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  1. Show_Me

    Lehigh @ Wilkes

    No real surprises in this Tourney. Thought the Preisch vs Weiler match at 184 might be a bit more competitive. Good to see Karam, Schuyler, Wolf, & Preisch at weight & wrestling again. Looking forward to seeing a “more complete” Lehigh lineup at South Beach.
  2. Show_Me

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    Agree about Geer being done at 184 with that weigh-in. Jo would still be several weeks away (late January) from competing at 165. This all makes me believe that "the plan" for Smith & Smith is 174 & 184.
  3. Show_Me

    Mueller back for UVa?

    17 D1 matches (at the weight) for an RPI.
  4. Show_Me

    Mueller back for UVa?

    Mueller is back..... At 125.....wbf
  5. Show_Me

    North Carolina: The Coleman Scott Effect

    Excellent summary. Thank you !
  6. Show_Me

    Kennedy Monday to 165??

    Looking at UNC schedule, it appears that McClure & Monday will need to wrestle almost all of the remaining schedule at their new weight classes to acquire the required 17 matches for an RPI.
  7. Show_Me

    Kennedy Monday to 165??

    Glad to hear that McClure can & will drop to 157.
  8. Show_Me

    Kennedy Monday to 165??

    The announcers on ESPN3 "implied" that the move to 165 for Monday was permanent.
  9. Show_Me

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Steveson will NOT see Elam as Minnesota does not dual Missouri at South Beach.
  10. Show_Me

    Bench Misconduct

    It was more than just arguing calls. He was all the way out to the circle multiple times. I was just a few feet away.
  11. Show_Me

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    Wow. Wonder what happened at ASU ? Can he beat Boston ?
  12. Show_Me

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    On the Sunday, late night telecast of this dual, BTN chose to SKIP this match at 174 ? Of the 10 matches, lets skip the only upset match and most competitive match. I don't get it.
  13. Show_Me

    Duck of the month club

    Thought the same. It seems pretty obvious as Thomsen had nothing to gain & everything to lose by wrestling that match With that being said, UNI duals Missouri on Feb.24. Will Thomsen wrestle ?
  14. Show_Me

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    The shirt has been pulled.
  15. Just got here myself. Looking forward to an awesome 2 days of wrestling !!
  16. Show_Me

    #7 Mizzou vs #10 Virginia Tech

    Good dual & decent crowd for the home opener. Honored J’Den Cox for his World Title which was really cool. Flynn beating Mekhi Lewis was the surprise of the dual. Good to have wrestling season back !
  17. Show_Me

    Mizzou Lineup?

    Smith at 125 will be very competitive if he can manage the weight. Mocco could be pulled out of RS at 157 if Fortuna struggles. Raschka could be the guy at 197. I can’t see Elam’s RS being pulled as he needs to add some size. Mizzou could be a trophy contender next season.
  18. I am a fan of High School, College, and NFL. They are all different and very unique in their own way. High School (Local, Regional, & State), College (State & National), & NFL (best players & allows you to follow College players you become familiar with). None of the above is as good as D1 College Wrestling !
  19. Show_Me


    MISSOURI November 11 @ Old Dominion November 16 : Virginia Tech November 17 : Lindenwood Open in St.Louis November 30-1 : CKLV in Las Vegas December 9 : SIUE (Beauty and the Beast) December 16 : Buffalo December 20 : Virginia in Kansas City (Park Hill HS) December 29-30 : South Beach Duals in Florida January 11 @ Ohio U. January 17 : Northern Iowa January 19 : Central Michigan January 25 @ Northern Illinois February 8 @ Arizona State February 16 : Oklahoma State February 24 @ Iowa State March 8-9 : MAC Tournament in Virginia Beach, VA
  20. 125: Fix vs Lee 133: Gross, Suriano, Fix, Micic, & Lizak vs each other 141: Yianni, McKenna, & Eierman vs each other 149: Jordan, Leeth, Kolodzik, & Ashnault vs each other 157: None 165: Joseph, Wick, Marinelli, Marsteller, & M.Lewis vs ea 174: Valencia, Hall, McFadd, Kemmerer, Smith, Kutler 184: Martin, Parker, Venz, Preisch, Rasheed, & Reenan 197: Nickall, Moore, Darmstadt, & Warner vs each other 285: Stevenson, Dhesi, Stoll, & Nevills/Cassar vs each Big wish list but all matches I would like to see this season.
  21. Show_Me

    Illinois Fingthing Illini Preview

    Excellent preview !! IMO, bringing in Poeta and landing a higher percentage of Illinois HS elites will eventually elevate the Illini Program to greater success.
  22. Show_Me

    Minnesota - 18/19

    Take McFadden off the list of 165 challengers as it is being reported that he will be at 174 this season.
  23. Show_Me

    133 Next Year

    Subtract Mueller, Redshirting.
  24. 133, Erneste, Mizzou Hoping he AA in his final season. 184, Marriott also fits the "dark horse" criteria & could AA.