princeton team IMO.
  18. Pretty funny especially the end bits but...man I just cringe at some of those
  19. Glory has a big future but I don't think he makes it the 6 minutes
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