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    Nolf is winning the hodge race IMO

    IMO, the weakest weight classes based on returning AA's and "overall depth" are : 1) 197 2) 157 3) 285 If I had a vote,CURRENTLY : 1) Nolf, 19-0, 89% bonus, 11 Falls, closest match of 6 pts (10-4) at a deeper weight than Nickal 2) Nickal, 18-0, 94% bonus, 12 Falls, closest match of 2 pts (8-6) This is all subject to change as the most important past of the season approaches.
  2. Show_Me

    Ducking: an enlightened perspective

    Paul - Disagree that 4 of the 5 were injured but you are entitled to your opinion just as I am. If you have facts about their injuries, I would like to hear. In reality, we all know it’s more about Utah Valley not wrestling their studs in order to preserve Big 12 Seeds.
  3. Show_Me

    Ducking: an enlightened perspective

    In Friday's dual, Utah Valley only wrestled 1 of their 5 ranked wrestlers. losing at N. Dakota State 47-3. Findlay (141), Romero (165), Bastain (174), & Orndorff (197) were all no shows. Why did Utah Valley even waste the time & money to make this trip ?
  4. Show_Me

    Kyle Conel

    This was posted back on Dec.10 ============================ "Just saw a post on the Iowa forum that Conel is out for the year and his tweet indicates this may be it for wrestling overall"
  5. Show_Me

    UM v PSU

    Does Chertow ever stop talking ? Knowledgeable guy but wears me out. lol.
  6. Show_Me

    UM v PSU

  7. Show_Me

    UM v PSU

    Lee far better on his feet. Will Lee see Carr prior to BIG ?
  8. Show_Me

    UM v PSU

    Thought Storr would be more competitive. Still early......
  9. Show_Me

    UM v PSU

    Really looking forward to this Dual as well. Hoping all the starters wrestle. With the absence of RBY, Michigan can make this a bit more interesting but Penn State is still clearly a big favorite. Matches most intriguing to me: 141: Which Storr shows up, the Vegas version (who looked great) or the one who was recently TF by McKenna This match should be really good. The loser of this match may end up with the #4 Seed at BIG. 157 Pantaleo has looked much better since his 149 experiment. Wrestled Nolf to a Dec last season. Can he do it again ? 174 Amine has looked good this season & wrestled Hall to 1-pt matches twice last season. With that being said, I never pick against Hall. 285: Curious how true Frosh Parris looks vs Cassar. The BIG is insanely deep at this weight. Should be some entertaining matches !
  10. Show_Me

    Missing in Action

    Any info on the STATUS of the following wrestlers ? 125: Millhof (ASU). Has not wrestled since Dec.29. No RPI yet (8 matches). Is the spot still his if & when he returns ? Hudkins (N. Illinois). R12 in 2017. Listed as a Jr. but hasn’t wrestled a match all season. 141: Jamal Morris (NC St.). R16 twice. Has not wrestled since Jan.6. No RPI yet (12 matches). Injured or did he just lose his spot to brother Jamel ? 157: Martinez (Ok. St.). AA in 2016. Listed as a Sr. but hasn’t wrestled a match all season. 165: Monday (N. Carolina). Wrestled 11 matches at 157 & his only match at this weight on Dec.15. Has been absent since. Chavez (Cornell). Returning AA who has yet to wrestle a match this season. Are the 174 rumors legit ? 174: Christensen (Wisconsin). Has not wrestled since Dec.29. No RPI yet (15 matches). 184: Reenan (NC St). Has not wrestled since Jan.6. No RPI yet (11 matches). 197: Loiseau (Drexel). Has not wrestled since Jan.1. No RPI yet (15 matches).
  11. Show_Me

    Rank the Rankers

    Hoping Ching plans on doing this again for 2019 NCAA.
  12. Show_Me

    Will these matches actually happen?

    Lots of matches. I will only comment on this weeks matchups. =================================================== Mueller vs. Fausz 2/1 Fausz now qualifies for a Coaches Ranking after getting 2 - D1 matches at the App St. Open last weekend. With that being said, NO. Ashnault vs. Kolodzik 2/03 Winner in line for the #1 Seed. Big match in NJ. YES. Kaleb Young vs. Berger 2/03 Young has everything to gain & nothing to lose. My gut says Iowa wrestles Glosser. NO. Joe Smith vs. Lujan. 2/1 Coach John Smith usually wrestles his guys in big matches if healthy. YES. Joe Smith vs. Kutler 2/3 Similar to Young, Kutler has everything to gain & nothing to lose. After watching Kutler getting dinged last weekend vs Valencia & then beating McFadden the next day.... 50/50. Martin vs. Parker 2/1 After Parker's loss to Venz, he has nothing to lose. YES. Warner vs. Schulz 2/3 A loss here could affect Warner's BIG & NCAA Seed. NO. Stoll vs. Jensen 2/3 I didn't think Stoll would wrestle Jennings & was wrong. 50/50. 3 - YES, 3 - NO, & 2 - 50/50. I hope all these matches happen.
  13. Show_Me

    WrestleStat Rankings - Week 13 - 2018-2019

    This has been discussed (on this site) hundreds of times over the past few years. wrestlestats are “career rankings”, NOT Season Rankings. Hence, they differ considerably from most Ranking Services.
  14. Need 2 all-session tickets, lower or upper level, any team section. Trying to attend my 20th consecutive. PM or email me at kdcunningham1963@gmail.com Thanks.
  15. Show_Me


    Can anyone provide details of the 285 match ? Results show Stoll by Inj Def, 6:22. What was the score of the match prior to the ID and what was the injury to Jennings ?
  16. Show_Me

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    I sincerely hope you don't really believe this ?
  17. Show_Me

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    Pinnum & tigerfan - You truly get it & very well explained. RTC’s may ultimately prove to be D1 Wrestling’s “Achilles Heel” if measures aren’t taken to keep them in check. IMO, fans bias towards their Programs & success’ won’t allow them to look at the “big picture” of D1 Wrestling & it’s future viability.
  18. Show_Me

    The All-Transfer Team

    He just wrestled at the App State Open, 165# (unattached-unrostered).
  19. I need 2 tickets (upper or lower level), doesn't matter what school section they are in. Please PM or email (kdcunningham1963@gmail.com) Thanks.
  20. Show_Me

    Missouri - '18/'19

    Missouri improves their Dual record to 14-0 (7-0 MAC) by defeating MAC opponent N. Illinois, 40-6.  Notes: 1) Missouri extends their Dual winning streak to 34 consecutive. 2) Daniel Lewis & Brit Wilson, both ranked at 174#, BOTH bump up to wrestle each other at 184#.  3) Missouri doesn't wrestle again until Feb.8 at Arizona State. ============================================================================== 125: Punke (M) dec B.West (NIU), 6-1 133: Jeffery (NIU) wbf Valdiviez (M) 141: Eierman (M) wbf D.West (NIU) 149: Mauller (M) TF Kent (NIU) 157: Jacques (M) dec Kaufmann (NIU), 3-1 165: Flynn (M) MDec Moore (NIU), 10-1 174: Fortuna (M) dec McWhirter (NIU), 8-2 184: Lewis (M) MDec Wilson (NIU), 12-3 197: Koelling (M) wbf Feldkamp (NIU) 285: Elam (M) wbf Gossett (NIU)
  21. Show_Me

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    Thinking tonights performance by Ethan Smith will go a long way towards winning the 174 spot.
  22. Show_Me

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    Micic looks great !
  23. Show_Me

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    +1 Nice analysis !
  24. Show_Me

    Missouri - '18/'19

    The following is Mizzou's Press Release for Friday nights Dual at MAC opponent, Northern Illinois. Of Note : - The final MAC dual of the season. - Looks like 133# John Erneste gets a break (deserved - tough cut). - Lewis looks to bump up to 184 again as Wisman still out. ======================================================================================================================== COLUMBIA, Mo. – With the regular season Mid-American Conference Championship already locked up, fifth-ranked Mizzou Wrestling will head to Northern Illinois this Friday at 7 p.m. At 13-0 and an unblemished 6-0 mark in MAC duals, Mizzou is in search of a perfect slate in MAC dual action for the fourth time in seven seasons since joining the league. Mizzou is coming off a 32-15 win over Central Michigan last Saturday, part of a 2-0 week that also included a 29-12 win over No. 14 Northern Iowa. Saturday's win over Central Michigan pushed Mizzou's overall record to 13-0, including a 6-0 mark in MAC action. That clinched Mizzou the MAC regular season championship, its eighth consecutive year with either a conference tournament or regular season title. Northern Illinois enters Friday's dual with a 5-6 mark on the year, including a 1-2 record in three MAC duals. NIU crushed a pair of weekend opponents in The Citadel and Hofstra, winning the two duals 42-3 and 33-7, respectively. In fact, the Huskies have won three straight duals heading into Friday's contest. Mizzou of course has won 33 straight and 70 of its last 71 duals. Mizzou leads the all-time series with Northern Illinois, 15-4, including a perfect 6-0 mark since joining the MAC. Mizzou has outscored NIU, 191-44, over those six duals, good for an average win of 32-7. Head coach Brian Smith will send a lineup similar to the one he has all season to the mat Friday. Below is a look at Mizzou's projected starters, which includes seven ranked wrestlers: 125 – Dack Punke (7-5) 133 – Cameron Valdiviez (9-4) 141 – #3 Jaydin Eierman (16-3) 149 – #7 Brock Mauller (22-1) 157 – #16 Jarrett Jacques (20-5) 165 – #13 Connor Flynn (15-4) 174 – Luke Fortuna (7-7) 184 – #4 Daniel Lewis (17-1) 197 – #15 Wyatt Koelling (15-7) 285 – #19 Zach Elam (17-6)