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  1. Have no dog in this hunt. And I am NOT an Okie State fan. If "Career" is a criteria, it would be a sham for Dieringer not to win it. Understand Retherford arguments, really do, but Dieringer WAS dominant this season and is a 3 timer. In my opinion, the Hodge Award loses all credibilty if Dieringer doesn't win it.
  2. Great write-up / Summary. Just wondering why 197 was the only Finals match you didn't comment on. Not trying to stir the pot, but found it odd that you completely skipped that match. Completely agree with your comments.
  3. Never had any doubt that PSU would win the title. I Don't look for this dynasty to end anytime soon. At start of season, would have been MORE than happy with a Missouri 6th place finish. However, after easily winning Vegas and getting some favorable Seeds (Butler-3, Mayes-3, Lewis-4, Manley-5, McGhee-8), thought a Top 4 finish was definitely in the realm of possibility. Manley's injury combined with AA misses by McGhee & Butler just left the Tigers a bit short. Excited about J'Den Cox performance (he is unbelievable) and our 4 AA's, and believe Lewis in particular will only get better. With everyone back except Barnes & Butler (and) LaVallee & Clayton likely in the lineup, this Missouri team could make a strong run at a 2nd place finish next year in St. Louis. 2017 NCAA can't get here soon enough !
  4. My 15th. First one in 2000. Then every one from 2003-2016. I have to say that New York is looking to be one of the most memorable of the 15.
  5. Bump. Does nobody know which 2 wrestlers have pulled out from NCAA's ?
  6. You don't have Downey (Iowa St.) at all on your 197 Rankings (the weight he qualified at). Rather, you have him at 184. Thanks.
  7. We will not see the FINAL Coaches Ranking,
  8. SoCon brackets did not reflect season records. ACC either if I recall correctly.
  9. Missouri with 8 ....... hoping for an At-Large for 133 (Synon) to make it 9.
  10. 125 : Romero (AF) in ; Tolbert (UVS) out ; True 6th place match
  11. Will the updated Coaches Rankings be made available to the public ?
  12. MSU 158, nice attempt to rank this difficult weight. My GUT tells me that Avery, Stauffer, Brown, Miller, & McCutcheon will be Seeded HIGHER.
  13. Coaches Rankngs are NOT updated post qualifiers. RPI is updated for use in At-Larges but is NOT made available to public. At least, this is what I was told.
  14. List revised to add Tolbert (125) and to remove Richardson (149).
  15. Will there be "true 6th" place matches at 149, 165, & 285 ?
  16. Will there be "true 6th" place matches at 141, 157, & 285 ?
  17. Show_Me


    Did they wrestle the "true 6th" match between Romero & Tolbert ? Don't see a result ?
  18. Updated to include true 2nd place matches at SoCon & EWL.
  19. Show_Me


    Was there a true 2nd place match at 157 lbs & 285 lbs as there were 2 AQ's in each of these weight classes ?
  20. Was there a true 2nd place match at 157 lbs as there are 2 AQ's ?
  21. AQ's Thrown Back : 133 : Saavedra (ODU) reducing MAC AQ to 5 spots 149 : Cobb (Penn) reducing EIWA AQ to 4 spots 285 : Peck (Maryland) reducing BIG AQ to 6 spots AQ's looking for At-Large Bids : 125 (5): Moisey (West Virginia), Terao (American), Laney (Ohio), McCabe (Rutgers), Tolbert (Utah Valley) 133 (6): Palmer (Or.St.), Synon (Missouri), Alber (N. Iowa), Amenta (Columbia), Bruno (Michigan), Martinez (Air Force) 141 (4): Smith (Bucknell), Pongracz (UTC), Oster (NW) 149 (6) : Hammond (CSB), Vassar (G. Webb), Short (Minnesota), Griffin (Purdue), Galiardo (Brown), Kocer (SDSU) 157 (4) : Mascola (Maryland), Flournoy (George Mason), Walker (Citadel), Miller (Kent St.), Atkinson (Virginia) 165 (5) : Buckwalter (Kent St.) 174 (4): Schleifer (Princeton), Kent (Penn) 184 (5): Krohn (Stanford), Ayala (Princeton), Lampe (UTC), Romanchik (Ohio), Pestano (Iowa St.), Courts (Ohio St.) 197 (4): Franklin (CSB), Martin (Ohio St.), Woulfe (Navy), Mattiace (Penn), Smith (West Virginia), Ness (N. Carolina) 285 (6): Ryan (Columbia), Stoll (Iowa)
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