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  1. This is for those that did not make the event or live out of state or country. There were 3 groups of iranian fans cheering, this is the clip of 2nd largest group, the largest group were sitting across on the opposite side. There were 3 iranian girls dancing during iran matches with the sound of vuvuzela, horns and so on as if they were at a concert which was really cool. I covered my left ear to prevent hearing damage from the vuvuzela but it seems I can still hear them just by thinking about it. Since the largest groups of iranian dissident outside iran live in california, the iranian government is really uneasy about having any type of sporting event in california particularly in Los Angeles. several iranians living in US tried to bring pre-revolutionary iranian flag to the arena but they were not allowed entry by forum security. some guy was wearing the pre-revolutionary flag on his sweat-shirt, he was not allowed entry either until he removed his sweatshirt. The only iranian flag that was allowed was the islamic revolutionary flag representing the current government. Majority of Iranian fans only stayed for matches involving iran team and did not watch other teams, to be honest the place was very quite when other teams competed. The most exciting team matches were iran-azerbaijan and iran- usa. I am not sure how the forum parking went form $15 ( if I am not mistaken) in 2014 to $25 per car in 2015, I hope the USA wrestling does something about this. I want to give kudos to USA wrestling for having this event in Los Angeles again, hope they continue having it in LA. Its great to have these events on the west coast after having them on the east coast for few years
  2. Notice they have the same brand and color of shoes in that match, both pair belonged to Baumgartner. I was watching an interview with solaimani a while ago from iranian TV, he had kind words to say about Bruce Baumgartner, he explained how his shoes got torn in the match prior to the Final with Baumgartner. So the Iranian coaches approached someone from the American delegation to see if Bruce had a spare and Bruce was kind enough to let solaimani borrow his spare. He said he went to return the shoes after the match but bruce told him he could keep it. That is a great sportsmanship from Bruce. He explained how he was recruited from being a soccer goalie and varzesh pahlevani (type of wrestling only practiced in iran) to switch to international wrestling mainly freestyle due to very limited number of heavy weights in Iran in hopes of earning medals for the country. He said when he was in best shape of his wrestling career, it was during the boycott of both 1980 and 1984 olympics and another 4 years of other issues. so he did not even get the chance to wrestle in his prime. Solaimani was known for being a big Teddy bear, gentle with great sense of humor, always joking around.
  3. After successful showing at the 2012 Olympic competition in london, all members of Iran's Greco Roman team refused to participate at any events like world team trials, domestic and international competition and left camp due to some internal problems. Iran's 2013 GR team looked completely different from the year before and had new and old members from previous years. The legendary coach himself resigned upon his arrival at Tehran Airport from the london olympics in 2012, he was brought back earlier this year by high ranking government officials but left again few days ago just before the start of the world cup in Tehran. The First stringers came back and competed in the world cup with only a few months of training, some looked great while others looked rusty since they had been away from the mat for over a year.The only wrestler still missing from the team is 2012 olympic champion Ghasem Rezaei at 96kg. There is doubt whether the first stringers would stay on since the coach has left again. The coaches at the world cup were replacements and were installed just a few days before the start of the world cup. now in the mean time, the saga continues........ Leader, President, Speaker Congratulate Iran's Greco-Roman Wrestling Team's Championship http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.as ... 0227000223 iran TV to the fans: please don't come to the Venue, just watch it on TV, there is no room here. you'll be waiting outside missing the competition. 4 minute video of the Fans celebration and Finals recap: http://footballitarin.com/video_page.php?id=10166
  4. After every single member of iran's successful 2012 olympic Greco-roman team refused to compete or participate in this year's world championship, iran showed up with the combination of second and third string team. Except for one or two wrestlers that had competed at the world level before, most were newcomers with almost no international experience at the world stage. The coaches staff were also brand new after the team had lost the first string coaches. IRAN's hard core wrestling fans were upset with not having the first team but somehow this team managed to win 2 golds. Absent from the competition were: 55 kg-Hamid Sourian (5 time world champions, 2012 Olympic champion) 60 kg-omid Norouzi (2012 olympic champion, 2011 world champion) 66 kg-Saeid Abdevali (2011 world champion) 84 kg-Habib akhlaghi (2009 bronze medalist) 96 kg-Ghassem Rezaei (2012 olympic champion) 120kg-Bashir Babajanzadeh(2011 bronze medalist)
  5. Final of Greco-roman at 84 kg had Taleb Nematpour of iran and Saman Tahmasebi of Azerbaijan(formerly of iran) saman had competed for iran in the past and had earned a few medals back in 2006 and 2007. Also couple of assistant coaches of successful iran's GR olympic team are now coaching azerbaijan.
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