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  1. Show_Me

    ASU - 18/19

    The FLO radio guys said Ritter is on full scholly, will not transfer or wrestle at Wisky, & will focus on finishing school.
  2. Show_Me

    Will Martin redshirt this season?

    I am of the opinion that we will see Zahid at 184 & Nickal at 197 this Season. I would handicap Zahid as a 3 to 4 point favorite vs Martin. Martin as a Top 3 placer will score lots of Team Points at NCAA which Ohio St. would likely need to Trophy, so no RS.
  3. Show_Me

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    Agree. I would like to see entire country go with Montana's weight classifications.
  4. Show_Me

    NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee recommendations!

    IMO, Seeding beyond 16 is not really necessary. However, I agree that Seeded wrestlers should not draw a pigtail match.
  5. Show_Me

    Heavyweight DI

    Interesting. Is it safe to assume that Cassar would man 285 if this is true ?
  6. Show_Me

    Too Many D1 Programs?

    The wrestling community is fighting to keep the 70+ D1 Programs we have and you are proposing we cut that in half ? I honestlydon't understand the logic in this ? I would much rather get back to 100 D1 Programs as opposed to 40. Your wishes may come true in 20 years or so when the BIG Tournament is essentially the NCAA Tournament. I can't fathom how that will be as good as what we currently have.
  7. Show_Me

    Sammie Henson’ and son plans?

    Asked this same question on here back on June 12 and not a single response ?
  8. Pretty much agree with those thoughts. Having quality wrestling matches to anticipate for 3 consecutive weekends was a real bonus for June.
  9. Show_Me

    Old guard vs new guard

    Hard to consider Cox "old guard" as he just turned 23 a few months ago. There are guys as old as him that are still wrestling collegiately.
  10. Show_Me

    Nick Reenan

    Even if Reenan is better at Free vs Folk, I don't think it's a stretch to predict an AA finish for him next season, maybe top 5 ?
  11. Show_Me

    New transfer rule - who gets hurt the most

    Agree. I think this benefits "Top 20 Programs" and makes the other 50+ Programs less competitive which is not good for the long term health of D1 Wrestling.
  12. Show_Me

    Next Final X

    6 weights with double Bronze equates to 24 medals. Increase to 8 weight classes with an actual Bronze medal match and you could maintain the 24 total medals.
  13. IMO, the current format is awesome. I would however favor 2 sites on consecutive weekends versus 3.
  14. Show_Me

    True 3rd matches

    Mizzou Wrestling Twitter just posted something about Cox wrestling this weekend at Lehigh. However, no mention of Eierman which makes me wonder if he is wrestling his "true 3rd" match ?
  15. Show_Me

    Little Rock names Head Coach.

    Agree. Good to see a D1 Program in this region. Maybe I missed it, but what Wrestling Conference will they compete? Southern Conf, Big 12 ?
  16. Show_Me

    Mejia back to Frenso...and Fresno state

    Depending on how many guys bump up to 133 & his "draw", I would guess R16 with R12 being best case scenario. Agree that Fresno getting an AA would be great for the Program and good for D1 Wrestling.
  17. Show_Me

    Bold Statement

    Agree. Trying to root for DT as he is our USA rep, but those comments still stick with me. Hoping for a great World effort from our Team.
  18. Show_Me

    Final X - State College - Live Thread

    I thought McKenna won also. With only 6 total matches you would think FLO ARENA could show the correct score.
  19. Show_Me

    Next Final X

    That is crazy. Not a fan of having only 6 Olympic weight classes. An increase of 1 weight class (to 7) would be a huge improvement as it would decrease some of these massive gaps between weights. Especially 143-163 & 163-190.
  20. Show_Me


    Really hurts the Team as the drop off at 197 is huge.
  21. Show_Me


    If I'm not mistaken, Miklus has a parent with serious health issues. I am guessing that getting closer to home/parents played a large role in this decision.
  22. Show_Me

    NCAA Trophy Contenders

    The 10 Teams that will likely be battling for Top 4. Obviously, Penn State is almost certain. The battle for 2nd thru 4th could be very interesting. Weight class changes, additional transfers, Redshirts & injuries will all have an impact on what order these teams place. Lineups were my "best guess" from various message boards. Thoughts ? Penn St. 125: Schnupp 133: Young 141: Lee 149: Berge/Verk 157: Nolf 165: Joseph 174: Hall 184: Nickall/Rasheed 197: Nickall/Rasheed 285: Nevills/Cassar Iowa 125: Lee 133: Desanto 141: Murin/Turk 149: Lugo 157: Young 165: Marinelli 174: Kemmerer 184: Wilcke 197: Warner 285: Stoll Oklahoma State 125: Fix 133: Pic 141: Brock 149: Lewallen/G'Feller 157: Lewallen/Martinez 165: Joe Smith 174: Rogers 184: Geer/Jacobe Smith 197: Weigel 285: White Ohio St. 125: Heinselman 133: Pletcher 141: McKenna 149: MiJo 157: Hayes 165: Romero 174: Campbell 184: Martin 197: Moore HWT: Singletary Michigan 125: Mattin 133: Micic 141: Storr 149: Amine 157: Pantaleo 165: Massa 174: Amine 184: Embree 197: Striggow 285: Ready/Parris Missouri 125: Punke/Johnson 133: Erneste 141: Eierman 149: Leeth 157: Fortuna/Mocco 165: Flynn 174: Lewis 184: Marriott 197: ? 285: Myers Arizona St. 125: Millhof 133: Kramer 141: Smith 149: Maruca 157: Shields 165: A. Valencia 174: Z. Valencia 184: Norfleet 197: Belshay 285: Hall Cornell 125: Baughman/Tucker/Lajoie 133: Arujau/Tucker 141: Yianni 149: Koll 157: Stroker 165: Chavez 174: Womack 184: Dean 197: Darmstadt 285: Honis/Sweeney Virginia Tech 125: Norstrem 133: Myers 141: Moore 149: Blees 157: Lewis/Laprade 165: McFadden/Lewis 174: McFadden/Bolen 184: Zavatsky 197: Sleigh 285: Miller Lehigh 125: Schram/Paetzell 133: Parker 141: Karam 149: Schuyler 157: Brown 165: Walter/Wolf 174: Kutler 184: Preisch 197: Weiler 285: Wood
  23. Show_Me

    NCAA Trophy Contenders

    Unfortunately I agree. Big blow to Mizzou. I didn't see this coming after the Mizzou staff got him a 6th year.
  24. Show_Me

    NCAA Trophy Contenders

    If an "All Transfer Team" could be entered at NCAA Tournament, how high would it place ? 125: Suriano/Russell/Millhof/Moisey/Schram 133: Gross/Micic/Suriano/Desanto 141: McKenna 149: Leeth/Lugo/Oliver 157: Martinez/Bleise/Lugo/Stroker 165: Marsteller 174: Campbell 184: Geer 197: Miklus/Sleigh 285: White/Haines/Miller
  25. Show_Me

    Jack Davis

    Agree. From what I have seen of Brooks, he has "special" written all over him.