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  1. Didn’t read the entire thread, but .... it seems to me that most folks on here don’t get or don’t want to understand or comprehend the “big picture”. A P5 West Coast Program that is gone. D1 Wrestling is in trouble. Period. Let’s have a NCAA Tourney with 20 Programs. Go ahead & laugh but we are headed there. If this continues, “apathy” will dominate the Wrestling landscape going forward as fewer relevant Universities/Colleges will offer the sport we love. Worried.....
  2. jdalu75 - I couldn’t agree more with your position. I won’t repeat your thoughts, although I am tempted. I am taking the same precaution. I am longing/eager/desperate to see NCAA Wrestling but it’s just not a priority considering the overall situation which is still very dire. Things got crazy here in Missouri this past Holiday weekend .... where I live at the “Lake of the Ozarks” (see CNN, Twitter, etc). I would be surprised to see any wrestling in 2020, but am hopeful we can get to a point of at least having a “partial” Season & 2021 NCAA Tourney.
  3. That was my first trip to NCAA’s. Mainly went to see Missouri HS kids Schatzman & TJ Hill. Both AA. I was hooked after that & have subsequently attended every NCAA except Albany.
  4. The rich get richer. Further divides the “haves” from the “have nots”. IMO, bad for D1 Wrestling.
  5. Agree. This is a terrible thing for D1 Wrestling. I am fearful that this is the first of several D1 Programs to be cut as a result of the “NCAA economic stress” resulting from this covid situation.
  6. I think many of us agree that the 16 week regular season needs to “mean more” than it currently does. The circumstances of this Season (cancelled Championships) highlites the obvious shortcoming IMO. Not exactly sure how we realistically make the Regular Season mean MORE (Dual Championship, etc.). I would like to see more meaningful discussion on this topic from our current leaders, high profile coaches, media/FLO, etc.
  7. Columbia is somewhat isolated from the population hubs (St. Louis, Kansas City, & Springfield). This really affects their ability to consistently produce higher attendance numbers. Not an excuse, just a reality of geography & population. I have season tickets every year but it’s a full day to attend a dual (200 mile round trip). I have friends that go with me to NCAA’s for the past 20 years, but they won’t attend a dual unless it’s an Okie St. type of opponent. The MAC affiliation is a big factor for attendance.
  8. I kind of speculated this may happen (on the Kolat to Navy thread). Not certain if staying within was a better option for Campbell than a National search ? Hoping Sentes can maintain the momentum of this improving Program.
  9. This is not jross algo. It is wrestlestat. Do you have a better, alternative algo that should be used for these fantasy “projections” ? If not, let’s just enjoy these considering we have no “real Tournament”.
  10. 100% echo these points. Well stated Schuteandscore.
  11. If it bores you, don’t read it. It is very interesting to many people, myself included. Not all of these threads are intended to satisfy you. Thank you jross & please continue.
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