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  1. Schatzman was a Asics first team All-American & was the number one recruit overall his senior year. If memory serves, he pinned or teched everyone he wrestled his JR and SR seasons. This combined with a 145-0 overall record & 4x MO Champ in the Largest Class (of a 3 clsss system). IMO, this puts Schatzman squarely in the MO High School GOAT discussion. edit to add : Eierman won his 4 titles in the smallest class (in a 4 class system) which is generally considered to not have near the depth as the larger classes.
  2. Missouri Don’t know if he is the GOAT, but ...... Scott Schatzman was a 4x MO Champ (145-0) in the “Large Class” of a 3-class system. Missouri subsequently went to a 4 class system several years ago. Schatzman went on to be a 3x AA at Northwestern.
  3. USOC will rule that a best of 3 between Snyder & Cox be held to determine Olympic rep.
  4. If this had happened to a NLWC member (Taylor, Snyder, Retherford, etc.), the outrage & calls for appeal would be 10 fold of this. Dispute this if you choose but we all know it’s true.
  5. I agree with this but is doesn’t answer my question.
  6. I asked this back on page 28 & received no responses. Does anybody know ?
  7. +1 Looking forward, what timeframe do we expect this “appeal” to play out ?
  8. Huh ? Please elaborate as I honestly don’t understand what you are trying to convey.
  9. OMG. Speechless. If true, zero grounds for an appeal.
  10. An Illini fan poking fun about over-Seeding & under-performing. See 2021 NCAA Tourney.
  11. I have been his biggest fan since coaching against him in kids club . With that being said, I am putting this fiasco completely on J’Den and his coach/support staff.
  12. How can his coach and/or handler lose track of time knowing full well the “allowed” weigh-in times ? At this of all events ? This is extremely disappointing. I probably won’t even watch OTT now as this leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. I would really like to hear from Cox & his support staff on how this all transpired. Terrible outcome.
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