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  1. Malik competed for Mizzou at 65 kg at U23. I believe he would be a redshirt Freshman.
  2. Isn’t Mike the head coach of the recently established D3 Wrestling Program at Westminster ?
  3. Still concerned about 125, 133, & 141 not having Waters available. Confident that the new staff (Todd, Maple, & Bradley) can adequately cover the upper 7 weights.
  4. Maybe ..... although Eierman has already expressed his desire to take ORS some time ago. If Eierman takes an ORS, will other wrestlers eligible for a regular RS (Mauller, Jacques, & Elam) also take a RS so Missouri can make a Trophy run in 2021 & be better positioned in 2022 and 2023 ? Worth considering IMO.
  5. A big loss for our 125-149 wrestlers. He will be missed.
  6. Is there a deadline to declare an Olympic RS ? Is Eierman the only one who has stated he will take one thus far ?
  7. I know it’s early in the process, but, what will be their “Qualifier” for the NCAA Tournament ?
  8. This seems like a weird affiliation from a geography standpoint although it’s good that the PAC 12 will now be back up to 6 Teams. Not knowing all the circumstances....... it just seems that the Southern Conference, MAC, or Big 12 would have made more sense in many ways.
  9. Guessing : 125: Severado or Punke 133: Malik Johnson or Hart 141: Leeth (if he can sustain that weight) or Hart 149: Leeth or Mauller (RS ?)
  10. Are alternates announced ? If so, when ?
  11. Agreed. Previous AA. 157 was a mess with all the AQ’s that didn’t “hold serve”.
  12. My 18th overall. My first was in St.Louis in 2000. Watched Missourian's TJ Hill & Scott Schatzman AA. Also got to see Cael win his 2nd Title. Missed Iowa City & Albany and have attended every one since Kansas City in 2003. Hoping for many more !!
  13. Thanks. I don't know why they can't show these results on the bracket (like MAC does) as they are NCAA qualification matches. You shouldn't have to search for press releases to find these results. Only in wrestling.
  14. There must have been "true 2nd" place matches at Pac-12 as Pengilly (Stanford) is on this list despite being shown as 2nd place on Track. As Track does not show the results of these matches, where can the results of these "true matches" be found ?
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