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  1. Coached against Alex Clemsen when he was wrestling for Moberly HS. Followed his successful collegiate career @ Edinboro. Rooting for him to succeed at Maryland & am also excited about Ethen Miller.
  2. Idaho - Great thought-provoking post ! I don’t have any “realistic” solutions. But … when the SUM of (RTC + scholarships + NIL money) is at least 10 times greater for a handful of Power Programs than it is for the other 60-70 Programs : 1) Not good for retaining or growing the number of D1 Programs, 2) Widens the gap significantly between the haves & have nots, 3) results in the same 6 to 10 schools competing for Team Trophies every season, 4) reduces the number of Programs that can have an AA wrestler due to “transfer portal poaching” How are any of the above 4 points good for the long term health/success of D1 Wrestling ?
  3. For those folks that only care @ P5 Wrestling Programs … this is the quickest way to reduce D1 from 77 to 40 in short order if something isn’t done to control this RTC/Transfer Portal/NIL “monster”.
  4. Do some of those hotels/rooms eventually get “released” for the general public or are they forever gone for Teams and/or event officials/workers ?
  5. Assuming this is a result of Iowa bringing in Real Woods via the Portal ?
  6. Therein lies the problem. Something has to be done to make the regular season “relevant” even if that means tinkering/adjusting the post-season. Counting mff as losses will certainly help to an extent but still won’t discourage coaches from not putting out their best lineup.
  7. This appears to be the case.
  8. This would be a logical & reasonable solution for sure.
  9. 3 days in March This. I am open to any changes (including post season) that remedies this worsening “regular season product”.
  10. 1. Bonus points in the Consolations should be worth HALF of what they are in the Winners bracket … to be consistent with “advancement points”. Nothing else makes any logical sense. Fall - 1.0 pt, Tech - 0.75 pt, MD - 0.5 pt 2. I like your idea of awarding a ID/mff to the same extent as a Major Dec. There needs to be some compensation for the advancing wrestlers lack of opportunity for Bonus, however, awarding Fall points is too much. The mff award wouldn’t be as egregious if the Conso Bonus pts were decreased as discussed in 1). Then a mff would be awarded with 1.5 (0.5 + 1) vs the existing 2.5 (0.5 + 2). In other words, fixing Consolation Bonus points would to a large extent fix/improve the mff scoring farce.
  11. Fishbane? Great analysis ! I am surprised there is not more discussion on scoring criteria. 1) mff getting 2 bonus pts in Consolations. Wrestler A wins a hard fought match by Dec in Conso’s & gets 0.5 pts. Wrestler B gets a mff, doesn’t have to wrestle & gets 2.5 pts. Five (5) times the reward for zero effort ? 2) bonus points being the same in consolation bracket as winners bracket. This has never passed the gut check. A Conso pigtail or R32 win by mff or Fall gets 2.5 pts while a wrestler who gets to Quarterfinals gets 2 pts. That is just insane. Absolutely no logic in either of the above. How can anyone justify this scoring criteria with a straight face ?
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